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  1. Xenia says:

    3. The biggest challenges will be in the areas of historic, Christian morality as regards gender and sexuality and abortion. We will only meet those challenges when we honor historic, Christian morality in our own circles first…<<<

    Sexual morality isn't the ONLY aspect of Christian morality, but it is a big part of it. As I always say here, it has to begin with us as individuals and our immediate families. You can't pretend to be shocked that Trump spent time with loose women if your main source of entertainment is movies/TV/books/popular music that glorifies and normalizes adultery and fornication. If you enjoy watching/listening/ to these things, you can't claim the higher moral ground. You have participated in these sexual sins so don't comfort yourselves by telling yourself you are just a voyeur and not an actual adulterer, fornicator or practitioner of perversion. Turn of the TV, cancel Netflix, find something better to listen to than popular music, read wholesome books. Women, quit dressing like tarts and quit sending your daughters out into the world dressed like tarts.

    The leading reason for abortion is fornication. Quit participating in media that glamorizes fornication. Starve that beast out of business. If everyone in this country that claims to be a Christian refused to participate in Hollywood's (et al) offerings, what would be the result, I wonder…. So rather than looking to Dem politicians and blaming them for abortions, ask yourself how much of the Devil's propaganda (TV mostly) have you taken in and allowed your children to watch? And we are shocked that our children are promiscuous and get pregnant and have abortions when we fed them a steady diet of the devil's lies all their lives?

    All to say, I love to fault the Dems and Liberals for their ideas of sexual permissiveness but if I participate in the offerings of Hollywood, I am feeding the Beast and have no right to complain or point fingers.

    And that's not even taking into consideration the Christians who participate in p0rn….

  2. Xenia says:

    I love to fault <<<

    I LIKE to fault

  3. josh hamrick says:

    Xenia – ouch, but true.

  4. pstrmike says:

    “4. Culture wars are a waste of time…they really aren’t meant to bring in the kingdom of God, but to make us comfortable in the kingdom that is…”

    I have been giving this some thought as of late. What is cultural, which contains elements that are conventional and universal, and what are the absolutes that a society needs to adhere to for its own well being. Is it really that simple?

    There is disagreement within the church on these things that lead to conflicts and dismissiveness from both parties. Such attitudes reduce us into our own camps. When we major on these things, there is little, if any, forward movement for the kingdom. I think it is a conflict between an emphasis on either liberty or holiness; not recognizing the integral relationship of the two. A good balance is possible, but hard to find and maintain.

    Secondly, we focus too much on what distinguishes us from others, rather than what we have in common. Most of those distinctions are not absolute doctrinal views, but areas of the faith that can render different conclusions.

  5. LInn says:

    #4 Christians, evangelicals in particular, are best known for what they are against than what they are for (except for being “for” Trump). We could do so much more for our culture if we were out there doing the right things in terms of loving our neighbor. Yes, abortion is wrong, but we should be known as the church that loves unwed mothers, provides alternatives for them, and rejoices in right choices. We should be known for sharing the gospel in love with our gay neighbors/co-workers, not spewing hate. And, we should be honest about the fact that Christian leaders caught in a sexual sin are not glorifying the God they say they serve. The church so often preaches hate-it’s no wonder the unbelieving want nothing to do with us.

  6. Em says:

    Good points, Michael. Good ponders….
    Hoping and praying the next 4 years meets the high expectations of many

  7. Em says:

    God hates… Proverbs 6:16 & following. 🙏

  8. Nathan Priddis says:

    #7. I don’t think the end of this age is imminent, even though I suspect it’s in the latter time. But, if compared to expired time since Pentecost, even a late postion could leave hundreds of years remaining.

    What I am convinced of is this:
    -One enters the life to come through resurection from the dead.
    -A misreading has resulted in Dispensational doctrine transferring the blessed hope, from the change of resurrection, to levitation envisioned in a harpazo.

    Where I really feel I left the reservation, doctrinally speaking, was in accepting a quantized view of the Universe and reality in general. This produces all kinds of counterintuitive assumptions. Here is a hypothetical example with rounded numbers.

    -Bob is present on Penticost, and in the very first echelon of believers. On his journey home from the Feast, he dies of a health emergency. Year zero.
    -Alice of Albi, is a pious woman. She lives an ordinary life, until Albi is attacked. Her last conscious memory is being raped and executed along with the rest of the city. 1200AD.
    -Ted, a valiant knight loyal to Church and Crown, is also present at Albi. Tragically, while looting the now burning Albi, he steps on a nail. Tetinus does not kill him, but the bloodletting does a week after impaling Alice.
    Due to poor health, I croak circa 2000AD.

    Through the magic of the prophetic, we know the Church ends exactly at 2500AD. Lets call this The Day of the Lord.

    Human nature says we subtract the date of death from 2500 to determine the number of years they respectively have been dead prior to resurrection.

    But, a quantized understanding would say the elapsed time since death is zero. All deaths are equaly distant from the DotL, regardless of when the respective deaths occur. The remote future, is not in fact remote at all.

  9. Duane Arnold says:

    #2 “the next four years”… I hope will be very boring.

  10. Linn says:

    So do I!

  11. filbertz says:

    “they will know you are my disciples because of your clear stance on immorality, abortion, and gender confusion.”

    if our default ‘reset’ is always to the pharisees instead of Jesus, the gospel will always be unclear and impotent.

  12. Michael says:


  13. Nathan Priddis says:

    I’m ready for boring. MABA.

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