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  1. Kevin H says:

    Things are seemingly slow on the blog today but this is a good word. For way too long, victims have been shamed into silence and did not have good avenues to have their voices heard. Now that the tables are finally turning, there could be abuses the other way. While I’m inclined to believe that the large majority of the voices speaking up now have been truly abused, I would not be surprised if there are some mixed in who have not been abused but are taking advantage of the situation to take down someone they are envious to do so.

    And, yes, it may only take one prominent accusation to be proven false for the movement to take a significant hit and once again those crying abuse to be viewed with much more skepticism, if not disdain. And that would be a shame for how long it has taken the abused to gain a platform for their voices to be heard and taken seriously.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you, Kevin…well said.

  3. David H says:

    Scholarly research is virtually meaningless today. I found PxP about a decade ago. It struck at that time, that Michael was doing due dillegence in a sea of ODMs making up things out of whole cloth. I’ve been caught up in a few of the old “Night Shift” battles, but I did not let a fight ensue that I could not verify by multiple sources. My feuds were usually less of a journalist nature, than on the grounds history, and logic.

    Right now, on FB, my wife has asked me several times to enjoin political issues with an older cousin who has been a pastor for several decades. He is a self proclaimed “Reformed Baptist” who holds an ersatz doctorate from an unaccredited “Bible University.” He is also a lifelong member of “The Sons of Confederate Veterans,” which is a Southern Poverty Law Center identified hate group. The man deals in shoddy Libertarian memes, and ad hominem. He tends toward quiet after being confronted with sound research and logical responses.

    Sorry for the rant. I do love this blog, and my brother, Michael, and this cast of characters.

  4. Jeff Sheckstein says:


    “Hiss the snake and Uncle Fester are on the prowl.

    And righteousness has been put to bed for the night to accomplish the goals of the enemy.

    You see, In N Out Burger isn’t the only group serving up flesh.”

    Prose with Sheckstein

  5. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Second verse:

    “And they aim to shoot BB’s,

    But try as they may, they can’t

    As their gun is empty.”

  6. Michael says:

    David H,

    I’d rant too…

  7. Michael says:


    You nailed it…

  8. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Third verse:

    ” it’s a shame in some quarters as it is said,

    ‘They are ancient, obsolete.’

    Just plain passed up by Father Time himself.

    In modern times, no one needs the services of a smithy.”

    To be sung to “The Times They Re A Changing.

  9. Michael says:

    Sheck…lol… 🙂

  10. Duane Arnold says:

    Scholarship is out of style… It’s yesterdays’s fashion.
    Except here, with Michael. Something to be thankful for…

  11. Jeff Sheckstein says:


    Might I take small exception to your descriptive, as follows:

    Michael is indeed a scholar, except with an obtuse bent, and reading his missives, almost daily, is like turning a new leaf each day as well.

  12. John 20:29 says:

    Okay, gentlemen, since it is “Michael under a microscope time..”. ?
    a scholar with obtuse bent and a hatred for liars … Seems he has something in common with God
    Trey could do worse than to follow his example as to what it means to be a man…

  13. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Ok contestants, name that tune and composer who wrote this lyric that obviously had Michael in mind:

    Well, if I had my choice of matter I would rather be with cats
    All engrossed in mental chatter showin’ where our minds are at,
    And relating to each other just how strong our will can be
    In resisting all involvments with each groovy chick we see

    Well, I’m a man, yes I am, and I can’t help but love you so
    Well, I’m a man, yes I am, and I can’t help but love you so

  14. John 20:29 says:

    “Im A Man” … Steve Winwood (i cheated)

  15. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    All right mr. cheater, then name three super groups he was in (and no using a reference website (his, Google, or the like)

  16. John 20:29 says:

    Was he part of Chicago?
    I only know what i retain of my offspring’s music interests… sorry. ?

  17. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Spenser Davis Group
    Blind Faith

    …and for extra credit, he was in a group before Blind Faith named the New Yardbirds that was a precursor to Led Zeppelin, but with Keith Moon on drums before John Bonham.

  18. Outside T. Fold says:

    …and the sound that you’re hearing is only the sound of the low spark of high heeled boys.

    I associate Winwood mostly with Traffic.

    the shape of that particular LP cover was something. Made theme from “Glad” (fr John Barleycorn Must Die) into a ringtone.


  19. Jerod says:

    Late to the party
    I don’t think these “movements” will die even with proof of shoddy claims. The impetus behind them is striking at any sort of established patriarchy, especially of the conservative Christian stripe.
    The antichrist spirit endeavors to prosper deceit. It is a war of attrition. What is genius about it is that it is peripherally severing ties between the church and what is left of any relationships between Christendom, Hollywood, and corporate America
    (even the Catholic Church is having a tough time maintaining their foothold in Hollywood and we see the reigning Pope straying far from Catholic doctrine).
    I think what we are witnessing is some less obvious lies lain alongside the breadth of truth these claims encompass in both Hollywood and the Christendom. As lies are repeated ad nauseam they will become the majority of the narrative and accepted simply by the nature of the claim – oh, it’s about one of the Christians again – and obvious true believers will find themselves with few friends and only their testimony and circumspect walk as defense.

    Heck, the temptation to accept the validity of the claim based on it’s accusation is already happening within Christendom –
    “Oh, it’s about the Catholic clergy again. Go figure!”

  20. Jerod says:

    Somehow “obvious” got in front of “true believers”. Didn’t mean for that to happen

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