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  1. Laura Scott says:

    Michael, that link to Steve Brown’s article is not working.

  2. Michael says:


    Thank you…it’s fixed now.

  3. DavidM says:

    Next year’s Courage Award should go to anyone at the ESPYS who had the ba . . . backbone to remain seated while everyone applauded for Bruce.

  4. Babylon's Dread says:

    For decades the entertainment industry has been sowing into the well of identity confusion by glorifying same sex attraction. The next chapter and it will unfurl like a battle flag rising above the horizon, is gender confusion. Every tv show will have a character who is transgender. The media will not rest until every family is raising a child confused about who they are.

    Then the “love” champions will rise to defend these whom they have intentionally confused. The courts will be enjoined and they will release a series of rulings that will be tantamount to passing laws that undergird gender confusion and reject identification of children as male and female. This ongoing assault on the imago dei will have as a subplot the undermining of any semblance of Judeo-Christian underpinning of culture. Of course we will have to appoint a few justices who are LGBT wxyz to the court so the left can solidify and align with their constituency.

    When all is said and done the right to raise your own children will be the prize. The same people who are applauding now will applaud then and will damn voices like mine who are saying that this is not only madness but it is vile beyond imagining. This battle will not take long. It will likely be done within 20-40 years.

    Nevertheless the kingdom of God and of his Christ cannot and will not fail. I had wandered far from the pessimistic crowd but short term pessimism is warranted. We have to drink the cup we are brewing. We have to drink it to the full.

  5. Laura Scott says:


    That is one of the best articles I have read in a long, long time. Steve Brown cuts right to the heart of the issue and the weight of the grief.

    Would that more of the church understand about being unqualified. Our need to be the shiniest, most cleansed Christian around has messed up the message in more ways than can possibly be counted.

  6. Michael says:

    Laura, BD…amen to both of you.

  7. pstrmike says:

    Unfortunately, I think you are right in your prediction. It’s actually a modernized version of Plato’s purged city of which he was no doubt influenced by Sparta. God help our children and our children’s children.

  8. Em says:

    Pastor Dread, i hope there are more out there like you… we’re going to need leadership that understands the integrity of God is not negotiable – where did the idea come from that we, the Church, can modify Him to our liking? … i pray that what you are predicting will bring us around to understanding, but then i read in Revelation that when the heat turns up, men dig in and curse God…
    i pray, too that Jenner is a sheep (the Shepherd will find him) and not a goat, as it is out there flossing about

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    Steve Brown does it again!!! Thank You, Jesus for the way you use that man!!! I’m not a full time preacher, but when I do have opportunity, God forgive me if I don’t go to my grave having preached that kind of grace and redemption. I’ve already shared the article with one local pastor friend, and I’m planning on sharing it with others, including the elder board of my own fellowship. We’ve just got to get this message right!!!

  10. Em says:

    ” Someone has said that when Christians sin there are three things that we don’t know about them and what they faced. First, we don’t know the powers that were arrayed against them. Second, we don’t know how hard or how long that person fought against those powers. And third, we don’t know the horror of the shame they felt when they lost the battle.” something to remember from the link to Steve Brown IMHO

    2 things we can know, tho… afterwards…
    did the perp’ confess and repent? and THEN move on in the Faith or…
    was there a glib blame shifting and business as usual?

    the first perp is concerned about God’s kingdom, the second perp is concerned about his own kingdom – or so it seems to me today

    just sayin – it’s a windy day up here in the mountains, very williwaw-like … eerily like the condition of the world right now

  11. Bob says:

    Sadly since the outing of the man dressed as a woman, Bruce/C, I have had three obvious young men acting as women clerks/cashiers at stores. The most recent was at a Best Buy and his name tag said “Caitlyn.”

    The newest Starbucks in our town no longer has mens and woman restrooms. My wife hates it because in general men are very messing when compared to woman. Now men have/are destroying the little bastion of privacy and uniqueness enjoyed by women.

    The damage to people will increase exponentially.

  12. dusty says:

    Capt. Kevin, still praying for you

  13. Linnea says:

    Love the Steve Brown article and he’s spot on.

    Dread’s correct– the right to raise our children as God sees fit is and will continue to be under assault.

  14. dusty says:

    Dixie dread speaks wisdom without fear yet again. God bless you richly

  15. dusty says:

    Still praying for your family linnea

  16. Linnea says:

    Thank you SO much, dusty!

  17. dusty says:

    Linnea, how are you holding up?

  18. dusty says:

    Hackers again!?! You would think they would learn by now that the PP always comes back better and stronger. Lol 🙂

  19. Linnea says:

    Dusty…I’m still kicking 🙂 Thanks!

