A Positive PFM Story, Sarah’s Story: The Potters Field Case

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  1. Boo says:


  2. Alissa says:

    Thank you for sharing Sarah. I am so thankful you had a positive experience and we’re spared hurt and shame.

  3. Katie says:

    Say you attended this high school where you and around 30 (or more) other students were all abused by the same teacher. You brought it up to the principal and the issues began to be dealt with because of their seriousness, and what it would do to the school to keep this teacher employed. Story after story is told from abuse survivors. People share their gut wrenching tales and share their pain with one another yet feel a sense of relief for realizing others went through the same things. (It happened to you so you know they’re telling the truth. ) After things seemed to really be looking like they were headed in a positive direction, this teacher makes a phone call to one student he did not abuse. One unscathed among many many abuse survivors. This person then decides to make a public statement on this teachers behalf. What would this do to you and the countless survivors? How would this make you feel?

    Are you vouching for this ministry to go on or are you saying you believe this is an abusive man? Seems contradictory. Is there EVER a time where the negative outweighs the positive? I would think in cases of abuse these nice stories about the time the person didn’t abuse, could wait for a bit. You were “honored” that he called you? This all seems very unsettling and it’s likely you were influenced by this man in ways you didn’t realize.

    Were you asked to write this during that phone call? Or maybe not flat out asked but do you think maybe there was an ulterior motive to this random phone call after 11 years?
    Seem like someone may be aware of this blog exposing him for all he is. Definitely not someone I would be defending.

  4. Sarah says:

    Katie, this is not defending abuse. Those things did not happen to me, nor did I even witness them. I want the truth out there. My motive is for truth. And you cant get to the bad without the whole truth. So there.. He hurt those I love, and he knows it. Repentance will start to show when the calls are made to those who are hurt. This is not a one man organization. There is a baby in the bath water, if you get what i mean.

  5. J says:

    It’s interesting that Mike called you to apologize (who seemingly had a great experience), but not a single one of the many, many people who have shared how they were deeply hurt by him. Also, I agree with Katie’s comment above. It is disheartening and hurtful that you start the article with, “I believe you!” And end it with, “I sometimes wish everyone had to go through some sort of training such as PFR.”

  6. Stillwaiting says:

    I have to agree with J’s sentiments. My first thought was “hmmm… interesting that out of all the people Mike decides to call, it’s to someone who isn’t asking for an apology.”He could have apologized to MANY people, but he chose you. I wonder why? Just think on that for a moment…

    I’m curious, before this, when was the last time he has taken an interest in your life or called you?
    Could it be possible that you are being manipulated for his gain? Just a thought….

    Also it would be wise to note that this isn’t the first time he’s put on an act of a repentant man to get what he wants. The crimes-yes-CRIMES-he has committed deserve more than a simple slap on the wrist. We can still forgive and demand justice.
    If you believe us like you say you do, please don’t try to explain Mikes actions. He needs to explain for himself.

  7. DawnMarie says:

    Geeeez Sarah! Way to rat me out! I was supposed to yell at you for hours, but decided to protect your precious little heart. I love you and I’m so glad you didn’t go through everything that we had to. You are so beautiful and I’m blessed to call you friend!

  8. Sarah says:

    Love you Dawn!
    To others, im sorry it offends you I had a good experience. The Rozels do need to show their repentance by calling all the people they hurt. I called him, that is why he returned my call. I probably could have said less, or different things, but please don’t misunderstand the internet. It was not all bad.

  9. Billy says:

    Thank you for sharing, Sarah. It’s important that this part of the story is out because it shows fully how this all transpired.

    That is the problem here with abuse, Sarah, it rarely is all bad. If Mike was abusive all the time, even the most vulnerable of targets at PFM would never allow him to get to the point where his thoughts and actions mattered. Susceptible targets would not allow his calculating and manipulative behaviors to affect them and Mike would never be in the situation he finds himself in today.

    Additionally, his staff that still believes his motives and actions were justified; they would never continue to follow him if he was constantly a source of malicious behavior. He is well aware of this and is adept at controlling what people think and say about him.

    There is no question that Mike and Pam have done some good through PFM, and I think most people can recognize that God can use anyone that is willing to serve in His name for His glory. The overriding problem here is there are far too many credible stories coming to light of a manipulative man and woman that have abused their positions of authority in the name of God to exert control over people they are supposed to be guiding to the Lord.

    In the face of all these stories, why hasn’t Mike come out and say to Phoenix Preacher that there is no truth to this? Why hasn’t he said that these victims are misguided? Why hasn’t someone that pushes his followers to sacrifice everything to an extreme and maniacal extent come out and speak on his own behalf? Why has Mike only expressed regret in one on one conversations with people he never had the opportunity to manipulate?

    The answer is his manipulative behavior only works in a controlled environment where his words carry more weight than anyone else’s. When the curtain is pulled back and the secrecy is replaced with truth, everyone can see him for what he is. Just a petty man pulling strings behind the curtain for his own gain.

  10. Sarah says:

    I hear the pain. I have been very heart broken to see how God’s name is misrepresented. For those who didn’t feel the love of God from their time there, all these years later, healing is still needed. Id like to apologize to those who I contributed to in misrepresenting God. Liz especially. God used even the boarding school I was in, but believe me, it was all God! I am thankful more girls are not being hurt. That place just about everyone left worse than they came in. My perspective anyway, is that more people left PFR stronger. The horrible things should have never happened! I want to share that I am an anarchist by nature. I cant in good conscious pick a political party. I dont even use the word christian anymore because it aligns with a group of people that often do not align with God. I now own a record store full of punks who’s whole thing generally is questioning authority. I think its unhealthy to work in full time ministry, as it is easy to loose perspective. Thats why I left. I just believe in a big God. I pray for His direction and perspective in this to be clear.

  11. McGarrett says:


    Your statement, “believe me, it was all God”, what do you mean in context?

  12. “The person who is nice to you, but not nice to the waiter is not a nice person.”

  13. Hannah says:

    Listen to Episode 35 of this podcast:

    Unless Mike goes to the people he has harmed and gets specific about how he’s hurt them unless he asks questions like, “How did what I do make you feel? What was that like for you?” then I, for one, am going to be forever skeptical of his sincerity (if he can even manage sincerity). I am in no way saying this to attack you, I am very relieved to hear you were not victimized, but I’m worried you are being duped. Mike Rozell is a narcissist. And as others have said, it’s worth noting that he called you, someone who didn’t need an apology, and not call someone like Kenzie or Sonesta or Zach and try to make things right with them.

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