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  1. Babylon’s Dread says:

    A toast to the spite of Jesus! Here! Here!

  2. Michael says:

    Have to laugh…tearing my hair out is too painful…

  3. bob1 says:

    Good musings, Michael.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks, bob1…

  5. Jim says:


  6. Mike Ehrmantrout says:

    I’ve been learning that politics has become a fool’s errand, at least to me. I have been very political in the past, lashing out every time some idio….I mean, some person posts some really stupid political crap on Facebook. I’ve just begun to discover that God’s Kingdom is not of this world (I know, you knew it all along ;)); I am learning that His kingdom is what I should be focused on, not the world’s garbage. It’s bringing about a real change in how I see everything. Frankly, I could care less even if there IS a conspiracy. After all, people do evil. Maybe there is. (I don’t really think so, but I digress). But to me, it doesn’t matter anymore. I want to focus on His Kingdom. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go post a divisive article on Facebook. On a Mac, of course. 😉

  7. Michael says:


    You’ve chosen the better way…

  8. Jean says:

    Whether its a regional catastrophe, like the Deepwater Horizon or a major hurricane, or a national emergency, like a major war, or this current pandemic, the nation needs strong federal institutions (i.e., bureaucracy) to rally national resources, coordination and solutions. Piecemeal and patchwork local and state efforts are incredibly inefficient and often counterproductive.

  9. Duane Arnold says:


    Here you go having to speak truth, just when I was getting used to this tin foil hat protecting me from 5G… 😁

  10. Having grown up with Pre-Trib Christianity ( and very fond of it) I think we are watching the complete collapse of this system. It was a nice try and had much commendable about it. It’s just that it’s inadequate to explain life in modern times, other then continuous warnings and fear. But, we can get fear any where.
    It just another segment of the Church stuck in political corruption.

    This was clearly not thought through. If the Church joins a polyamory marriage of political parties, corporations, major donors and idealogical promoters, you also assume their baggage. You have to fight whatever battles your partners get into, and its a new one all the time now.

  11. Michael says:


    I thought Hilary stole your hat… 🙂

  12. Jean says:

    Duane, just don’t get caught with the mark of the convalescent plasma. 🙂

  13. Em says:

    Ahh… focus, focus focus… … 🙅

  14. Babylon's Dread says:

    I saw bigfoot go by my window last night

  15. Bride of Christ says:

    “This kind of thinking is why we can’t have nice things.” – from Michael’s article. I laughed very hard at this line, – it was so subtly funny, and so true. Thank you for a lighthearted comment in a serious article about division and polarization!

  16. Em says:

    Pastor Dread saw Bigfoot? UH OH
    I’ve seen some strange lights on the ridge above the river, but i’m not telling anyone… at my age theyd put me in the “home.”

  17. filbertz says:

    He’s not Bigfoot. His name is Darryl. 😉

    Deep state is REM cycle sleep.

  18. Dan from Georgia says:

    “…and Jesus isn’t coming back soon, mainly out of spite…”

    This comment actually kinda took me aside! Interesting take Michael. Seriously, and I know this may sound a bit too Evangelical/Fundamentalist, but I do think God laughs at our attempts at being smart/having it all figured out (see Tower of Babel), and changes things up to humble us.

    But anyways, I like the blunt way you phrased it!

  19. Michael says:

    I was being sarcastic…

  20. Jtk says:

    #10 hit me like a warmth, sugary cup of coffee-ahhhh!

    HOW do all these opinions cross your path?

    It has to be mostly Facebook, I suspect.

    If so, separate yourself from that world by “unfollow,” “unfriend” and “block” where needed.
    ESPECIALLY the unfollow and unsubscribes of the world.

    Just like you try to get off the phone with that obnoxious family member going off on stuff, step away.

    If you can.

    Similar advice if you read widely, and I know you do.

    In these areas, I read widely enough to know the positions and what they believe is possible. But I don’t need to attend their various pep rallies.

    Don’t know why I presume to “fix” your problem….

  21. Captain Kevin says:

    PC (sorry, not sorry)

  22. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael, may I please quote #9 on my FB?

  23. Michael says:

    Of course!

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