Witness: Duane W.H. Arnold, PhD

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  1. LInn says:

    Thank you for a sobering reminder of what it means to suffer for the sake of Christ. We take that so lightly in America thinking that comments from people that criticize our churches or the lack of state-sponsored prayer in schools are “suffering” (when anyone can pray on their own at any time), negating the great price that many have paid, past and present, for declaring that Christ alone is the way to the Father.

  2. Duane Arnold says:


    In terms of reacting to civil society, most American Christians act like spoiled, entitled children…

  3. Em says:

    Skimmed Michael’s link…. Looks like a good read to help understand and, perhaps, prepare for what lies ahead for the Chutch today…….

  4. bob1 says:

    most American Christians act like spoiled, entitled children…



    Playing the persecution card vis-a-vis fundraising and whipping up the faithful is an excellent way to milk money from true believers, too. And to keep your “ministry” going.

  5. Michael says:

    A lot of the church is already facing this today.
    What Americans call persecution is very different from life and death testimony to Christ.

  6. EricL says:

    Her story reminds me of all the sobering prayers in your book, Martyrs’ Prayers. That’s a collection of prayers I found worth pondering, for I seldom have the eternal perspective that was displayed by so many of these saints.

    Yes, I just dropped a plug for Duane’s book, but the profits go to help Phoenix Preacher, so take a look, folks. 🙂

  7. Duane Arnold says:

    Plugs that benefit Phoenix Preacher are always welcomed! 😁

  8. Em says:

    Michael @ 11:22.. You got that RIGHT! ! !

  9. Jean says:

    How well would revivalism work if preachers taught their audience to present their bodies as a living sacrifice?

  10. Duane Arnold says:


    It wouldn’t…

  11. Jean says:

    But we have a big budget to meet. Lot of folks on the payroll. Facility, technology and media expenses as well.

  12. Em says:

    Ahh, Matt. 7:23. ? ? ?

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