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  1. Bob Sweat says:

    God bless you Michael! I’m thankful for His protection during the horrors of these past days. My grandson is a firefighter. He was deployed for over two weeks fighting fires down here.

  2. Dan from Georgia says:

    This is an encouraging post today Micheal. And that officer’s reaction to your need to care for Miss Kitty was a blessing indeed.

  3. Em says:

    Havimg ones town burn is a trauma.. . Rest in your island of God’s grace until life settles into a new routine – and a new confidence in God’s grace I’d suspect
    It rained up here last night and i wanted to run up and down our road shouting hallelujah…. guess where I’d be today if i had. 😏
    God keep

  4. Cathy says:

    the old cliche still works, God is Good!! and He has been good to all of your fur family…I am glad that you still have a place for you and Miss Kitty, Smokey, Cinabon etc all still have a haven in the midst of the storm…God bless you and yours!

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Take all the time you need before writing more, Michael. Just glad to know that you are safe and that God’s mercy was shown on your behalf.

  6. Elena says:

    Thank you for sharing Michael!
    (For some of us is hard to spell out our thought and turmoils)

  7. Ms. ODM says:

    Praying for you Michael that the Lord would send rain. So sorry to see what you and others are enduring.

  8. Muff Potter says:

    I am in solidarity with you and all Oregonians.
    Glad you found Miss Kitty and were able to get her.
    Mrs. Muff and me know full well what it’s like to have fur babies and to know that they are indeed family.

  9. jtk says:

    I’m so sorry, Michael.

  10. Mike E. says:

    Though you are living through a nightmare, I am very happy you didn’t lose your home or your kitties. May the Lord continue to watch over you are and bring peace and safety to you all.

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