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  1. Our biblical job description is “ambassadors of reconciliation” – AMEN! I have a saying I like “we love to sweep things under the mat of “It’s in the past, God forgave it, let’s move on.” I often say God sure does have an awful big mat. For there sure are a lot of broken relationships that have been swept under it that need healing. We forget that yes love covers a multitude of sins but only confessions between us, God and others heals the brokeness. James 5:16, 1 John 1:9

    Thanks Michael been a hot topic for me over the last couple of weeks. Actually heard one brother tell another brother who I knew they had some brokeness between them “I’m praying for you, every day” So, the other brother in an effort to come together and heal the brokeness responded “Would love to get together with you.” The first brother who had mentioned he was praying for the other one responding “I’ll let you know when the time is right.” YES! my face would have made the poster for, a blank stare. .

  2. The most rewarding and painful journey of our life in Christ is likely the journey of dealing with who will we restore and who will we euthanize.

    As for the cats…

    Alf Dread

  3. Michael says:

    BD…well said.

    Patrick, I know in my own life I’m not always willing to make the sacrifices necessary to work through things and sometimes the problem is on the other side.
    I need to remind myself continually of what God’s purpose is…and it’s rarely easy.

  4. gomergirl says:

    I think he needs to come up here and visit those people who got trapped in their bedroom by their cat. But they still want to keep it…. yup, uh-huh. Gotta love P-town.

  5. I say spend the $100 at the vet and get the shot. We don’t psychoanalyze the steer before we make a steak out of him. 🙂 🙂

  6. Patrick Kyle says:

    To tell the truth, I am so busy and so overwhelmed with my own work, family, and responsibilities, battling my own sins, that my ability to deal with other people’s crap is, frankly, rather small. My emotional plate is full. I so very narrowly avoid bad decisions and drama in my own life that I actively steer clear of others mired in the consequences of their poor planning for fear of getting sucked in by the fallout. Lord have mercy…

  7. Rachel says:

    Patrick: I think there is a place for that. having mental illness to deal with myself, there are some times that I have to make a conscious decision to avoid the stress of others for the sake of my health. there are some people I choose to avoid altogether.

    of course, there are other times that I avoid when I should really dive in.

    life is complicated.

  8. Rachel thanks for the tip. Though there are those who I would rather avoid and being legally deaf it is far easier to do so. However i am often, reminded of another quote I like “We only understand God’s love for us as much as we are willing to love on the person who irritates and ingrains against us the most.” Though I must admit this is a truth I must remind myself of constantly. The one who helps remind me of this truth constantly though is my daughter who is mildly retarded, who at 30 has never graduated High School and who serves as a constantly reminder of God’s great love for those he treasures and calls HIS own. It is was actually her who brought that quote to my attention, funny how God works.

    Thanks though Rachel for that reminder.

  9. erunner says:

    I’ve tried reconciliation with my own sister (long story) only to be rebuffed in the most extreme way. I’ve made the decision to withdraw totally as it’s the only decision that makes sense. Some people aren’t safe or to be trusted. Like Rachel said “life is complicated.”

  10. erunner you and I share something in common perbetim, the key is you made an attempt. Scripture makes all sorts of statements regarding those who stay obstinate or who refuse to listen. The point is most will not try, will consider the other person not worth it, instead using that mat of God’s as an excuse.

    If your situation is like mine, it breaks your heart and causes you pain like mine does in my family. So it should be with our brothers n sisters in Christ. It is not the seperation that is the issue, for truly there are sound biblical reasons for such, it is the indifference. We should never be without pain or indifferent whenever there is division with our earthly family or heavenly and such pain speaks of the love of God.

  11. erunner says:

    Patrick, yes I did make the attempt but until a month ago six years had gone by without having seen my sister. Lots of history there.

    The thing is I have no feelings for her anymore. I’d be lying to say otherwise. I do feel badly for where her life has led her and the impact it’s had on others. Beyond that there’s not much left.

  12. erunner I know that pain all too well for various reasons from lies to slander to other forms of attacks from the same. I have washed my hands, closed the door, told my wife I was done being abused. Only to have God remind me of his love through my 30 year old daughter. Who is in many ways very smart but in other ways like telling left from right, tying her shoes, driving her learning disability has brought being called stupid, retarded, slow, funny looks, mean looks, and other attacks and emotional abuse,

    When I ask her or we talk about it, she points to quotes like that and points out to me that she has done worse to Jesus but he still loves her deeply. Which always leaves me going OK God I get it.

  13. erunner says:

    Thanks for sharing Patrick. You have a remarkable daughter who I could learn much from. God bless you!!

  14. Nonnie says:

    Patrick, Thank you for sharing. You too, Erunner and Rachel. I learn a lot from you.

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