The Lies We Love To Believe (And Spread)

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  1. bob1 says:

    David French has a piece where he thinks there are 3 reasons fundamentalists like Trump: certainty, ferocity and solidarity.

    The ferocity kills me. Someone was on here writing about “The
    Light and the Glory.” When it came out, reputable historians
    panned it. Today books and stances like there are treated like
    they’re the greatest discovery since gold. I could cite other
    examples, too.

  2. bob1 says:

    like that

  3. Michael says:


    We live in strange times…I was raised and educated to believe that truth mattered above all else…

  4. Muff Potter says:

    Pastor of a large Calvary Chapel huh?
    Why am I not surprised?

    “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself.”
    — Proverbs 26:4 —-

  5. Linn says:

    I think our society has reached a point where people choose what they want to believe, and then set out to find the “proof” that confirms their suspicions. It was just too hard to believe that the COVID virus resulted from a wild animal market in Wuhan…so we will believe it came from a lab, space aliens, etc. All black/brown men in hoodies are criminals…that justifies the killings of innocent people of color by police officers. Tump’s loss of the 2020 election was actually a “stolen” election…let’s storm the Capitol with presidential approval. It’s very easy to find the “facts” you want for the opinion (lie)) you want to support. If you can get an internet or other media outlet to spread your lies, you can find followers and create your own reality.

  6. Michael says:


    I think you succinctly and correctly wrote the truth.

    It’s sad and so very dangerous…

  7. Linn says:


    I continue to pray that I don’t become part of it. There is so much trouble in the world already, and we have to add to it to prove something (whatever that something is). It reminds me of a relative that I have that likes to stir the pot. It doesn’t matter if the situation has been resolved or apologized for, she will go out, look for another ingredient and throw it in, turn up the fire, and then enjoy the explosion. I have never understood her.

  8. Jean says:

    I think the big idea from this post is not that there are charlatans, quacks and false teachers in positions of leadership, but rather that there are millions and millions of stupid sheep who blindly follow their blind guides. But even this should not be a surprise to the Christian who is catechized in God’s word.

    Some will find my words harsh, but Jesus and Paul warn about false teachers and how Christians are to avoid them, so please don’t condemn my remarks.

  9. Michael says:


    I don’t think it’s helpful or accurate to call people stupid.

    The man posting this had a doctorate…we have to look deeper…

  10. Jean says:

    I am all For looking deeper. The man promoting the lie that covid is snake venom is not stupid. He is Satan masquerading as an angel of light (or as a servant of righteousness).

    But what do we make of those who believe him? Are they responsible for believing this man?

    You have often written in other contexts that nothing changes in these churches because the flock never holds their false prophets to account. At some point their lack of something has to be admitted. Don’t you think?

  11. Michael says:


    It’s not necessarily a lack of intelligence.
    I know professional people who believe things like this.

    I believe it’s mostly people seeking to make sense of a world that doesn’t make sense anymore.

  12. Bruce Mumper says:

    I have found the writings of Iain McGilchrist to offer, what is to me, the most plausible root explanation of why we humans tend to think as we do. It’s another instance of a good thing, our brain structure, getting out of balance.

  13. Michael says:


    Your comment is in moderation…this is not an anti-vax site.

    I understand that the Covid vaccines are controversial and we do not fully understand the risks from them.
    I also understand that there is much empirical data that shows they saved millions of people.

    How they were marketed, the mandates for them, and the lack of accurate info are all issues I affirm.
    I personally had a “vaccine injury” from my last shot.

    I also know lots of people who had no issues at all.

    I’m not going to allow this to be a one sided , furious debate here.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  14. Michael says:

    I did get a flu shot as well as the RSV vaccine.

    I will probably get the Novavax Covid shot when I get the time.

    I have had people I love try to dissuade me from getting all three as well as the shingles shots I’ve already had.

    I take a number of prescription meds as well as oxycontin every six hours to function.

    Everything I take has a risk associated with it as well as a reward.

    I cannot and will not discard all the medical advances available to keep me alive because I choose to distrust both government and Pharma.

    This does not mean I fully trust either…but I’ve not run into anybody that has recently contracted polio…and I’m still here.

  15. JanetLinn,BrideofChrist says:

    I attended Calvary Chapels for 30 plus years and that is probably part of the reason I am so interested in everything posted here. My father was a mathematical genius who worked for Norad and NASA and M.I.T. All of his children were intellectually ‘gifted’ and both of my children were classified as intellectually gifted by their public schools. Many very intelligent people attend Calvary Chapel. My closest friends there all had college degrees. But when Calvary Chapel started falling down the ” rabbit hole ” of crazy thinking along the lines we’re discussing here, my husband and I got spooked. It was obvious to us that something was seriously wrong at Calvary, and yet most of our other college educated Calvary friends didn’t seem to see it. To this day I can’t help wonder why. My allegiance was to Jesus, not Calvary Chapel. I clearly remember one day looking around Calvary Chapel and saying to myself, “I don’t see Jesus here anymore.” That’s when we left. I wonder why other Christians at these churches haven’t come to the same conclusion? It keeps me up at night wondering. Keep posting, Michael. So many good people are being deceived in these churches. Maybe you can help them.

  16. Michael says:


    Thank you!

    People rarely leave these churches until staying has more consequences than leaving.

    Sometimes the rabbit hole is where people want to stay…

  17. JanetLinn, BrideofChrist says:

    An interesting observation on my part is that I taught in the public schools of San Diego for 30 years ( At the same time I taught Sunday School at Calvary). I once had a pastor at Calvary Chapel tell me that “No good can come from my having a “foot in two different worlds”( referring to my employment with our local school district). But aren’t all Christians “Of this world, but not in it” as the Bible says? I never understood why that Pastor said this to me. It may be why I ultimately was able to keep from going down the Calvary Chapel rabbit hole, because I had one foot in the real world . How I loved my students, Christian or not! They were God’s children still!

  18. bob1 says:


    I always enjoy your musings and observations here

    Re why people stay in the CC rabbit hole: the CC pastor’s comment about “two different worlds”: to me, that exhibits a bunker mentality — don’t be involved in other “worldly” pursuits. They’re suspect! Better to stay “safe” and unfettered –with all kind of church activities, for example. I’m just speculating.

    I know when my wife and I homeschooled, we always made a point to avoid that Christian bubble mentality — unless you’re gonna have a future in just church work, it’s a trap. Life is a lot more fun and interesting when you and your kids are involved in different “spheres,” not just the church world.

  19. bob1 says:

    Plus, the wider world out there needs believers living out their faith in all spheres of life, quietly and faithfully.

  20. Jean says:

    This year I got the flu and the new Moderna covid vaccines.

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