Jessica’s Story: The Potters Field Case

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4 Responses

  1. EricL says:

    Thank you for sharing, Jessica. You are brave and beloved! I hope your story encourages many others to flee abuse and stand up for truth. Well done!

  2. mathetes says:

    Thank you Jessica. I was struck by the subtlety in which you were controlled and how they kept you off balance through mixed messages by keeping you beyond arms reach and then affirming you. I’m glad you have moved on and pray for your healing.

  3. Jerod says:

    Jessica, I hesitated posting because I wasn’t sure the appropriateness of it having never been part of a cult like atmosphere. Though I have been a part of churches with a domineering pastorate an experienced the head nodding that goes with attending a celebrity driven atmosphere like Calvary Chapel. Your story sounds absolutely heartbreaking and the loneliness sounds almost unbearable. I praise God you haven’t lost your faith.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you Jessica! You are a strong woman. It was such a joy working with you, always. I knew you were not going to judge, you laughed at everything. I saw the hardship you battled, and I admired you. Im sorry thats how it went down. Your eating disorder was not a sin! It was something you had to battle, but I really wish you were lifted up instead of shamed for it. Sometimes God decides to heal instantly, and others He has us work through/ with them. But either way, you are clean! Jesus died nor so you can be partly whole, but complete, and covered by the blood of Jesus. Christians still do bad things, but I wish more would really grasp what it means to be saved and washed by the Him!

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