  20. Michael says:


    This one is computer generated.
    The computer tries endless combinations of user names and passwords to try to get access to the admin functions.
    I get an email for every attempt…this is what they look like;

    “A lockdown event has occurred due to too many failed login attempts or invalid username:
    Username: ErwinEzg6220451
    IP Address:

    IP Range: 117.167.239.*

    Log into your site’s WordPress administration panel to see the duration of the lockout or to unlock the user.”

    At times during the day those emails have come every second for minutes at a time.

    My email program and the back end software are on overdrive.

    I’ve probably deleted 30,000 emails the last two days…at least.

  21. Babylon's Dread says:

    Who would make this attack on your website and why?

  22. Michael says:


    We really have no way of knowing.
    I do know I’ve had a lot of hits on a story I did a while back on people who did similar things ten years ago…

    The great thing is that as this has developed as a platform, the security tools have pretty much caught up with everything but truly advanced hackers.

    Back in the day, we had no tools at all…

  23. A Friend says:

    Ya, the Liberals are out of control. It’s like they all decided to go full retard all at once.

    Bruce Jenner did nothing courageous or even special. Tranny’s have been around for a long time now.

    Forcing folks to bake them cakes as a ‘civil right’ is b.s.

    We have to “tolerate” Muslims who shoot our unarmed Marines in “Gun Free Zones” because our previous Democrat POtuS came up with that wonderful idea.

    Cops are not being targeted like it’s open season.

    Liberals are murdering babies and harvesting their body parts.

    I tried to understand the Liberals, I really did. It doesn’t end well. I don’t think there is any changing it, the best we can do is separate and have a two-state solution. Liberals can go full retard and reap what they sow and conservatives can go back to a more traditional Christian Culture.

  24. A Friend says:

    A responsible conservative Christian Culture is the world I want to see my kids raised in.

    Conservatives have their flaws like all humans…but holy $(%*&*T they aren’t as f’d up as the Liberals-Gone-Wild these days.

  25. Xenia says:

    On a parallel topic, ROCOR (my jurisdiction) has issued a statement on same sex marriage:


  26. A Friend says:

    X, I think the Russian Orthodox have it right with regards to how they tackle liberalism in Russia. You have to combat it or it takes over like you see in Europe and now the US.

    There is no making peace with it, it is not content to “co-exist”…it is compelled to dominate and take over and force their morality onto others who disagree.

    That’s why we have different nations and states and People Groups etc. Russia is now more Conservative Christian than the US.

  27. Xenia says:

    There is no making peace with it, it is not content to “co-exist”…it is compelled to dominate and take over and force their morality onto others who disagree.<<<

    Very, very true.

  28. Em says:

    “While we ….. abhor those who would react to any sin, or any sinner, other than in love and with the promise of new life that true repentance may bring, we nonetheless shall not succumb to the prevalent social trend of our day, which equates recognition and acceptance of sin with love.” quoted from Xenia’s link @25 – worth linking 🙂

    it is sobering to see the Church from every corner warning of consequences that somehow Satan has blinded intelligent people from seeing – consequences that history teaches, let alone God, Himself … or so it seems to me tonight

  29. London says:

    I have no issue with gender neutral restrooms in public as long as it’s only one person at a time (or family).
    Makes the wait a lot shorter if you can use the next available toilet.

  30. Jonnyb says:

    When I was in Isreal in the early seventies there were some rest rooms that were open to anyone of any gender. Being from America I was shocked to see men and women using the facilities at the same time like it was no big deal.

    Another thing I observed was women squatting publicly in the street and urinating when nature called. I first observed it right on the street outside the walls of the Garden Tomb area.

    While touring there we came across one place where the rest room was literally a hole in the ground with a bag of white lime that you were expected to throw a handful into the hole after doing your business.

    This was my first trip to a foreign country and it truly was a cultural shock for me at the time.

    When I was in Italy I came across an all gender restroom where men and women were present, all going about their business in front of one another, it was so weird…

    And soon enough we may see this in America if this nonsense continues,

    I for one watched Bruce in the Winter Olympics way back when.

    He was a prime specimen of maleness as he excelled on national TV.

    Now so many years later I find mysel wondering what the hell happened!

    It truly is hard to comprehend.

    Our world has gone way out of control as I see the future citizens of hell applauding this insanity.

  31. Bob says:


    The text teaches men to treat their wives (and therefore, at least to me, women) as something precious. But the reality always has been women are stronger in many ways and normally outlive men. So why does the text say to treat them in such a way?

