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  1. London says:

    2. Absolutely true!

  2. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    8. If you’re at Crater Lake you soak up how beautiful it is. That’s enough.

  3. 1. The one thing that I miss about South Dakota. I rarely saw trash along the roads. my wife and I are thinking about doing the whole sponsor a road thing.
    As for the second part, I just read something that deeply disappointed me. I knew deception was going on, but to hear it confirmed sort of sunk me into a funk. I have no solution here.
    2. Definitely.
    3. Amen.
    4. Nope, nothing!
    5. Most definitely. It is easy when the answer comes quick, but not so easy, when the answer is delayed.
    6. Things change, but home is where your family is, be they natural or sometimes supernatural family.
    7. Great prayer!
    8. They need to learn how to hike up a mountain, just to sit and pray and feel the wind.
    9. Love stewardship, just don’t love the worship of nature it to often today leads to.
    10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, like the “Father’s Day” post.

  4. Michael says:


    If you have the time to do one of those road sponsorships, they are invaluable in keeping things looking like they should.
    Oregon passed the first bottle bill in the 70’s…I’m not sure all the imports care like we did.

    Thank you for being here…I think you should be a moderator!

  5. Thank you, Michael. I would have to respectfully decline right now though. I have a lot on my plate with this new job and learning the ropes in a new field of quality control. I feel my hours are going to be long for a while.
    Besides, I am not quite sure I am up to the task. I have some problems with letting my feelings and temper get the best of me. I am fine with just interacting right now.

  6. Michael says:


    You also are very wise! 🙂
    Very excited to see your prayers answered, my friend.

  7. Typing from Edisto Island, SC. A little slice of beach heaven, too isolated for the developers. Played in the ocean with kids all day. I’m beat, and they are out cold.
    Oh man, you mean I have to do this every day this week?

    I’ll find a way. 🙂

    Glad you had a great weekend with your boy, Michael.

  8. Matt says:

    I’ve been all around the world, and seen many, many beautiful vistas and sights. Crater Lake (with my dad in May 1987) remains a place which has never been surpassed in terms of beauty and visual power.

  9. One of your best “Things…”
    1. “WE DON”T TREAT PEOPLE THAT WAY. WE”RE CHRISTIANS!” Perhaps the wake of hurt that I’ve left behind could’ve been averted if a few people had said this to me.
    2. As a teacher, I see this among students and parents all the time.
    3. In all her faults, and in all her glory.
    4. There is nothing, Lord.
    5. Even if there was never a reply.
    6-7. Amen.
    8. California couple on the rim looking at Crater Lake…”Is there anything to DO up here”?. Is there anything I can DO to earn salvation? The answer is a resounding “NO” as both are works of God.
    9. Amen.
    10. Likewise, my friend.

  10. erunner says:

    2. Entitlement is something I have and do struggle with constantly. In the beginning it sneaks up on you and whispers into your ears that sound good but end up laying a foundation that can lead to a bitter heart and a total misunderstanding of how God is 100% in control in dark times of the soul. As life moves on and what you want doesn’t take place on your schedule your faith and trust in God will easily be derailed.

    10. It’s been quite the ride Michael and here we still are!!

  11. Reuben says:


    I have every one of the mentioned problems. Jump on board. You will be in good company.

  12. PP Vet says:

    Did my monthly peregrination through the top 200 Christian blogs.

    “I’m interesting – I’m fascinating – I’m insightful – look at me.”

    Sort of a bittersweet experience. At least there are so many out there groping for truth.

  13. Reuben, you call that good company? 😉

  14. Nonnie says:

    Derek, you would do a great job!

    Good thoughts here today!

  15. DH says:

    I still believe in the rapture…… please explain why I shouldn’t. Thanks

  16. Michael says:


    I think you’re on the wrong thread…head over to “Loose Ends” and we’ll discuss.

  17. DH says:

    I caught that ….. just after I hit enter.

  18. Muff Potter says:

    9. Any theological construction that takes anything away from our responsibility to be excellent stewards of nature is from the pit of hell.

    If the coal barons had even the slightest inkling that your Oregon lands are blest with rich seams, they’d lay waste to your sacred mountains just as they’ve done and continue to do in Appalachia.

    “I first began to understand what I have learned since, that there are forces in this world, principalities and powers, that wrench away the things that are loved, people and land, and return only exile.”
    ~from Denise Giardina’s Storming Heaven~

  19. Michael says:


    They would need an army to do so…we would take up arms.
    I would be right in front…

  20. Muff Potter says:

    They would crush your insurrection with a brutal efficiency not seen since the Wehrmacht invaded the Ukraine. The odds of you surviving the gunships and the Homeland Security combat teams are not good. Your wounded and those of you who surrender would disappear into black holes similar to Guantanamo.

    The major news outlets wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot-pole except maybe for Nina Totenberg wringing her hands a few times over the dead, and Charles Krauthammer applauding POTUS for showing some backbone for once and destroying home grown terrorists who “hate us” and want to “take our way of life away from us”.

    Meanwhile the air waves would serve up the latest mind-rot (business as usual) designed to keep the American public fuzzed out enough to not care. And the sobering truth? So long as they can shop, and acquire more stuff, they really don’t give a rat’s ass.

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