GFA: Substantial Income Not Used For Intended Purposes

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4 Responses

  1. A Friend says:


    Calvary Chapel still supports GFA, what a disgraceful organization that tolerates and endorses both Child Abusers in its Association of Pastors/Churches as well as tolerates and endorses what looks like Fraud and lying by GFA.

    Calvary Chapel has zero credibility. What a shameful dirty Organization.

  2. Michael says:

    Not entirely true.
    Many CC’s have dropped support of GFA and some of the strongest voices asking direct questions of the group are from CC.
    Again, there is no monolithic CC…but some of those within the group who have supported GFA are asking questions and demanding answers and I’m grateful for those voices.

  3. conscientious objector says:

    Indian Tax Court on Gospel for Asia and Believersā€™ Church: ā€œSubstantial Incomeā€ Not Used for Intended Purposes…

    Now where did all that jesus money go KP?


  4. A Friend says:

    Michael, that isn’t enough.

    Your CC buddies continue to endorse this garbage by their voluntary Association and hitching their Brand to the Bad CC Brand.

    It’s a cop out. They wouldn’t Associate with other Bad Brands would they?

    They want their cake and eat it to…which is telling of their poor character.

    Francisco is one of the few I respect, he’s a man of integrity. He won’t Associate b/c the Association doesn’t have integrity and lies.

    You don’t have to be an “official” Associate to agree with the general angle of Chuck Smith’s teachings.

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