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  1. Steven says:

    Re #1: Now, my heart breaks…honestly…for families impacted…including the shooters family. I also mourn the loss of life

    Yet…Sorry, but #1 an exaggeration. There have been plenty of straight murderers who have remained in the spotlight for a long time. Just because this one will fade away quicker does not warrant any extra attention. And I doubt he’ll be “lost” in more liberal-leaning publications.

    At the same time, the extra attention given the “non-straight” (or whatever ridiculous term is used these days) murderers (due to political reasons) is uncalled for as well. The only reason it’s even mentioned anymore is that it’s “news”….and as long as it keeps making news outlets $$$, it’ll continue in the “news.”

    #3: Could not agree more, yet as a parent it’s heartbreaking to see the impact these things (name one of the many “things” here) on the children who’s parents are falling for the ideology of either extreme instead of equipping their kids to deal with the world they will inherit.

    God help our children.

    #5: The “nones”…I was one once and almost one several other times and have met many over the subsequent years. It’s a mixed blessing and a handicap. We are called to be in fellowship and be a Body, but I don’t blame those who have left over all the non-gospel junk that has infiltrated and now dominate the churches. To be left on your own, however, is not where I’d wish upon any Christian nor would want to experience again. Good thing God is still with them even when alone.

    #8: That would be a thing of beauty.

    #9: Considering we have an 18 month old puppy, I can’t even imagine it. 🙂

    #10: Please continue contributing when you are up to it. I may agree with some of what you say (and yet agree with most of it), but I totally appreciate you, Michael (even though I don’t post often).

    I’ve recently begun attending prayer meetings of about 8-12 folk 30+ years older than me and it is so enlightening (on so many levels) to hear them talk, pray, and fellowship with one another.

  2. Michael says:


    First…thank you for the kind words and for the insightful comments you make. My thoughts are meant to be a starting place for better thinkers to take over.

    As to #1…these shootings are quickly moved inform…because there will another one that takes their place. Your comments on the media are right on…

    The reason I don’t lay down and die is because I want to grab every moment I can to instruct my godson on how the world should work…and what to do when it doesn’t. The young ones are drinking from a firehose of conflicts and it’s taking its toll…

    Congrats on the puppy…may it bring you much joy in the years to come…

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    #10 – Take your time, Michael. Your family and your own health should take priority over your readership here.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks, CK…the back thing is wrecking hell on me…but this too shall pass…

  5. Alan says:

    “For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭22‬-‭24‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  6. BrianD says:

    #1 – there was only one I was very, very aware of. While it may be forgotten by much of the world, I assure you it won’t be forgotten anytime soon here in Louisville. I do want to note, however, that it took place in a less busy part of town, and that I think blunted much of the impact it could have had if it took place elsewhere in the city.

    #10 – your health and well-being are first priority, after God and family. Take care of yourself. Michael, you’ve been more of a pastor to me than anyone ever has, and as much of a friend as anyone. I want you to stick around for years and years and to get better so you can enjoy your life.

  7. Em Wegemer says:

    Praying still

  8. Nonnie says:

    I read here and so often despair and the Alan shows up, writes, and my hope is renewed. Thank you, dear sir!

  9. Michael says:


    Thanks for the kind words…and your town has been in my prayers…

  10. Michael says:

    Thanks, Em…

  11. Alan says:

    Last I checked love meant doing something. M L King, Bonhoeffer, Neimoller, Wilberforce, even bloggers like this all did something . In the face of creeping totalitarianism — which is upon us. If we remain silent we will indeed be complicit.

    Better to critique what people are actually doing than to simply urge an undescribed love.

    Jesus himself acted politically in his self-sacrifice to disarm the powers.

    The “do something” point cannot be a meme it requires that we work hard and dialogue.

  12. Michael says:


    Let me be clearer and see if we can dialog.

    I strongly believe that the Scriptures always identify Gods people as exiles wherever they live or what time they live in.
    We are a separate and separated people for the purpose of showing forth Gods will and ways to the culture we are exiles in.

    Thus, most of what we should be known for are acts of mercy and compassion while living lives that demonstrate the moral character and love of God.

    Identifying with one American political party over the other means that we also identify with that groups corruptions…and both parties here are as corrupt and venal as they can be.

