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28 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    It wasn’t doubt. It was desperation. It was the desperation of being cursed and separated from the one who Jesus had been in perfect total fellowship with for all time and eternity. He didn’t even call him Father. Until, of course he had paid the sin debt and it was “Finished” which it was before he died. He died in victory, not doubt. Am I missing something?

  2. Michael says:


    This is a devotional, not a discourse.
    The fact that Jesus asked “why” indicates to me that something in the process was not as expected.
    You’re free to disagree with me, but that’s not the point of the article.
    Take it for what it is…

  3. RiBo says:

    It is telling that you don’t address the multiple versions of what the bible says were actually Jesus’s last words. I’ll address it later on my blog.

  4. Michael says:

    Here’s what it’s telling.
    I wrote this to encourage people, not start a argument.
    I encourage you to write about these things on your blog where you can engage people on the issues that interest you.
    That’s what blogs should be…places where like minded folks can discuss what they choose to as they choose to.

  5. RiBo says:

    You didn’t tell the truth. We don’t know what Jesus’s “last words” are b/c there are conflicting accounts.

  6. Michael says:

    That’ll make a good article for you.
    Christians have answered the objection for years.
    I’m not discussing it today, you can do so freely on your blog.

  7. RiBo says:

    I know they have and it’s pretty weak stuff and they don’t apply the same rationale to other parts of the bible in a consistent manner.

    You should at least list all three accounts in my opinion, then the folks can decide for themselves if those were Jesus’s last words or not or that we’re really not sure what he said b/c we have three different writers saying three different things and maybe Jesus said those exact words and maybe he didn’t. All three agree he died on the cross, so that is more solid and more probable than his last words which may or may not have been one or all of the differing accounts…or none of them.

  8. My ending would have been – “Sometimes you just have to put some headphones on and light up a joint.”

    Good article and appropriate for this time of Lent as we walk with Jesus to the cross.

  9. Michael says:


    Most of the folks here have already decided, as have I.
    I am under no moral, ethical, or spiritual obligation to present viewpoints other than my own as I pay for, maintain, write for, am responsible for, and own the space.
    This blog represents my thoughts and my writing.
    Some of it is good, some not so good, but it is what it is.
    That’s all it is.
    Some folks like to discuss those things with me and each other.
    You disagree with most of what I write and say…that’s ok and I don’t take it personally.
    I’m undoubtedly wrong about some things.
    What I’m not going to do is have endless arguments over those things.
    This article is a devotional, not a discussion of the variations in the Synoptics.

  10. Scott Barber says:

    Really good, beautiful, and true, Michael. Behold the Lamb who slain from the foundations of the world. Have mercy upon us.

  11. Michael says:


    Thank you…good to see you!

  12. Ixtlan says:

    Great post Michael.

  13. Michael says:

    Thank you, Ixtlan!

  14. This is a gem brought out from the hidden treasures of darkness. Nothing could be more hopeful.

  15. RiBo says:

    No, it’s not so much I disagree with what you say, but how you say it and how you present many of the issues and how easily you dismiss valid criticism from an intellectually honest perspective.

    It is one thing to present things in an honest manner…quite another to basically propagandize your messages.

  16. Michael says:

    Thank you, Michael!

  17. RiBo says:

    …but that’s how things are today. The Atheists do it, too. Everyone does it to some degree or another. We all have our biases and sacred cows. I’m sure I’m guilty of the same at times, particularly with regards to issues I’m passionate about. I guess it’s just the human condition…and is the reason we’re so politically and religiously divided.

  18. Nonnie says:

    I too have been in that place where the darkness was intense was heavy and the roar of fear was deafening….. but as I call out to Him, even in my doubts, He always gave me enough light to take the next step, and as I did, I began to hear the whispers of hope.
    He is faithful, indeed.

  19. Michael says:


    This is a personal blog.
    It’s going to reflect my thoughts and views, just as yours does.
    If you want to put it that way, it’s personal propaganda.
    That’s freedom of speech and thought.
    I had to work through all your objections years and years ago and came out with different conclusions.
    That’s ok…that’s why we live in pluralistic society.

  20. Michael says:

    I’m out for most of the day.

  21. RiBo says:

    “This is a personal blog.”

    You need to change your title then, right now you are advertising your blog as a “community” not your personal blog.

  22. Michael says:

    I don’t think anyone has ever been confused about whose blog it is as I’m the sole writer and moderator.
    It did act as a community as well.
    If I end up closing comments for good, then I’ll have to take it down.

  23. Michelle says:

    Thank you for this post. A dear friend of mine (also a believer) was just diagnosed with cancer. It is comforting to remember that our doubt or discouragement does not limit the truth of God’s power.

  24. Rob Murphy says:

    I’ve marveled lately that in the garden, as Jesus was suffering such anguish, anxiety, distress, (affix best adjective here) that even an angel ministering to Him did not relieve the distress. His is The Worst Case Scenario, the Righteous One that David had never seen forsaken is forsaken and again, that distress was addressed By An Angel – and yet Jesus’ suffering continued. Sometimes I pray in ignorance of Jesus’ suffering.
    I really liked this article, Michael. I take greater assurance from Jesus’ knowing all about the experience of our humanity.

  25. Michael says:

    Thank you, Rob!

  26. victorious says:

    Michael. Excellent devotion that brings clarity as to who Christ is and how He is actively for us in the midst of confusion that can and often enshrouds us in trials. Thank you!

  27. victorious says:

    His compassion for us and intercession for us arises not just from the perspective that He owns as God but also from the experience of entering into our sufferings in weakness and finding the strong love of the Father by the Spirit to sustain him during that time.

  28. Michael says:

    Thank you, Vic!

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