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  1. Donner says:


  2. Alex says:

    Every single word of this, yes.
    I remember writing to you at the end of a long discussion when prayer seemed to be so ineffective that I’d stopped praying and was just breathing “…nevertheless, I believe. Help my unbelief.”
    I believe, even when I can no longer believe.

  3. bob1 says:

    Thanks very much for sharing this, Michael.

  4. Michael says:

    Thank you, Donner.

  5. Michael says:


    Yes…even the weakest prayer…even a thought towards God…is evidence that a flicker of hope is still present, even if that hope is for something unseen.

  6. Michael says:


    Thank you, my friend…

  7. Uncle Buck says:

    Really good! Thanks for sharing this, it is very encouraging. Lord, I believe as well; help my unbelief.

  8. Michael says:

    Thanks, UB…

  9. Linn says:

    A number of years ago when sleep was elusive due to a very complex hip replacement (second on the same side) a friend from church suggested I pray through God’s attributes alphabetically or pray for people by each letter. It really helped me focus and I still do this, often changing topics but still using the alphabet to stay focused.

  10. Captain Kevin says:

    Thank you for expressing so much of what I’ve long felt about prayer.

  11. Officerhoppy says:

    As a pastor too, I truly appreciate your honesty regarding prayer. It’s the thing I struggle with the most. I often times feel like I am praying to a wall.

    It brings me little hope or comfort. It kinda feel like playing the lottery. I bought a ticket but my chance in winning a 1 in a million.

    I used to feel a connection to God when I prayed. But now he seems as distant as the sun

    I often pray in my ministerial duties—for others especially. I’ve got it down. I know how to sound creative and very spiritual. I know it blesses others but I feel nothing.

    You’ve done a way better job of continuing in prayer (though you struggle) than me. I only pray when called upon to do so. And I say that to my shame

  12. Michael says:


    I think that prayer is the most difficult practice of the faith ,because we see so little evidence that anyone has actually heard them.
    There are times when it feels downright foolish to continue, but to stop would mean I have ceased hoping for anything but the eschaton.

    It makes matters worse that we really can’t discuss these matters with anyone except our closest confidants, especially those of us in the pastorate.

  13. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael and Hoppy,
    Gosh, I love you guys! Thanks for your refreshing honesty.

  14. Michael says:

    After this discussion, I just got off the phone with Trey…who out of the blue wanted to recite all the prayers for him that have been answered and give thanks to God…I just said the amen…

  15. Captain Kevin says:

    That’s awesome! May the Lord continue to strengthen his faith.

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