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  1. centorian says:

    FIRST! I’m thinking about showing “Easy Rider” in the morning. That first opening song will be quite the speedbump……

  2. Bob Sweat says:

    Brando’s The Wild Bunch would be a good choice for next week.

  3. Tim says:

    We continued through 2 Peter after taking a break for Resurrection Sunday. Ch 2:12-22, “Avoiding False Teachers.”

    False teachers:
    – bear sinful fruit
    – teach without substance
    – lead others into slavery

    The best way to distinguish falsehood from truth is to know the truth – and Jesus Christ IS the truth. Don’t settle for anything less than Jesus Christ.

    Notes are here.

  4. Dansk says:

    Why do I even need to bother to go to church on Sunday now that I’m getting Joel Osteen’s Daily Devotional?

  5. BrianD says:

    I would have thought seeing Mr. Osteen on TV would have kept you home.

  6. BrianD says:

    Brian H., our newest elder, preached on Luke 18:9-14 and self-righteousness.

    Brian reminded us of many ways Christians tend to look down on other people. He said the pursuit of morality could separate you from God – forever. Those with true faith in Jesus never outgrow a deep understanding of their own sinfulness. And if we really get what the Gospel is, it will dramatically affect the way we see other people.

  7. Dansk says:

    Actually one of my kids dragged me to a Calvary Chapel today.

    After the worship (which was good) and just before the teaching (which was good!) the church administrator put a summary of the church financial status (which was good!) up on the overhead and announced that the info was available in the lobby.

    Which, I thought, was good.

    (Instead of letting me sit home and watch Todd Bentley, my children drag me out to hear responsible sound Bible-based teaching.

    (I warn them that if they stuff religion down their parents’ throats, we will only rebel in the long term. But they don’t listen.))

  8. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Dansk – how do you differentiate between worship and teaching? Isn’t teaching a part of the worship service? In our church worship is made up of the whole liturgy including songs, the readings and teaching.

  9. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Today was the second Sunday of Easter – the 50 days until Pentecost.

    Our adult Sunday School class (about 80 of us) began a 26 week study in 2 Samuel. We spent 26 weeks, last spring and summer in 1 Samuel.

  10. London says:

    Hung out on line with the “webchurch” this Friday.
    We talked about our experiences at other churches for Easter services(we meet on fri) then spent some time talking about the book of Daniel. Prayer time is always the focus and this time was a pretty hard week so there was lots going on.
    2 women decided they are going to be baptised so that’ll happen next week. Another woman is getting out of prision soon and wants to come be baptised (the pastor dude’s wife has been writing to her for months) so that’s going to happen too.
    We’re getting ready to send our “2nd generation” missionary out to Kiev. Last summer I went, this spring the guys from there came here and now one of the young men from the church is going out there to help out with summer camp.
    Cool stuff going on…
    The only bad thing is I don’t live in the same town they do…

  11. Dusty says:

    London, we will just have to pray for a job that you would be perfect for to open up in that town. πŸ˜‰

  12. Dansk says:

    Teaching could be considered part of the worship.

    But I think the distinction has merit, since the “worship” part of the worship is clearly more important than the “teaching” part of the worship.

    That is obvious, since we will be worshiping forever, but at some point the “teaching” will stop.

    For some reason “teachers” do not often point that out. πŸ™‚

  13. London says:

    Dusty – that would be cool. But, I got alot of cool stuff happening with some nonprofit/minstry stuff I’m doing here too.
    Just need a job of any kind so I can buy a ticket out there and hang out with them from time to time.

    I love the out of the box thinking of that group.

    We’re having 2 baptisms this week on Friday night. Which meant we were going to not get to hang out “together” cause they’d be down out the lake and couldn’t take the camera equipment. Today we sorted out how to just use a Droid phone and broadcast from it!

    Love that this group just figures out ways to make things happen…no committee meetings, no painful political nonsense…just try it and see what happens.

    Too fun!

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