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  1. Em says:

    Rebuke the “religious”. Pretty good, dear Michael, pretty good, but be prepared because those folk whose religion is their crutch really hate someone kicking at it.
    The joy of our Lord truly is our strength! ! !
    I remember a song that used to be popular among teens: ” I need no other argument. I need no other plea. It is enough that Jesus died and that He died for me.”
    Well.. yes and no! As Xenia noted that just gets us to the starting line.

  2. Em says:

    “The Word of God IS alive and powerful………”. 🙏

  3. Michael says:


    The critics can do their worst…I’ve met their Boss…

  4. Em says:

    Michael, 👍 👍

  5. Linn says:

    One of the big advantages of being a missionary in a dangerous country like Colombia is you just can’t not meet good people who might believe or practice something different from your own. We would come together for retreats, holidays, etc. and I gained many new perspectives and insights about God, worship, and church polity. I continue to try to read a variety of different books and gleanings from magazines and web sites. It helps me to understand and to consider. It may not be my own personal belief or practice, but understanding is a good way to enlarge one’s circle of friendships.

  6. Em says:

    Story/ponder follows
    When I was about 30 years old we lived in a lovely neighborhood north of Seattle. Most of our neighbors were U of W professors – wonderful and tolerant people. I wondered if following Christ tended to distort peoples’ thinking – the intolerance among churches.
    Well, God saw and through a series of circumstances, we had to move. God relocated us to a cul d sac full of intolerance! One neighbor was a witch, one family was so R.C. that if you weren’t one of them, you were a heathen. The other two were atheists.
    The result? We found a Church that taught the whole counsel of God. Coordinating the Bible, cover to cover. And in an atmosphere of real hatred, we grew in Christ. God really is a Good Shepherd…….

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