A Message From Don McClure: The Potters Field Case

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  1. Kevin H says:

    Thank you Don and Michael for your willingness to humbly lay down your swords for the greater good and to serve the needs of these precious (and mostly young) brothers and sisters in Christ who are in great need of healing.

    The relief and consolation and beginning of the healing process is palpable in the many written testimonies that have already appeared on this site. May it continue to be so.

    If I may suggest if it has not already happened, in addition to the many who have been ministered to already and seemingly are no longer a part of PFM, that messaging would go out to the many known churches who have been supporters of PFM and may even have those of their own who are currently entrapped within this cult and/or may have those who are potentially considering joining PFM. Messaging that is clear and specific to the gravity of this situation so that there can be no misunderstanding of the receivers to the seriousness of this case. Messaging that could even include referencing to the many, many testimonies that have appeared here. This way, even more may potentially be rescued and others may be spared of future and abuse and great heartache.

  2. JM says:

    Color me grateful for what I am seeing. May my long heavy heart become hopeful , too. 🙂

  3. A former ignite intern/employee says:

    Wow, the last part about the woman’s accusers really rung in my heart. Thank you for your transparency. It’s incredibly healing and I appreciate so much how you have supported and loved those that have left. Again, thank you.

  4. Michael says:


    I agree and I said something very similar privately to Don.

  5. William Shakespeare: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”

    Hopefully, this misery brings a quickening if conscience so as to rise up against true evil. Truth sets us free!

  6. Michael says:

    Just a note here as I try to get caught up…which I won’t.
    Don has worked tirelessly since this story broke to do everything he can to help anyone he could.
    Whatever our differences, I honor the effort and heart he has poured in to this situation.

    Buy the end of last night we were both reeling…but good things are happening.

  7. Keith Michaels says:

    Don McClure, your blindness and refusal to acknowledge this tragedy years ago, is the proximate cause of so many that could have avoided the pain you speak of presently. John Michaels tried in vain to reveal this to you, but you were already sucked into the Rozell lies ….
    Perhaps in your new found revelation, you analyse how you could have been so blinded. Learning from our mistakes is often the only upside !

  8. Michael says:

    Keith Michaels,

    Don owns his part in this.
    Our focus is encouraging those who have been broken and those who may still need to get out of this mess.
    Let’s keep the focus where it has to be and we’ll do the post mortems when everyone is safe.

  9. Em says:

    Praying with and for all here

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you, Em…

  11. Steve says:

    Don, thank you for your heart in this. Curious though, what exactly is the bloody accident that just happened that all of a sudden requires urgent attention? From the testimonies I read, this was going on for years but confused about what just happened rently. Did it get worse recently? Was there a recent incident? What was the trigger? I’m almost reading this like a Jim Jones event with immediate evacuation required. Is that an accurate assessment? Was there mass suicide with drinking poisoned Kool Aid? Is Mike Rozells going to be arrested? Did he break the law? I know PFR is a cult and you have labeled it appropriately. However the term cult is also a prejorative term and somewhat surprised by your own language. Praying for healing for not only all these youths but all that were abused in church and similar venues over the years. Hope we can get some clarity and praise you for your work in this.

  12. Paige says:

    Wow. Praise God…. May our Lord, Who IS The Way, The Truth and The Life…be and bring all those healing attributes to those who have been dragged through this ordeal…. May The Great Physician bring healing to the harmed.
    Thank you Michael. Thank you Don…
    May God alone be glorified and the hearts of the saints renewed.

  13. Michael says:


    I know you want to raise hell with CC, but now is not the time.
    All of us have only recently been made aware of the depth of the issues at PFM.
    As these victims come here and see that they are not alone they tell others and as a result the numbers of people on the site and speaking out have exploded.
    Let’s deal with what’s in front of us…we can resume the other stuff afterward.

  14. Just one of His lambs says:

    Reconciliation, peace, care for the children and the vulnerable. Thank you, thank you Don McClure and Michael. My heart has been broken over watching good men striving against one another, but to see 2 good men striving together to protect the vulnerable is so encouraging. God bless you as you work together to bring healing and peace to hurting souls.

  15. AA says:

    Michael and Don it’s been very encouraging as you work together to provide comfort and healing for these poor souls. Thank you for the practical expression of brothers in Christ coming together despite differences for the good of the body. I found it encouraging and strangely cathartic myself. Seems I am still healing too.

