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  1. em says:

    i find the blood moons fascinating, but i haven’t a clue as to what the sky is telling us…

    the other thing i find fascinating this morning is China’s construction of new territory in the South Pacific – dredge the ocean floor to fill in a coral reef, building an island, put a military installation on it and call it a “no fly zone?” say what? … the river Euphrates has indeed dried up

  2. Scott says:

    The real question is this, can pigs really fly?

  3. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    So far a good morning. I presented our proposed budget in a 90 min open forum to anyone who wanted to understand it. Open comments and questions. This was our 2nd forum so we can just vote up or down next Sunday.

    Now I am getting my oil changed and then a hair cut. 🙂

  4. Jtk says:

    Soooo if a man looks at porn (once or repeatedly) is that grounds for divorce?

    Your thoughts? Thoughts on how the wider Christian community deals with this?

    How long should a guy be porn-free before he gets engaged/married?

    Any thoughts could really help me help some folks….

  5. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I purposely stayed off the TVC thread. That is a definite Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus set up.
    I always tease with my wife, if it wasn’t for sex men and women wouldn’t even talk to each other. 😉

  6. em says:

    i started a long pontification on the flying pigs blog, and decided it was better to just pray…

    can’t wait to see what happens when China tells us not to fly over their new territory or fish in their new territorial waters – zig and zag or fight? will the 3rd chapter of the WW break out, destroying Israel and all our hopes of Christ’s soon return? … i’d better finish my book … and hide it in a safe place

  7. Bob says:


    First your question implies something else is going on behind the scenes so any of our answers are probably not really valid and may be emotion or dogma based.

    Thinking about the subject I can’t help but ask the question of how people define porn? In the culture and media today what is considered a norm would have been porn not too long ago. The next idea is this, how do women and men differ in their definitions? In the past I found women had their own “porn” in the form of romance novels and more recently the vampire series of books and movies. Do these ideals make women less satisfied with men in a manner that can be compared to men’s visual stimulation of women?

    I recently saw the corny movie, “God is Not Dead,” and in it is a cameo appearance of one of the “Duck Dynasty” sons and his wife. His wife was dressed in an overly short and tight dress in high heals more suited for the street corner than the church they were walking into. How does the church culture address this kind of indirect public display of “porn” by a well known Christian and and his wife?

    Now to answer your question as best I can, this sounds like there is more to the subject than just one man here. If it were marriage counseling and these are confidential conversations not generally known outside those involved there is no set time period. The two have to deal with the issues and it will be, at least for the man, a lifetime struggle.

    If this is a publicly known problem and leadership is involved it gets really difficult. If you aren’t directly involved in the counseling maybe you should back off and let the pastor deal with it.

  8. Michael says:


    There are no rules for this.
    I will tell you that porn causes huge problems in a marriage…I have a couple situations now I’m dealing with.
    To be blunt, it’s an issue that requires more training than most of us have to negotiate it well.
    For those planning on marriage the question isn’t how long or how much porn they’ve consumed, it’s whether there is an addiction and whether the consumer understands the underlying issues with the stuff.

    If there is an addiction, the marriage is toast from the beginning…

  9. Nonnie says:

    It should be mentioned that the woman who annulled her marriage did so because her husband was into CHILD p@rn. This brings it to an even deeper level of evil and is illegal.

  10. em says:

    to what shall i liken porn? as a society, it is the manure pile in the neighbor’s yard that we try to deal with by swatting the flies that proliferate from it… i’m afraid it’s going to be with us from here on out unless there is a world-wide purge

    we do indeed need a plan

  11. Xenia says:

    Someone who is sexually attracted to four-year girls is not someone you can stay married to.

  12. Nonnie says:

    Xenia, Exactly!!

  13. em says:

    we have a lovely, loving pit bull, she is a killer – she can go into a zone where dispatching her target is all consuming… she doesn’t chase cats or other dogs – she’s been firmly taught, brain washed, if you will to “not go there.” don’t own one of these dogs unless you are willing to be first of all their boss
    (she has, however, permission to kill marmots… and squirrels)

    my point is? perhaps, people – men mostly – need to know that they harbor a pit bull tendency? they need to learn to be the boss of their own brain – IMHO 🙂

    dunno, tho do i?

  14. j2theperson says:

    Yes, Xenia, exactly. The very idea chills me–even it I didn’t have a child of my own.

