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  1. brian says:

    I found the “Manson” book interesting, having come to understand I was a jr. Hitler, a Jeffery Delmar wannabe, I would make Hitler look like a choir girl view of life I struggled with it. I never wanted to ever hurt anyone ever. I always felt like I was letting God down on that count. I could not fully apostatize by taking out a few dozen people to fulfill my low calling in Christ Jesus. Of course that type of thinking is pathetic, idiotic and even evil. But being reminded that at 16 months I would have killed my father and walked across his dead corps for his shiny watch I guess I failed at that calling. I never once in my life wanted to hurt my father, even when he was well, never mind. I agree I failed at being a full blown Satan worshiping apostate. Shame on me I guess I mussed that memo. The only overriding urge I get in the day is trying to help people, if they are stuck on the side of the road, if their car brakes down, or even hold the door at the store. I agree I am sure there is some vile filthy Satanic motive, I am sure I am looking to get some , no I am not. I call BS on that. I just dont and I am tired of raking myself over the coals to try to find where I fit into that pathetic psycho world view.

    I admit I am a broken wounded sinner and I need a savior and I cling to Christ. Is that not enough?

  2. brian says:

    An aside “I’m as fascinated by evil people as I am intrigued by saints and this is one evil human being.”

    From my early days in the industry, there were no saints and we are all evil, vile, filthy human beings just longing for the chance to kill, we are all Jr fill in the blank.We all wanted to kill, slaughter, and oppress. Of course none of us really wanted to do such things, goes to show what Failures we were. How does one try to out evil the dregs of society, I know I have tried but I cant get myself to even want to be rude to people. God Im pathetic. I cant even get that right.

    Nope no good news there.

  3. brian says:

    Michael you do realize that if the could and they long for that moment that if they could J. I. Packer would be slaughtered they hate him passionately and with divine fiat. I mean they really hate him, personally and passionately. Few but some even pray for the stroke that took out Camping to visit him. A very few but yes some. Why do some Christians hate Jesus so much, I never quite got that part. I get they do but dont understand why. Count that among my many moral failings. I never wished a stroke on anyone nor did I think some petty deity would do such a thing. If any deity did it is not worthy of worship.

  4. While I was a California Correctional Officer in Corcoran State Prison I was working in a Security Housing Unit (SHU).

    In March of 1989 Charles Manson was transferred from San Quentin to my housing unit and was there until I retired in 1995. I have had several conversations with him and found him to be more of a deranged person when he sees it to be to his benefit trying to manipulate other weak minded people. He was crazy when he wanted to be and quite intelligent at other times.

    One day I asked him what he thought the difference between him and I are. He responded immediately saying that I see women, such as a mother, as someone to respect. He said that he was never razed by anyone who loved him and he lived to take care of himself through childhood. He told me that although he did not live much with his mother, she was a prostitute and one day while he was with her she was with a John while he took the wallet from the guys’ pants and stole all of the money in it. He said that later his mother and him had a big battle. She was trying to teach him that the money was hers because she worked for it by taking care of the John. Manson said the money was his because he did the work of taking the money from the guys’ wallet. I do not remember if he ever told me if he kept the money or gave it to his mother (he probably kept it) but the point was clear; he and I developed different ways to reason what is right and what is wrong.

    Sound familiar?

  5. Finished: Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
    Reading: Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson

    Thought I would read Wages of Spin by Carl Trueman next, but may read another fiction first, haven’t made up my mind.

  6. Xenia says:

    I’m as fascinated by evil people<<<


  7. Josh Hamrick says:

    I read a couple of true crime books over the summer. Small Sacrifices by Anne Rule was pretty intriguing.

    Most of what I read now is for classes, but a lot of it is good.
    Genesis by Bill T. Arnold, and John by D.A Carson, and another on John by F.F. Bruce are all really good. ALso read New Testament Documents by F.F. Bruce, which is short and very informative.

    One that I have been disappointed with was Genesis by Breuggemen from the Interpretation series. I found him to be using more words than necessary. Talking much, but not saying anything.

    Commentaries that I read apart from school, that I have found to be rich in homiletic value are the Exploring series by John Phillips, and the Be series by Warren Wiersbe. Phillips takes a few odd leaps that I can’t follow, but his writing style is totally engrossing. Wiersbe’s books are short and easy to follow. Very enriching!

  8. Josh Hamrick says:

    “I’m as fascinated by evil people”

    I have the same fascination. I want to know their inner workings. What made them be the way they are…etc.

  9. PP Vet says:

    Anybody that would like to get to know the inner workings of a truly evil person, let’s do lunch.

  10. Josh Hamrick says:

    PP Vet – Only via Skype. I want to learn about an evil person, not be eaten by one.

  11. PP Vet says:

    Curses, foiled again 🙂

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