  16. JM says:

    Paige–your words have great weight. I have not been on this site long enough to know your complete story, but I’ve been here long enough to know quite a bit. I confess that I wish DM would know it. Your words–infact your very presence here– speaks so elegantly of your heart and that of other people who were formerly devastated by the entity with whom he is still a part. I proffer that, the reason so many of us want this unusual partnership to work, is because we know a lot about this kind of pain and really want to see these people survive and get the help we may not have been given. Though I am honest that I have a much greater hope out of all this, I agree with your beautiful words.

  17. Michael says:

    Paige is awesome…we wouldn’t be here without her…

  18. Steve says:

    Michael,. I’m encouraged by what you are doing but I’m also seeking my own healing to. Sorry for being selfish about that. I’ll put the needs of these youths ahead of my own. I don’t want them to suffer.

  19. Michael says:


    I’m not trying to minimize your pain in any way.
    You matter too.
    I just have my hands way full right now…

  20. μαθητής says:

    God does have a sense of humor, and some times, these things are the silver linings in otherwise very dark clouds. My heart goes out to those who are victims of these injustices, which includes everyone that was abused, deceived and manipulated.

    Thank you Michael for giving Don some space to come here and talk with us. I remember the feeding frenzy that took place when he posted here so many years ago over the Calvary Laguna debacle. I think it is good and helpful to so many for him to speak up here.

    Thank you Don for your transparency and humility, it also speaks volume to all those who have suffered spiritual abuse in numerous Calvary Chapels over many years. You are in my prayers as you minister and also navigate your own soul during this difficult season.

    Spiritual and psychological abuse (the two go hand in hand) take a long time work through, and the memories of such experiences have a way of rearing their ugly heads from time to time.

    Reading the many comments from those who have experienced abuse has been difficult, but I am moved by their courage in sharing their stories which is a part of preaching the gospel. Sharing your story is often the first step toward shalom or wholeness.

    Years ago, a friend of mine (whose ministry board I served on) told me some concerning stories about Rozell. The frustrating part for him was that he was only one voice and knew that his story would not be well received by CC leadership. Some times the lone voice is the prophetic, and in this case a multitude of the prophets spoke and because of their courage, things will change.

    Don, I have some thoughts about going forward in this realm if you would like to talk after the dust settles. pstrmike01@gmail.com

    Mike Golden, DMin.

  21. TJB says:

    I have been reading the Phoenix Preacher for about ten years. The input from everyone is very helpful. I have attended a CC since 1995 and know a lot about how things work, both the good and the bad. I have listened to many hours of Don McLure’s teachings. I think the analogy of “two men standing on a street corner arguing over our differences” is disingenuous at best and possible deceptive. It was apparent that Don took Mike and Pam under his wing and guided them to the large ministries they now have. It was apparent that Don spent much time with the Rozelle’s and i’m sure he got to know them well enough to see these problems. Being a former elder at a large CC, I even shied away from Mike as he came to our CC annually to do his schtick and spend time with the head pastor. It was obvious from a distance that the man was not stable and that Pam was the leader and heart of ministry amongst them. It should not take “the gift of discernment” to have been able to see Mike becoming a monster, or for that matter Pam’s transformation from a godly woman to a needy women with tens of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery and flaunting her purchased wares at “beauty pageants”. All of this was clear as day to those who could remove their Calvary chapel glasses and view things from an unbiased perspective. Therefore, I think Don is not really coming clean, I’m sure he helped build this machine to a much greater degree than he is alludes to. Years ago our senior pastor told us how much Pam brings in annually from selling her CD’s, we were uncomfortable with how the church was viewed as a place to make money from selling CD’s or ponzi schemes like when Mike and Pam were traveling the US telling everyone of the great health benefits of ‘Mona Vie’ , and how if you got in early you could make good money selling Mona Vie too. This they did to reap the financial benefits from a pyramid scheme that used God’s sheep as stepping stones to financial gain. It is obvious much of the evil that transpires, particularly in CC’s is due to convoluting ministry with financial gain.

  22. μαθητής says:

    I hear you, but I am believing this to be a step in the right direction. We grow through adversity and suffering—our own and other’s. If I’m proven wrong, you can tell me what an idiot I was later. Today, I am hoping and praying for better things for the Body of Christ.

  23. Michael says:


    There will a time a place for these discussions.
    For now I only have one focus.
    The victims.
    Let’s all keep that focus.

