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  1. Em says:

    Love, love love point 2

  2. DavidM says:

    I only watched a few seconds of Hibbs’ prayer. That was quite a performance, Oscar-worthy. I really cannot watch any more of it without my blood pressure rising as I see SO MANY Christians lapping up this nonsense. My hope is that our country survives whatever takes place between now and January 20. I mean, how much more clear could Jesus have been about loving God and loving others? About the message of the GOSPEL (the redemption through Jesus’ blood)? In my lifetime I have lived through 13 presidents, some liberal, some conservative. Our constitution works, and both Biden and Trump will eventually fade into history. As for the church in the US, it has largely become patently political, particularly evangelicals. It is shameful. Let’s accept the results and now give attention to the spreading of the Gospel.

  3. Michael says:


    From your mouth to Gods ear…amen.

  4. filbertz says:

    loving your neighbor and enemies would nowadays be tantamount to signs and wonders.

  5. Michael says:


    Sad, but true…

  6. filbertz says:

    …so let us be radical charismatics! 🙂

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    Roll on over the and you’ll see how delusional some people are becoming.

  8. #3. I can not reconcile this clip with Dispensationism, as it existed in the early Calvary Chapel days. Where is the imminent Rapture? The distrust of government? The anticipated strong leader who will make a peace treaty with Israel, and be seen by Jews as a saviour?

  9. Jean says:

    “7. “Parler” is the most popular social media app today…social media is becoming a form of succession without the problem of a war…yet…”

    I saw an interview with the CEO of Parler last Friday. They are marketing themselves as an alternative to Twitter, making the distinction that unlike Twitter, which will flag or delete false news or hate speach, Parler will allow all posts.

    So, I strongly recommend that if you have children under your roof, I would block that site, and as for yourself, it will have a lot of pollution, both foreign and domestic, and I personally don’t need that in my life. You may feel capable of discerning truth from false, but I would advise anyone that it takes a lot of work and a super solid foundation in the Bible.

    The most dangerous type of falsity, the falsity that is most likely to deceive each of us, is the falsity that supports our own personal biases. It will reinforce what you want or want to believe. It’s nearly impossible to counter.

  10. Wendi says:

    Nathan Priddis, I’ve been thinking the same thing!

  11. Nancy Holmes says:

    #3 When I felt the alternating depression and relief last week, I didn’t think of idolatry. Instead I thought of depression as my sadness at the hand of God coming in judgment for another 4 years. My relief came because I felt He is being merciful to us and granting us breathing space in which to heal.

    I do feel guilty because I don’t feel as much joy over His judgment as I do over His mercy. Would that be considered idolatry?

  12. Dread says:

    I’m going to do my part with detoxing things. May check in to see how the cats are doing from time to time. But no more comments.

    Grace and peace.

    Dread and Gone.

  13. Owen says:

    #8…. it really has become quite difficult to discern what is truthful anymore, especially online.

    Besides #2. That will not change.

    I’m repeatedly astounded at how many things are said by people who seemingly haven’t opened the Bible recently – or maybe they’ve just become expert cherrypickers…. this has also made me much, much more careful what I say/claim/proclaim.

    Fil – your comment about “signs and wonders” brings to mind a Michael Card song, talking about “God’s own fool”……loving your neighbour and enemy would be seen by many as foolish behaviour.

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