    As a man I know we very easily treat women as simply objects whose existence are to meet our personal needs. It is sad to me when we reduce any form of special treatment for women, such as the bathroom issue, because the real outcome isn’t equality at all.

    BTW off any believe such ideas are old fashion “chauvinism” I don’t know how to respond, accept that Bruce is a prime example of what men will rob from women when allowed to do so.

  32. A Friend says:

    I have a problem with gender neutral restrooms…unless Liberals don’t have a problem with me accompanying my daughter to the bathroom armed with a high capacity semi-auto handgun in case one of your fellow constituents decides it’s their civil right to violate one of my children.

  33. Muff Potter says:

    Where’s G-man? I often enjoy his balanced appeal in contrast to usual the one-dimensional rhetoric.

  34. London says:

    Gender neutral restroom where there’s only one person at a time inside are no different than those in homes.

  35. “Where’s G-man? I often enjoy his balanced appeal in contrast to usual the one-dimensional rhetoric.”

    awww, gee thanks Muff.

    I’m with London.

    I would refine the design spec a tad: a single payer system financed solely by the business hosting the loo, featuring a gender-neutral-sequential-single-user-occupied-private-space with accessible handled flushability, stocked solely with TP rolls unfurling over the top (as designed)


  36. Bob says:


    Most men are a bit cleaner in their homes. Well most are, I’ve been to a couple disgusting homes.

    And men are taught to put the “seat down” in most homes.


  37. Muff Potter says:

    RE: London’s no. 34 ,

    Why on Earth would you want to use reason and common sense when the possibility of splattering a kiddie perp’s brains all over the tile with a high capacity mag is so much more titillating?

  38. Muff,
    alleged “kiddie perp”


  39. A Friend says:

    “Why on Earth would you want to use reason and common sense when the possibility of splattering a kiddie perp’s brains all over the tile with a high capacity mag is so much more titillating?”

    Ever had a relative molested?

    It is what it is. If Liberalism is allowed to go to the extreme, it will result in wolves having more access to their prey than they do now…all b/c Political Correctness.

    It isn’t titillating it is the facts of the Jungle.

  40. Jim says:

    Chinese IP address for your hacker.

    Jenner/Espy didn’t move my outrage meter when it blew up on whiterepublicanchristian facebook, as I don’t expect the culture to conform to my mores, but the Pat Tillman story moved the dial bigtime.

  41. Michael says:


    That’s just one of many hundreds of IP addys they’re using.
    They switch them up so you can’t block it.

  42. London says:

    Oh please.
    As a woman, I can deal with putting the seat down in a toilet, pee, wash hands and move on. Pretty sure most adult females are able to deal with it without needing “protection” from a man.
    I’d rather put an occasional seat down than stand there a long time waiting for a woman’s only bathroom while the other one is empty.

  43. Nonnie says:

    Agree with London. I just don’t like the idea of “Communal” bathrooms with men, women or any other sex all using the same bathroom that has several stalls and sinks. I’m all for the idea of individual toilets for one person (or a parent and child) at a time, and can be used by male,female or “other.”

  44. Jim says:

    If women are causing long wait times in women’s restrooms, won’t the same occur in unisex? All the dudes will go out back and pee on a tree…

  45. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    It’s the one reason I am against unisex restrooms. We were traveling with 2 of the grandkids on the interstate when we all had to stop – so we stopped at the truck stop.

    While I was filling up with my grandson my wife took my grandaughter to the restroom. However long it takes to put 25 gallons in the SUV later we go to the can. When we get in, my wife and grandaughter are in this huge line and they are still at least 10 – 15 people out the door. The men’s room?… no one. I took my son and said “this is why it is good to be a man.” 🙂

  46. Babylon's Dread says:

    The advantage of maleness is stopping anywhere there is a wall… as the King James version’s euphemism for males “him that pisseth against the wall.”

  47. Em says:

    kinda funny a post about a man playing dress-up, lamenting a fallen pastor and hackers ends up discussing … ? … urinating – how and where 🙂

  48. Em says:

    #41 speaking of hacking… imagine what you could do, if you had 1 and 1/3 billion drones at your disposal?

  49. London says:

    Women don’t cause long wait times. It just takes women longer.

  50. In the Army you sat with 8 – 10 other guys in row.

  51. Bob says:


    “without needing “protection” from a man.”

    It’s not about protection it’s about respect and care for women.

    Oh and my wife would say, “All you men eventually degrade the conversation to potty talk, gaseous, guns and cars.”

    Yep it came true.

    Oh and Bruce is a man and he proves at least one thing; even a 65 year old man can look presentable in a dress with enough money and help. The guy’s disgusting!

  52. Jim says:


    No offense – I was just riffing off of your statements.

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