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  1. shortpolock says:

    My internship for the state of california has left me feeling like I’m trying to take sips from a fire hose. Miss everybody, Merry Christmas!

    Warmest Greetings,

    Jerod Hatch

  2. Em says:

    Good to see you landed and chalkenged, Jerod
    May God keep

  3. Michael says:

    Blessings, Jerod…

  4. Erik says:

    Can someone clarify to me this, when Jesus said, “Call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven?” (Matt 23:9)

    Paul calls Timothy his son, refers himself as father in the faith in other passages.

    Is Paul, transgressing Jesus commandment?
    Or is this for the Jewish people only?
    Or does this commandment go away post the new covenant and not apply to us gentile believers?

    Or is this some Jewish idiom?

  5. Em says:

    no spiritual connotation that i can think of, but neighbor called tonight and said that another neighbor had warned him of a rogue bear he encountered on the road 6 miles above us (they should be tucky tuck by now)… when he stopped his car, the bear attack it… i guess, if anyone reads this, prayer would be appreciated for the safety of all… rabies? do bears get that? nobody knows what is wrong with this animal and the wildlife folk won’t do anything… seems weird
    thinking of Xenia as Monterey floods and pray that she and her area is safe and, as i follow the government earthquake site, i wouldn’t be too inclined to visit the southern Oregon coast now…
    praying that the dust up in Whitefish sees the grace and power of God’s hand on it
    God keep all the Phoenix peeps (got the “peeps” from dusty some time back – like it 🙂 )

  6. Em says:

    Not dropping marbles as i go… just felt last night that the spiritual angst (justfued) needed a little break… dunno ?

  7. Michael says:

    My angst is at an all time high…my apologies if that is spilling over here…

  8. Em says:

    Michael when one’s health is down as yours is, you are bound to feel overwhelmed. As i have followed this site i have developed the impression that you have always been the go to guy.
    Being a couple inches under six feet tall, nobody cut me any slack (except one time i was buying a garden shovel and the Englishman helping me said, “no, a lady shouldn’t use anything bigger than this and I’m going to take it back and sharpen it for you.” He didn’t know how touched i was. Silly, i know).
    I am seeing God’s care and intervention right and left these days. I pray the same for you…. and some others here with health problems also
    Granny’s advice?
    Don’t apologize… maybe some of us should apologize for not giving you better prayer cover. AND it is okay to give in to slowing down. Do what you can and don’t feel guilty for what you can’t. You don’t think God knows? IMHO. ?

    Didn’t mean to presume to lecture, but i guess i just did. Sorry

  9. Michael says:


    Thank you…for lots of things…

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