  15. ? says:

    That was a beautiful tribute to my profession.
    I have been a Chiropractor for 25 years.
    We are appreciated by many, but it takes many years for some to reach our door.
    We are often considered to be 2nd class physicians.
    We have more hours of schooling than MD’s.
    We hardly get referrals.
    People live with their pain for many years because for the most part the Medical profession refers to pain management and physical therapy.
    We remove nerve interference so that the body can function properly.
    It is so simple yet many don’t get it.
    I am glad your Chiropractor has made you understand the importance of a properly aligned spine.

    Thank you Michael for your appreciation.

  16. Erunner says:

    I was going for physical therapy earlier this year. The pain in my neck and back was becoming unbearable. A sports surgeon took X-rays and stated I had a partial rotator cuff tear. He then had me undergo an MRI where he informed me I had a bone spur.

    I have trouble doing some of the exercises for physical therapy as I’m not super coordinated doing some of them. Surgery was brought up by the sports surgeon and the therapists as a possibility especially if the bone spur grew or if the tear got worse.

    Anyway I was referred to a chiropractor who is downstairs from my counselor. He saw me on the spot. He figured out where my pain was and did a quick adjustment and the pain was a good 90% gone. I then brought in the radiology reports and the X-rays and my chiropractor stated the reports stated there were no tears or bone spurs and he saw nothing on the X-rays. Needless to say I stopped therapy and started seeing him. He has been a godsend. He is a caring individual simply looking to make people’s lives easier.

    I have no idea what to think about the sports surgeon as he seems so popular.

  17. Surfer51 says:

    Looking like the Ducks are not going to have a shot at the Stanley…


  18. Surfer51 says:

    It’s a business (Doctors need patients) just like any other business Erunner. They watch each others back and tend to perpetuate work for themselves by finding stuff thats wrong with us.

    Especially if you have good insurance. 🙂

    The many “test” bring in income as do the operations.

    My wife worked at Hoag hospital for a few years and my mother was in the medical field as is my youngest sister.

    More often, such as in your case, a good chiropractor can alleviate the root cause of pain and bring almost instantaneous relief.

    A much better way to go than pain meds and a lot of test etc.

    Glad to hear you got that 90% pain reduction.

  19. em says:

    Erunner may be describing a dishonest doctor or the doctor may have been given someone else’s test data… they are so pressured to do assembly line medicine now… reading this i’m thinking that i’ll get a second opinion on anything should the need arise

  20. em says:

    reading down the comments here… #13 – if anyone thought that i was saying that men are killers? yikes! wasn’t my point, but too tired to backtrack tonight

    God keep

  21. Michael says:


    My first experience with a chiropractor was 30 years ago and the man was a wicked quack who injured me badly.
    The profession seems to have cleaned those guys out, thank God.

    My chiropractor has cared for me, my family, and almost everyone in our church from children to one over 90.
    We pray for her every week and we thank God she’s a part of the family…she has relieved so much pain and made a huge difference in our quality of life.

    My medical doctors have all been osteopaths from my childhood…they also do manipulations and adjustments.

  22. Erunner says:

    Surfer51, that has gone through my mind as far as the surgeon goes but I have dealt with the physical therapists before and I can’t imagine them being anything but honest. I do know they work off of the prescriptions that get people in the door and don’t read reports or X-rays. I used to think chiropractors were quacks but not any more.

    em, I distinctly recall the surgeon telling me what was wrong based on his looking at the film in both cases. He then read the radiology reports quickly afterwards and sent me on my way. I don’t believe he would have gotten the wrong reports two different times.

    It gets me to thinking about the different possible scenarios but to be honest I have been wrong many times wanting to believe the best about people. This despite hearing stories from a relative who is a cardiologist. Oh yes our insurance is top shelf.

  23. Michael says:


    I was scheduled for TMJ surgery when I happened upon an old osteopath after my doctor had retired.
    He told me he could cure my problem through manipulation…no surgery required.
    I didn’t believe him until he did it… 🙂

    I can tell stories about that guy for hours…he knew things about the human body and how to heal it that will probably sadly die with him.

    There were a bunch of those guys who came up in the 50’s and 60’s and are now retired or have passed away…he was 80 and quit when the hospitals went to having their doctors treat patients…he thought it was an abomination that he wasn’t allowed to care for his patients completely.

  24. Jtk says:


    It ain’t me, but I appreciate your counsel.

    Michael, thanks.

    I honestly appreciate the answers I get here. When I get them.

    And I find myself asking more questions, from more and more people, the older I get.

