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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    Good thoughts Michael. I struggle with fear quite often these days. Just yesterday or today I remarked to my wife I am becoming more fearful of people now than the actual virus…people (mainly believers) who are becoming more and more paranoid and turning to conspiracy theories instead of God. Sad that the idea of implanting microchips into someone used to be the domain of the mentally insane, and now otherwise normal people are buying into it.

    Why…Joel Osteen is partnering with World Vision to HELP people with food and supplies, and those who cluck their tongues at him…conservative Christians…are the ones screaming about their rights, the mark of the beast, having to wear a mask, etc. Some are practicing the faith…others are not.

    Any my Twins are in first place.

  2. Michael says:

    Anyone who’s not afraid at times these days doesn’t understand the situation…

  3. Dan from Georgia says:


  4. Owen says:

    #10 though……

    “People in countries where they really are oppressed and persecuted…” probably wish they could spell out for us the actual definitions of “rights” and “freedoms” .

  5. Alex G. says:

    As far as number 4 is concerned, do you think it’s possible that Newsom was just trying to shut the gatherings he could control? He would no-way win strongarming a protest shut down. I tried to put myself in his shoes and if I believed that gatherings would prolong this quarantine, I may have chosen churches and funerals. Maybe, he was taking the easy way out by choosing shut down targets he thought were less powerful to challenge him, because he needed to take action politically.

  6. Michael says:

    Alex G.

    Beats me…my guess is that it’s a combo of politics and the fact that indoors is more dangerous than outdoors…

  7. CM says:


    My takes in no particular order.

    #9 – Agreed. Even in the limited sports reminds us of how thing were before the virus and gives encouragement that things will be better in the future. Life goes on.

    #6 – I agree 100%. The sooner people realize the scope and size of the problem and admit that, then can work on solutions can be done.

    #8 – I suspect many of the relationship broken over this may have seemed close, but upon further examination reveals then to be far less “authentic” in reality. Not to say you should not mourn, but to use a common phrase, YMMV.

  8. filbertz says:

    our spoiled and entitled culture is truly gag-worthy. Again, my chant through this whole mess has been “this is a golden opportunity for the Church to minister, serve, and grow” but like most opportunities, we can’t see it, spin it, squeeze it, or seize it. Argh.

  9. Babylon's Dread says:

    I am enjoying watching stories that argue over whether sports are getting good ratings or not. Objective truth does not exist. That’s why Covid Floyd Doesn’t Matter… nothing matters. Just send stimulus checks and let us stay home. I am close to retiring. Maybe one more stimulus vote

  10. Michael says:

    I very much want to retire, but have a fear of “leaving my post”.
    People want me to boycott sports because some leagues have endorsed political issues they oppose.
    I simply want to watch a game and will.

  11. Babylon's Dread says:

    I wish I did want to watch a game. I was getting increasingly jaded about sports and all the non-sports news AND the money.

    Then last year when the NBA rolled over like submissive dog under the scorn of China I knew I was near a point of complete disgust. The wealthiest athletes on earth refusing to speak justice for those under the thumb of oppression PURELY to protect their brand and branding. Then they suddenly become the moral conscience of a nation.

    Anyway it is time for rank and file Americans to speak up about China –

    Watch your sports – its no different from my apple typewriter that will send this message.

    A vacation from rage might be in order

    Rageaholic Dread

  12. Jim says:

    Do not retire. Ever.

  13. bob1 says:

    I share Jim’s sentiments. 🙂

  14. Re: #1

    I wear a mask because businesses have a right to refuse service. I wear one at work, in addition to other protocols (though 6ft is almost impossible to follow at all times), because they pay me to provide for myself and my family. Both reasons are respecting authority. No one is talking about forcing the mark of ThE bEaSt yet… Though bio ware will come.

    Lastly, caring about others is the point. This Logan’s Run attitude, mostly among conservatives, really makes me sad. The Protests? That had to play out, short of a police state. That they have transformed into riots and people being murdered by rioters is tragic.

  15. Jim says:


    Come to Florida. It will solidify your thoughts on the matter.

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