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  1. pineapple head says:

    We’re in the midst of a series on the sermon on the mount…today we talk about the mysterious, oft-misunderstood spiritual discipline of fasting from Matthew 6:16-18

  2. BrianD says:

    Chad preached on John 17:20-26, on community, and how necessary it is for Christians.

  3. London says:

    We’re working through Daniel. It’s ben interesting as the guy that’s teaching it has a degree in history and really gets into telling about the historical characters and times.

  4. Tim says:

    We finished up 2 Peter, looking at Ch 3:10-18. Jesus is coming back; the Church is to be proactive as we wait with anticipation. (I.e. not escapist – not huddling away – but actively working in the Great Commission)

    Notes are here.

  5. A E A says:

    1Timothy 4:1-8
    Warnings from the Holy Spirit on teaching of demons in latter times that forbid marriage and certain foods.
    Physical exercise isn’t as important or as long lasting as Godly exercise.

    So, know the truth, (eat right, every word that proceeds…) and work out spiritually for “health” benefits that really last.

  6. Mike Quesada says:

    Finished 2 Peter 3, with emphasis on Pete’s last words: “To Him be the glory both now and forevermore”.

    Pete’s last words, knowing his own death was around the corner…if I check out before He comes, those are the words I pray are the abundance of my heart, too.

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