    I WILL add, the aversion to seeking “outside” help is a strong one for many….at least at first. But so worth it.

  25. ? says:

    Osteopaths are not medical doctors.
    Medical doctors are MD’s
    Osteopaths are DO’s
    Chiropractors are DC’s

  26. ? says:


    Your reference to another DC being a quack took away any good you said.

  27. Surfer51 says:

    I have only gone to a doctor once in my adult life. I had a very persistent ear infection to the point that I couldn’t hear well. My family pressured me to go.

    One expensive doctor visit and one course of expensive antibiotics and things cleared up.

    I paid cash because of no insurance at the time. Now I have my Obama care insurance.

    It is because of all of the experiences I had as a child, many tests and doctor visits that ended up in an abdominal operation and a lot of pain around age 6.

    I was told that they had saved my life.

    This is what makes it all the more heinous when I read of those who give true doctors a bad name…

    Dr. Farid Fata, who was charged with intentionally misdiagnosing healthy people with cancer and pumping dying patients with chemo to make money, pleaded guilty.

    Dr. Farid Fata, a trusted oncologist, preyed on patients to pad his pockets, prosecutors say. Just last week the FBI hauled evidence from his offices in upscale Michigan neighborhoods. The charges against Fata are disturbing: “deliberate misdiagnosis of patients as having cancer,” giving “unnecessary chemotherapy,” even to “end-of-life patients who will not benefit.”

    Federal law enforcement officials announced charges in the largest healthcare fraud scam in the nation’s history, indicting a Dallas-area physician for purportedly bilking Medicare of nearly $375 million after he reportedly sent out “recruiters” to round up patients and get them to sign for treatments he never provided.

    The net is full of countless stories of pacemakers being put into healthy chest and deliberate misdiagnosis of ailments.

    Just look at the many ads for drugs on TV these days and all of the fake “diseases” they have come up with, irritable leg syndrome, twitching eye syndrome, …etc.

  28. Maria says:

    This whole porn thing is very troublesome.

    JTK: I have lived through the porn addiction tearing down a marriage. My husband did porn before we were married. He then moved to the internet stuff, at first intermittently, and then later as a stress release and his life was filled with stress. It caused him to lie, deceive, manipulate and control me so he could continue what he did. That led to blame shifting, where I was at fault for anything that went wrong (I did three years of counseling to “fix” that), and then it moved to his total resentment of me, which was mostly a way of dealing with his own guilt and shame. The blame shifting began to permeate every area of our life. And then he emotionally abandoned me, and I became an object (like the women whose pictures he looked at) and my needs became ridiculous requests to him. After all, an object can’t have needs. (This is pretty typical stuff that comes with porn addiction.)

    I went through a good 20 years of that but the last ten years were horrible as I could not figure out what was wrong with him and and I never had a clue. I knew there were “issues” but never related them to porn. When it all came cascading down, so much had been ruined that I had to ask him to leave so I could sort it out. I cannot tell you how betrayed and broken I was to find out that much of what he had told me was a lie, a way to control and manipulate me. I did everything I could to help this man and he was lying to me the whole time. And he was playing me.

    This was the man I loved and adored. Adored. We are still picking up the pieces and we are at year two now. I realize this is going to be a lifelong issue. I would have divorced him (and I believe that Scripture allows for that), but we had so much time invested in our lives and our family and I truly love him. So I forgave him and turned my heart over to God so he could heal me. I still have a ways to go. I still don’t trust him at a deep emotional level and I keep him at arms length sometimes. I was so repeatedly damaged by him that it is very hard to open up my heart fully. But I am willing to try again. I just can’t do it on my own.

    I believe God is big and He can heal me.

    My personal opinion is that when porn becomes an obsession and a way of coping, it’s a relationship problem. I have kids. I would not recommend that they marry anyone who is into porn or who takes it lightly, or thinks a little won’t hurt you. I’ve seen the damage, trust me, and if a little doesn’t make you want to run and hide, then you are vulnerable to the temptation.

    I would advise every man and woman to run from deliberately seeking out porn. It’s bad enough that our media and society is laced with inappropriate stuff, but to seek it out,to turn to it as a coping mechanism is so fraught with danger that it makes my whole body stiffen just to think about it. And on top of all that, people need to know that porn rewires the brain. It’s scientifically proven. And once rewired (which doesn’t take long), men can no longer respond to a flesh and blood female. Sex dies. ED can take over. Men go into this thinking it’s a big thrill and they can actually lose their sex life.

