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  1. paigemom2013 says:

    Praise the Lord…..and keep us posted on how she is doing….and please repost the account address again. thanks!

  2. Michael says:

    I never cease to be amazed at the goodness and generosity of God’s people.
    We will keep everyone posted.

  3. jlo says:

    I have a stable living condition in the I.E., contact me if needed.

  4. Nonnie says:

    Thanking God for this good report!

  5. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    I would be able to offer temporary shelter here in Montebello for about 2 weeks or so if needed. Live in a 5 bedroom townhome and rent two bedrooms out.My two daughters have their own bedrooms but the older one pratically lives with her friend so I can offer her room for about two weeks. I couldn’t offer perm shelter cuz HOA gets on me already about renting rooms out and having different people living there. My daughters room has its own bathroom.

  6. Mark says:


  7. uriahisaliveandwell says:


    Do you have an update?

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