    The church itself should be a place of refuge from the corruption and venality of the world…a place where we are strengthened in following in the steps of sacrificial love our Lord showed forth.

    The church should be quick to handle transparently its own sin and corruption…with repentance and reconciliation always being the end goal.

    There are issues we can speak to…ones that are grounded in the biblical truth we are demonstrating with our lives…but that witness only carries weight if we are indeed demonstrating those ways in our our lives and churches.

    A tributary from this that I will speak to more if given the ability is eschatological.

    The more I study the books of Revelation and Daniel, the more I am convinced that the primary calling of the Christian is to be faithful in exile, despite all the trials and persecutions that may come.

    I don’t see much call for regime change…because the regime is in Gods hands whether it looks like it or not.

    Our political fervor today has resulted in split churches, broken relationships, and strife among the brethren…all of which are abhorrent to the text we claim to follow.

  13. Terry says:

    #6. I left imminent-rapture-dispensationalism a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean the guy inside who got saved reading The Late Great Planet Earth isn’t alive and kicking subconsciously. What has me thinking the end is near is the acceleration of AI. Even the guys working with it seem terrified. It has me wondering, if an unclean spirit could take possession of a human, could it inhabit software and hardware designed to function as a human?

  14. Michael says:


    a lot of us have that dispie kicking inside…AI and other technologies have me on the same edge…

  15. Alan says:

    Thus Gospel action is always appropriate and prophetic rebuke to the powers is expected and necessary.

  16. Michael says:

    “Thus Gospel action is always appropriate and prophetic rebuke to the powers is expected and necessary.”

    My contention would be that prophetic rebuke and action can only come from a separated people…alignment with the powers that be only results in hypocricy and moral compromise.

  17. Alan says:

    I think you just eliminated the men I named. All were decisively aligned with powers that enabled their protest. Even to the death.

  18. Michael says:

    I think we make a mistake when we conflate different times and political systems.

    We need to assess each era unto itself.

    I seriously doubt that Bonhoeffer would have embraced Trump as a Christian champion…

    I’ve watched this community and many other communities split and deteriorate over politics.

    The first issue break was my stance for immigration reform…there was no place for biblical discussions on the issue, the lines drawn were purely political.

    Since then, the election and election loss of Trump, the vaccines, Covid mitigations and a host of associated issues have made the tag “a community of faith” a sad joke.

    It’s more a “gathering of silos”…

    People I once called friends can barely disguise their utter contempt for me.

    Politics have replaced end times as a draw to put asses in the seats…so real biblical exposition of issues doesn’t happen.

    American politicians are not interested in anything but being re-elected…there is no compromise for the common good or even a concern for the common good.

    We have to make a break from the system, clean up our own house, and then proclaim truth to all the powers…and be willing to pay the price for doing so.

    The first cost will be counted from within…

  19. Alan says:

    Bonhoeffer would have resisted whoever was the totalitarian genocidal maniac.

    You gotta quit raising politics and the bogeyman is only one group. You could be imagined partisan.

  20. Michael says:


    If I thought that the left was influential in the broader church, I would speak to it more than I do.

    We have noted on more than one occasion that progressive ideology has destroyed both the Anglican and Methodist communions…there isn’t much left to say as we listen for the death rattles.

    Your comment does highlight what I keep saying…it’s not concerned about a biblical view of church / culture interaction as much as a defense of one side of the ideological spectrum.

    My contention is that both sides are broken and corrupt and there is no place for God’s people to be identified with either…that a prophetic word has to come from outside both.

  21. Michael says:

    When there is no desire to work for the common good what you are left with is totalitarianism…and that seems to be the goal of the extremes on both sides…

  22. Alan says:

    Corrupt media
    Corrupt church
    Corrupt internet
    Corrupt education
    Corrupt Wall Street
    Corrupt government
    Corrupt entertainment
    Corrupt inhuman beings

    We’ve been given over to our desires
    We will not have this man rule over us

    Did we in our own strength confide
    Our striving would be losing
    Were not the right man on our side
    The man of God’s own choosing.

  23. filistine says:

    Michael–hoping your misery is relieved and redemptive.
    Regarding #3–I think in response, those who claim Christian need to practice civil discourse & model it consistently before the platform to plead for it in the greater public square can be undertaken. I imagine that is not outside the fence of what you were thinking…
    Yep, we’re getting old enough to see and experience history repeating itself.

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