    That’s as honest as I can be, but please, exhort men and women to run for their lives and stop picking at what is too much. Any of it is too much. That’s like asking if it’s ok to play with fire, as long as you don’t get burned.

  29. Michael says:


    Excellent post…thank you.

  30. Michael says:


    I know what an osteopath is…I’ve had one on speed dial for over fifty years.
    I’m sorry if you choose to view my comment as negating all the positive things I said about chiropractic care.
    If I told the whole story you’d probably need a doctor yourself…

  31. em says:

    THE BEST SERMON I’VE EVER HEARD (yes, i know i’m yelling)
    With apologies to all the good men here, who pastor, this morning 5/31/15 i heard the best sermon that i have ever heard in my life – Tullian Tchivdjian (sp?) preaching to the Presbyterians at Coral Ridge – TBN (i know) carried it and i doubt that it is on the website linked below yet, but if this man isn’t on your list to listen to (smile) … he should be… and pray for him – like Michael, when an honest man of God has something to say and he’s doing it, they’ve got the devil’s attention

  32. Michael says:


    Someone from my church texted me this morning and said the same thing…I’ll have to see what all the praise is about.

  33. em says:

    Michael, if you find a way to pick up today’s message, i’d like to know it… i like to hear Tullian occasionally, but today was … stunning – had to be H.Sp. and i would love to hear feedback from you, if you do get to hear it

  34. Erunner says:

    em, is the title unstoppable?? That’s where your link leads so I wanna make sure I listen to the correct one.

  35. em says:

    Erunner, no – the sermon i heard this morning isn’t there yet… but i hope it will be soon and i wanted to make sure that anyone interested had at least some idea of where to look for it…

    in my neck of the woods Sunday morning on TBN is the only channel to hear him – he’s a pretty good preacher – one with a message – but today’s was… ? … don’t really know how to label it

  36. em says:

    P.S. what i heard this morning isn’t a message that lends to taking pithy snippets or heard with one ear while multi-tasking… IMV it has to be heard end to end with no distractions and i’m hoping find it and listen again… and maybe again

  37. Anne says:

    Maria – thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom here! May you continue to find hope and healing.

    Em, when you find the sermon, can you please post a link? thanks.

  38. ? says:

    Michael “My medical doctors have all been osteopaths from my childhood…they also do manipulations and adjustments.”

    Medical doctors don’t adjust the spine.
    Only Osteopaths and Chiropractors can adjust the spine.

    I was pointing out an error.
    You cannot have a Medical Doctor who is an Osteopath.,
    Osteopaths are not Medical doctors.

  39. em says:

    if you google Osteopath versus MD, you’ll probably opt for an Osteopath as your primary care doctor… not to denigrate the MDs at all…

  40. em says:

    Anne, i apologize for being so flaky about this sermon… and i will try to ferret out a way to hear it… i think it is part of an Acts series, but i missed the intro part…

  41. Anne says:

    Oh, em, no worries! In fact, just let me track it down. These kinda research projects make my brain happy and distract from other obsessive thinking.

  42. Michael says:


    I’ll be precise.
    An osteopath has the same training and capabilities as an MD with additional training in manipulation.


    I’m on my fourth D.O. only because three retired.
    I won’t go anywhere else.

  43. em says:

    Anne, thanks, did a quick listen – this isn’t THE one that was broadcast on TBN this morning… maybe i’ll check the TBN website….

  44. ? says:


    You don’t get it…you said your MD was an osteopath.
    I am not beating a dead horse I just wanted to make it clear that an MD by law does not manipulate the spine. I was only correcting you because an MD is not an Osteopath and an Osteopath is not an MD

    Most Osteopaths don’t even manipulate the spine anymore.
    In the past 20 years it has been easier to get into osteopathic school than it is medical school.

  45. Michael says:


    You don’t get it.
    I was using as a generic term to differentiate from my chiropractor.
    If the horse still has a pulse, beat it some more.

  46. em says:

    just to close the loop – the website i linked to yesterday – Tullian Tchividgian’s…

    the sermon IS part of his “Unstoppable” series

    BUT i’m sorry to say i can’t find the one broadcast yesterday on TBN – i thought it would be right there…

    i apologize profusely 😳

  47. Nonnie says:

    Em, I don’t know if I am more frustrated over not being able to listen to that sermon by T.T. or not being able to have a Bob’s Big Boy burger. You’re killing me! 😀

  48. em says:

    Nonnie, 🙂 it’s been a long time since i’ve had some really good fish n chips

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