The “Sound of Freedom” To Ask …

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12 Responses

  1. Kevin H says:

    Thanks always, Michael, for your support and encouragement.

  2. Michael says:

    Kevin H,

    It’s an honor…we always have to stand with people who are standing for God…

  3. The New Victor says:

    Leaving aside the concerns about misuse of funds, couldn’t toss be taken in a similar vein as Roots which was decades later found to be fictional history?

    That rescuing sex slaves creates a market is concerning, but that could be applied to a lot of things.

  4. Michael says:

    I have no problem with someone drawing attention to the issue at hand.
    I have big problems with someone inflating their resume and raising millions from God’s people…with no real accounting at all.

    If this becomes another “Roots” the backlash falls on the Christian community…

  5. Kevin H says:

    The funny and yet sad thing is that any manner of questioning is labeled as “attack”. Then anybody or anything associated with the “attacker” is lumped under the big umbrella as collectively being attackers. Then the tables are turned and the so-called attackers are then attacked by those who labeled them attackers. It is truly so toxic, yet those who are inflicted by the toxicity are blinded (in many ways by their own will and making) to the presence of the poison and/or tragically mistake the poison for righteousness.

    We can only point them to Jesus and His ways, even for those who claim to already follow Him. As hopeless as the situations may sometimes seem, we must remember that Jesus has been known to work a miracle or two.

  6. Kevin H says:

    In this case, there are some in the media who have truly gone over the top and have indeed wrongfully attacked the movie. There are others who have raised legitimate concerns and questions about the movie and the organization behind it while also sometimes even pointing out some of the good aspects of the movie. Even beyond that, there are a good many in the media who have actually given this movie an overall favorable review. Yet despite all this, a crusade has been formed against the “media”, Hollywood, the movie industry, and anyone else who dare question the movie, with claims that they are all trying to sabotage it because they don’t want the message of child sex trafficking getting out. Save for a few exceptions, such charges are lunacy, and frankly they are evil.

    Such behavior comes about due to unwarranted and unhealthy devotion to partisan politics and conspiracy theories. Many will balk at and be offended by such an assertion, yet they need to be told what is true.

  7. Michael says:

    One ill informed crusade was against the theatre chain showing the movie…which the producers quickly begged an end to…

  8. Kevin H says:

    Michael, I would think likely what the case was that there was a theater or two that had legit technical difficulties or a theater or two which had legit air conditioning problems. The default position for some people is that all the elite/media/liberals/Hollywood/etc. are against the movie and against Christians and so they quickly deduce that these occurrences of problems must be intentional sabotage. Rather than speaking in terms of speculation, definitive accusations are made. And not only definitive accusations, but exaggerated accusations in terms of severity, scope, and expanse. The end result is another conspiracy theory running rampant despite the lack of any credible, verifiable information to support it.

    Nothing Christ-like at all about any of it, but people have convinced themselves they are fighting for God’s side against the great evils of the rest of society who are always out to get them.

  9. Michael says:

    Kevin H,

    You have a real clarity concerning these matters…how I was your clarity was contagious.

  10. LInn says:

    Sometimes I just ignore things (like movies with dubious integrity). When asked, I explain what my issues are in person. I’ve had so many negative responses on FB when I’ve expressed an opinion on something serious that I’ve decided it’s not worth the effort. It’s like all the vultures swarm in the for the kill. I’m louder than you, I’m more faithful than you, I know more than you, even when they know nothing at all or they are just posting link after link of others’ opinions that are supposed lend proof to their belief.

    Example: I have a lot of opinions aboutthe horrible things happening at the Texas border right now, but I’m bringing those things to prayer and may write a protest letter to the governor of a certain state…

  11. Michael says:


    I thought about writing about those border terrors…but I’m already in pain.
    I may do so anyway…

  12. Muff Potter says:

    Linn wrote:
    ” I have a lot of opinions aboutthe horrible things happening at the Texas border right now, but Iā€™m bringing those things to prayer and may write a protest letter to the governor of a certain stateā€¦”

    You’re not the only one Linn.
    I wouldn’t wanna’ be in his shoes (Greg Abbott) on judgement day for all the tea in China.

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