  24. Michael says:

    A word from Don;
    Dear Readers
    I feel a need to answer two worthy matters above by Keith and Steve and then remove myself from the blog. I have been hoping and praying that the focus could be on the PFR hurting people, but, realize that it is not going to be possible here.

    To Keith I would say that his position is based on his fathers and mine is unfortunately on Michael Rozell’s. To be as honest today I don’t believe either was right. But, I was wrong for supporting Michael. I should have looked into it more. Yet, I also witnessed interaction from John that I could not agree with. Both men were extremely strong willed and couldn’t listen to each other. But, he was a great man that accomplished great things and I mean that.

    As to Steve, as I think I wrote before, I saw things for years but, was only around a few days a month and not personally connected with the staff well. Later I was told they were actually instructed not to bother me. But, as the reports have come in and I have communicated with Dawn Marie, Jeff Bowers and other former employees and from various years of their involvement it is clear that the behavior has been constant. I spent years away from Montana teaching in Salvador and Guatemala so I wasn’t around at the Whitefish location where most of this seems to have gone on.

    I am told that it all really intensified with the building of the Mudman restaurants and trucks and the need to gain a greater work load from the kids returning. Instead of sending disciples back to their home churches, which was the vision, they were kept in mass to build Rozell’s assets. And as the touring ministry was ending, and Michael was there all the time, and the need for more and more labor hours with money needed for their new ranch complete with a huge indoor riding arena for Pam’s dream of year around holding her horses, the need grew.

  25. Steve says:


    No need to address me or my concerns here. I’m content to follow Michael’s lead. My issues only tangentially intersect with PMR so I will also now bow out from this thread. My concerns are more alligned with Philadelphia and a surrounding church but the issues are similar and emotions are similar hence I was triggered by this event. Since you were much involved with Philly I also felt compelled. As Michael said, we can pick this up later. You don’t know me but I can possibly share my story with you sometime later if you care and are open to listen.

  26. TJB says:

    To clarify, I think what Don McLure is doing now is excellent and reveals a true shepherds heart.
    Michael, I understand and will save any further comments for another time.

  27. Ian says:

    P Don, as a former intern, your words here have meant more to me than you know. I do not blame you as many, many of us were deceived. I just wanted to say, from the depth of my heart, thank you.

  28. Can soneone give some approximate size to PFM?
    Number of employees?
    Foreign ministry sites? PFM operated or partner organization owned?
    Foreign guest house / intern accommodation sites?
    Number of children sponsored?
    A sense of supporting church base numbers?

  29. Mike and Don.
    When members of the flock are being devoured, there are supposed to be people stepping forward in the moment, to do something. For the love of God….anything…whether effective or not. Just anything.

    This is encouraging. Keep it up.

  30. It’s never too late to do the right thing. How often have I been later than I ought have been? May we never squash a good apology and sincere repentance. And in our repentance, sometimes we figure out we have even more transgressions to confess! Thank God for his mercy, patience and kindness toward us.

  31. Col46 says:

    I’m sorry to see DM remove himself so soon from the conversation here, but I trust he is continuing in the conversations with the victims which is what really matters.

    I pray that CCA condemnation of this cult is even louder than the promotion it once gave to it. And I hope CC pastors are quick to respond and pull any and all support, unlike the slow reaction with GFA.

    There is an international CCA conf next week. I would hope this matter gets proper attention.

  32. JM says:

    “I have been hoping and praying that the focus could be on the PFR hurting people, but, realize that it is not going to be possible here.”, DM

    Which of the following comments from this thread make it “not possible”?

    “Thank you Don and Michael for your willingness to humbly lay down your swords for the greater good”

    “Praying with and for all here”

    “Thank you Michael. Thank you Don…”

    “Thank you, thank you Don McClure and Michael”

    “To clarify, I think what Don McLure is doing now is excellent”

    “P Don, as a former intern, your words here have meant more to me than you know”

    “This is encouraging. Keep it up.”

  33. Linda says:

    Col46 “I pray that CCA condemnation of this cult is even louder than the promotion it once gave to it. And I hope CC pastors are quick to respond and pull any and all support, unlike the slow reaction with GFA.

    There is an international CCA conf next week. I would hope this matter gets proper attention.”

    Thank you for sharing this hope, for this indeed has been a chief focus of my prayers since this all started coming to light.

    The victims need to see the church respond to this in a proper way, in a way that validates the evils that have been committed against them.

    My heart is filled with grief, and I am praying for the healing and recovery of all who have been misused and abused.

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