Ben Courson Wants To Speak At Your Church

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27 Responses

  1. richard says:

    sad. just sad.

    has he no shame ?

    and little can be done but to attempt to educate the churches

  2. Michael says:



  3. Xenia says:

    Why would a church need a visiting guest speaker, anyway? What does the visiting speaker have to say that’s new? (To which I say, “If it’s new, it probably isn’t true.”) Why can’t the church’s own pastor give the message, and if he’s unavailable due to illness or a vacation, let someone in the congregation give a short homily.

  4. Michael says:


    Celebrity makes the world go around in these circles…

  5. Jean says:

    “Why would a church need a visiting guest speaker, anyway?”

    From what I’ve observed, some churches have a urgent need to stimulate church attendance with flashy, new and/or exciting speakers and programs. When part of your business model is to provide mental or emotional stimulation, pleasure and/or entertainment to your attendees, like any drug or natural stimulant, it wears off over time and must be replaced with something even more stimulating than what came before to maintain the same level of mental and emotional engagement. Otherwise people will look somewhere else.

  6. Thatoneguy777 says:

    I’m glad that therapy has now made me comfortable with the reaction of wanting to vomit over this sort of thing. Maybe it’s time we start praying that congregants allow their pastors to be people rather than celebrities? It’s hard to fathom the dichotomy though. So, many of the churches who would invite Courson probably have a pastor who actively preaches against the evils of secular celebrity but make no mention of the equivalent evil in celebrity pastoring…

  7. At this rate, the Courson’s have more in common with the Kardashian’s. When you are a “celebrity” pastor, the idea of getting out of the spotlight is more problematic than actually dealing with your screwups. May no church give him a nod at a time Ben himself said he was stepping away from ministry. Problem is, Ben likely has a very skewed idea of what ministry is.

  8. filbertz says:

    Ben is a hope generator–generating false hope in young women that she may be the next Mrs. Courson. Taking the new model for a test drive is just part of the shopping, isn’t it? But why buy the cow when the milk is free?

    Ben Courson needs to be held accountable by his dad, Jon Courson. If that doesn’t happen, every ministry must shun both of these fools. I would hope an exodus has begun in Ruch.

  9. Michael says:

    Who has ever held Jon accountable?
    No one…and the son knows…

  10. Em says:

    Good, grounded comments here…. IMHO. 😇

    If not humbled and repentent, Ben (& maybe his dad) is a wolf wearing a very sloppy sheep disguise…

  11. This kind of things happens when someone thinks they are too important, too valuable to put on the sidelines. They’ve elevated themselves to a place where even direction from God’s Word is questioned. The qualifications for an elder are clear; Ben has fallen quite short. But Ben thinks he has something to say, so he’s out there side hustling even though he’s been paused at Applegate.

  12. Xenia says:

    This kind of things happens when someone thinks they are too important, too valuable to put on the sidelines.<<<

    I agree. We have seen this over and over here on the PhxP, where a fallen pastor and his fans think it's the end of the world for him if he can't regain a pastorate.

  13. richard says:

    perhaps mudman burgers is hiring. Birds of a feather and all that.

  14. Michael says:

    Richard wins comment of the week… 🙂

  15. filbertz says:

    Richard–they could offer the HopeBurger–what’s-yer-beef, Jon’s-Son brats, artificial cheese, lettuce-see-your-__________, visalia onions, relish-the-gals, mustard-the-other-way, ketchup-w/you-in-six-months, on a sez-me seedy bun.

  16. Em says:

    Pineapple Head @11:25… AMEN! ! !

  17. Linn says:

    Xenia, at 9:33,

    My church has a teaching team. If the senior pastor is ill, there are four more people to take his place. It works really well. When we have a special speaker, it’s for a special event, like a conference or a missions emphasis week.

    As for this guy, I wish someone would find a box to put him in with no internet access for at least a year, but attached to a confessional so he can get his act together.

  18. Em says:

    filbertz has a way with words…. LOL

  19. Mr. Potato Head says:

    Has this young man ever had a job outside of the Church? Maybe he has…I can’t say, but my guess is very few if any. It would do him well to sweat and put in a hard days/years work but that probably will never happen.

  20. JD says:

    “At this rate, the Courson’s have more in common with the Kardashian’s”

    Maybe he’ll make a sex video.

  21. Captain Kevin says:

    Mr. Potato Head sighting!!

  22. Frere says:

    This is called In Thessalonians Delusion when The Truth waxes cold ! Another Ravi Zacharias look a like improved version !

    Ravi practiced Wolf sheep hunting in the closet in Sheep’s clothing

    Whereas Benny just hunts in open pastures in the open without the sheep’s clothing because he knows sheep are blind so why go through all the trouble jumping into the sheep 🐑 suit!

  23. EricL says:

    So he is stepping down as lead pastor/ Hope Generator and will no longer take a salary from the church. However, the Julie Roys article mentions the following :
    “Applegate gives at least $20,000 a month to Ben Courson’s ministry, Hope Generation, Sandu said.”

    That’s over $240,000 a year and I wouldn’t be surprised if over half of that went into Ben’s pocket (just a guess on my part). Will that be cut off too? I fear that his daddy will keep the money flowing behind-the-scenes until they feel they can get away with bringing him back into the spotlight.

    They have no fear of God in that place, and that scares me. How hard do you have to become to reach that point? How seared by sin? Applegate is a beautiful setting for some horribly ugly sin. I hope the congregation realizes how much they’ve been used and they leave for healthier churches in the area. The real pastors of southern Oregon will have their hands full with the spiritual and emotional damage from the Courson clan.

  24. Michael says:


    For local pastors this is a 40 year plus story…before Ben was even born.
    Ben is well compensated enough to pay his ex wife $3000.00 a month…and it’s mom , not dad who will keep the money coming…though I doubt dad objects…

  25. Shawn says:

    @ 36:36-39. Amen! Amen! Amen! Hero/celebrity worship harms the cause of Christ. You would think after almost 2,000 years we would heed Paul’s admonition on this subject in 1 Corinthians. But alas, we fall into the trap, “I am of Apollos, I am of Cephas…” I am of Chuck Smith, I am of John MacArthur, I am of ______________ (fill in the blank). Heck we could, to his chagrin, fall into the trap of I am of Michael, or Duane (LOL). All kidding aside we need to heed Mr. Coughlin’s words, “Stop, giving them undue adulation. It harms them and it harms the cause of Christ.

  26. Muff Potter says:

    What does Courson charge to speak at your Church?
    What’s the going rate in the CIC (christian industrial complex)?

  27. Rob says:

    Surfacing this open letter to Applegate written over a year ago. Seems prophetic now.

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