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4 Responses

  1. monax says:

    I like to not like Steve Brown. Decided to listen to his message anyway. It was good, brought tears to my eyes at the end. Loved the puddles, leopard and the monkey story! Thanks, Michael, for posting.

  2. Complete with quotes from Paul Young and Henri Nouwen! Love it!

  3. brian says:

    It was a very interesting video, but as an evangelical refugee God hates Henri Nouwen, with a passion and is staying up nights thinking of ways to torture this poor priests soul I have online and off witnessed prayers for this persons rebuke or demise, often both, especially online. They hate Nouwen with a passion and twice on Sundays. Personally I think he was some academic looking for a way to reconcile is faith with reality, and in some ways he found it through service. Granted that should earn him an express train to hell but that is another post. Am I wrong when I say we are all lost evil, vile, degenerate, lost reprobates outside of Christ, I mean we are all horrid sinners looking for the next chance to strike and take other souls to hell. I dont want to take any souls to hell, I agree, I will go there but I dont want to take others. I cant even get that right.

    What a very strange religion it really is.

  4. monax says:

    Steve Brown also dropped this one:

    A girl came across this frog who told her he was really a Presbyterian pastor if only she would kiss him. She picked him up and put him in her pocket. “Wait!” the frog exclaimed, “if you kiss me I’ll turn into a Presbyterian pastor.” Girl said, “That’s ok, I’d rather have a frog.”

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