The Church and the War Against the Innocent

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  1. LInn says:

    Schools have their issues, too. We must run at least one news-reported occurrence of teacher/student sexual abuse a month in my part of California. Often, the abuse isn’t reported until years later and someone (teacher/administrator) had a suspicion. It’s so sad.

  2. Michael says:


    No doubt it happens in many places…we’ve had it happen in my community.

  3. The New Victor says:

    I live in the same area as Linn and see the same stories… the Principal at our small rural high school in the mid 80s in the motherload was prosecuted for relations with underage seniors. His daughter was my classmate as a freshman and she was a peach. The rest of the family moved out of state right away to escape the shame.

    There have been failures in school systems, but the failures in various church systems seem worse.

  4. Steven says:

    I am not saying that there are not good churches/clergy/teachers out there. I’m also not saying the sins of others are necessarily indicative of all church leaders/membership. To broadly wave a brush to paint everyone in a denomination/movement because of the sins of it’s “upper level echelon” of leaders is just wrong. I’ve met and know several wonderful leaders in both the SBC and Calvary Chapel movement. Granted, these focus primarily on “staying in their lane” and focusing on their local congregation and are by no means “notable” as the world defines the term.

    And I hope it can be understood that there is ZERO excuse for abuse of any sort in God’s church…and that any victims should be heard…and that justice must be served for the abusers.


    I suppose “tragic” is the best term I can think of here. It is tragic that, even with a myriad of reporting, media and social media outlets shedding light on these issues, we can only be responsible for ourselves…our churches. I cannot change a place in which I am not involved. In the meantime, we parents (I have an 8 and 10 year old) need to be as discerning and skeptical of our church environment as we should be about social media, tv, movies and school issues.

    And, perhaps even more tragically, it seems that we all need to be even more discerning (bordering on skeptical) of clergy/leaders/volunteers.

    God help us.
    God forgive us.

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