Alissa’s Story: The Potters Field Case

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4 Responses

  1. DawnMarie says:

    I am just so ashamed of my actions. I am so sorry that I hurt you. I love you and am glad that God has Redeemed our friendship! You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to know you! (Not crying…not crying at all.)

  2. DawnMarie (Douglas) Grice says:

    I have spent most of the night weeping again over my actions. I woke up crying this morning and am writing through tears now. I was that person. I did those things. I will forever regret my actions and beg for forgiveness.

    To the Potter’s Field leaders, staff, pastors, and Board Members who are reading this. You have a choice. I know the feelings and thoughts, “If I don’t do this I will lose everything.” “I have no where else to go.” “I am that horrible person Michael says I am.”

    At 30, I looked at my life and what was required of me and saw no way out. There was no way to get away from the Rozell’s and the ministry without being considered “in sin”. If I left I felt like I would be a failure to God. I wanted a husband and kids, but there was no way that was going to happen. I was getting 4 hours of sleep at night and was expected to continue at that pace. I couldn’t even have friends, because the Rozell’s felt like everyone was a threat to my commitment to them. I would have to tell people horrible things, like I had to Alissa.

    My life only felt like it was getting worse. I just wanted to die. Then I started planning how I was going to die. I picked the day, so the Rozells could do a funeral and then still go out on tour. I planned my suicide around their lives. The week before my plan the Holy Spirit stepped in. I spent hours calling counselors and therapists in the Flathead Valley. I needed help. My path of healing started from there. I made the choice to stop being their evil puppet. One time I was supposed to rebuke someone for “Disrespecting Pam”, and instead I told that person that Michael “was just an ass sometimes.” She later told me that one comment saved her life, because she just wanted to die after talking to Michael.

    You can make the choice to change right now. We need you to rise up and speak out for those who are still there! There is a mighty group of people ready to help financially, and spiritually. Anything that is needed we will do! You and those coming out will not be left wanting for ANYTHING! We have walked that road and survived. We have walked that road and found love and peace. We have found the true God that has been brushed aside and replaced by Michael and Pam Rozell.

  3. Michael says:

    Dawn Marie,

    You are awesome.
    Well said!

  4. Alissa says:

    Dawn Marie!! I forgive you! God is restoring that which was lost. The years at PFM DO NOT define you. God has made you. He loves you so deeply. May God continue to strengthen you and comfort you. I am so thankful that God has delivered you from this. Look at all the GREAT things He has already done in your life!

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