The Brink of Eternity: Duane W.H. Arnold, PhD

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13 Responses

  1. Linn says:

    Thank you so much for this perspective on Christmas. I “know” this, but in this time of pandemic it is so important to reflect that God has never abandoned us. He came into our world and was affected by it all. But, in His death and resurrection, He has conquered it all.

  2. Duane Arnold says:


    It’s a difficult time, but we maintain hope…

  3. Em says:

    Thank you for resetting my focus, Dr. Duane…. It truly does feel like Satan is ready to make his move…. Is he? I don’t know….

  4. pstrmike says:

    I taught on John 1 yesterday.

    I thought about attending a midnight Mass, but there are restrictions on the number of worshippers who can attend and one of the local parishes are full.

    We will celebrate with our church with an earlier Christmas Eve service with readings, worship and communion.

    Happy to have some family join us on Christmas, and praying for other family members who either have COVID, or have been exposed.

  5. Duane Arnold says:


    It is a different sort of Christmas this year…

  6. Mike E. says:

    Eternity entered time. The light entered the darkness. The Word spoke into the world. God entered into suffering. Love entered hate, life entered death. Thank you God. Good word Duane and Merry Christmas, brother!

  7. Bride of Christ says:

    I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s disease 6 years ago. She was an artist and a published under water photographer. She scuba dived with a camera in the South Pacific for 20 years.
    She died in a Florida Alzheimer’s Care unit with my father nearby and visiting her every day. It seemed unspeakably sad, but today it is so much more difficult to have a “good death”. I have a friend who recently had a stroke, had surgery, and then
    had a second stroke. They won’t even let his wife visit him due to Covid restrictions. This is in Idaho. I used to hear people talk about ” a good death”. Your article made me think if that idea. Being ready to meet your maker with loved ones at your side ,having said your goodbyes to them – that’s a “good death”. Please pray for all of those people in hospitals this holiday season, some like my friend who is just 60 years old, and is lying in a hospital without loved ones there to comfort him. These are difficult days indeed.

  8. Dave Rolph says:

    Beautiful perspective! Thanks Duane!

  9. Duane Arnold says:

    Mike E.

    A Blessed Christmas to you and yours!

  10. Duane Arnold says:

    Bride of Christ

    We are living through a time that we cannot really apprehend. Praying for your friend tonight…

  11. Captain Kevin says:

    Thank you for this, Duane.

  12. Mike E. says:

    We do pray for all those who are sick in the whole Human Family. Lord, please restore them to health, as it be Your will. We ask You to use these illnesses in these folks’ lives to draw them to Your Son. Comfort the afflicted, give solace to the dying, remember the poor. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  13. Em says:

    add my amen, Mike E…. amen and amen and yes, in Jesus’ Name, Father

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