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  1. Em says:

    There is snow on the ground and it is clear that winter has come to our river valley… more time to hole up, to pray and to think…
    I’ve had a couple weeks where i have twice had to take measures to avoid cars coming down the road in my lane, took a face plant because i was dumb enough to think i could navigate outside in the pitch black and tonight i sit here in pretty good shape, so i think it is time to thank and praise our Lord for His angels watching over me (us) and to plan how to best use my winter indoor time… after i clean the house (cats and dogs all play havoc with floors and counters (cats) ). 🙂 Won’t wash windows, though… the water would freeze on the glass (outside). I’ll regret not getting to that chore ’till the spring thaw, i guess.
    All this to say that i have so much to thank God for… grace and forgiveness abound in His plan – all the Phoenix peeps stay in my prayers, God keep

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