National Day of Prayer

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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    I don’t mind a National Day of Prayer…but would prefer it be more in line with how you are praying…for those who are sick, hurting, shut-in, homeless (including deported or soon-to-be). This ‘Murica first emphasis is getting really old.

  2. Duane Arnold says:

    What!?! You’re going to be praying the centuries old Daily Office and then you’re going to be praying for the sick, the stranger and the outcast. Michael, I really wonder about your priorities sometimes…

  3. Michael says:


    To make matters worse, I encourage others to do likewise… 🙂

  4. Michael says:


    It’s a Republican pep rally baptized in American Christianity.

    I’m not interested…

  5. Jean says:

    Every day is prayer day.

  6. Michael says:


    Yes, it is…3 times a day when possible, at least. 🙂

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    Michael, I am increasingly of the opinion that no matter how much we protest the “American Christianity & Republican” views espoused by Franklin et al, their propaganda machine will not stop but will take many increasingly bizarre forms (e.g. their blind support for our current President) over time. I am also increasingly of the view that we must continue to practice real biblical Christianity in spite of all this. Maybe we will rescue some from this misguided viewpoint, like I was rescued.

  8. Michael says:


    We’ll lose a third of our readers today just based on what I’ve already posted.
    It will take a while to recover.

    My job is to practice my faith in a way that I am most convicted is the way of following Jesus…first at home and locally and then here.

    Some will rejoice when I’m gone…but wait till they get a load of my boy… 🙂

  9. Dan from Georgia says:

    Michael (#8)…haha! Keep on keeping the faith! I for one appreciate very much what you do here!

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dan!

  11. Xenia says:

    I’m halfway inclined to attend out town’s event because I can’t believe there are any Republicans living in this town and I would be interested to see who they are.

  12. Michael says:

    The House just voted to destroy the lives of the sick and poor.

    God bless what?

  13. John 20:29 says:

    “For Your great Name’s sake….” interesting that my scheduled morning reading was the 20th chapter of Ezekiel… there is a limit to presuming on God’s great name… and on His grace… but, i won’t fault the celebrity Christian crowd for trying in their own weak way…
    non-the-less … as noted, we who are called by His Name should humble ourselves in prayer – every day

  14. filbertz says:

    the National Day of Prayer smacks of mega-church mentalities, values, and practices.

    Good use of your time, Michael.
    I might even join your subversive behavior.

  15. Costco Cal says:

    Regardless whether we agree with the President, the King, or the Dictator… we are to pray for them, according to the New Testament. Heck, the Early Church were told to pray for Caesar! I prayed for Obama and I pray for Trump.

  16. Michael says:

    I think we all know that…

  17. I’m no big fan of the NDP, but it’s not the worst thing to happen either.

    Speaking as someone who grew up at the beach, sometimes when a wave comes through, you ride it.

    But our church didn’t plug into some rally or gathering.

    We simply schedule times of prayer, one at noon and another for the evening.

    We developed our own prayer list covering topics such as:

    -The persecuted church
    -The poor
    -Marriages and families
    -God’s providence
    -Church unity
    -Our enemies
    -Community engagement

    We also posted a prayer topic on our church FB page every half hour from 8 am – 8 pm

    I may not be into the hype of the NDP, but if praying is on people’s minds, I’m more than willing to facilitate.

  18. Costco Cal says:


    In other words, no duh?

  19. Josh the Baptist says:

    Well done PH!

  20. Costco Cal says:

    I wonder how many of us pray more or less for the President we would affiliate parties with? I bet you it is often skewed.

  21. em ... again says:

    doesn’t it follow that the less one agrees with the President, the more one should pray?

  22. London says:

    Tonight I’ll be going to our local townhall event about immigration support. I’m torn on this issue. I believe in legal entry into a country, I’ve filled out the mountain of paperwork when I got a permit to work in the U.K. I also understand the need for us to support the foreigner in our land.
    I want to hear people’s voices in these matters so I can decide where I will land on the topic.
    I’ll pray there.

  23. Michael says:


    God bless you for taking the time to listen…

  24. Michael says:

    I pray as commanded…but I pray in earnest for those who are affected by government polices.

    If the current administration is what our country represents,then I guess I can pray for repentance …

  25. em ... again says:

    Michael, if the above link isn’t appropriate (hope it works), feel free to remove it with worrying about offending me – i’m presumptuous to post it, but since we’re talking about prayer and about the vulnerable…

  26. Michael says:


    That sort of link is always appropriate on this blog.
    Thank you.

  27. David H says:

    Trump, and the House just put the screws to sick, and the elderly, and they prayed about it.

    Then the “religious freedom” executive order, which is merely a smoke screen so the Republicans can now get funding from denominations all over the country.

    Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr, James Dobson, and David Barton, among others, are happy as clams at high tide right now.

    This all reeks of a not so veiled power grab.

  28. Michael says:

    David H,

    I’ll just say I agree…and not say all I want to about this debacle…

  29. David H says:


    I have treaded carefully for too long. I’m with you. I don’t really see the use in continuing to be careful.

    The social regression that is happening right now scares me. I’m a historian by trade, but real historians rarely look back and say – “hey, let’s go back there.”

    The idea of progress, and progressive ideas is now seen as evil by a lot of our brethren. The fruit of anti-intellectualism, and fundamentalism have finally ripened and are about to be eaten. I can only hope that the impending reactionary crisis might be short, but I doubt it. I fail to see how folks can be inspired by a man who doesn’t even understand the history of the American Civil War.

  30. Michael says:

    David H,

    I hear you.
    I have to tread carefully because I don’t want anyone to be so offended by politics that they can’t hear the Gospel.

    It’s getting close to the point where I may have to speak louder for the sake of the Gospel, however…

  31. David H says:


    Right now, for me, it’s all about the Gospel.

    American Civil Religion is not Christianity. People are living in a mythical American creation.

    American Jesus is vastly different from Real Jesus.

  32. CostcoCal says:

    My church has a prayer meeting every Thursday night, so ours just happens to fall on this particular National Day of Prayer. While I am by no means Conservative or the old “Religious Right”, I am grateful to know I will be joining the prayers of such from coast to coast. I would be just as grateful if it were DNC. A prayer….is prayer. In Jesus’ Name.

    BTW: I am a big fan of the growing Pro-Life Movement in the Democratic Party.

  33. Michael says:

    David H,

    I completely agree…

  34. Michael says:

    I won’t be praying the same prayers they will be praying tonight.

    I’ll be praying for the millions who may lose health care.
    I’ll be praying for the special ed kids that the “pro life” folks just cut the funding for.
    I’ll be praying for the migrant fleeing violence and poverty.

    I’ll be praying that God’s people repent of their nationalistic idolatry.

    When I’m done I’ll pray for repentance for some other stuff I wanted to pray…

  35. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    “I won’t be praying the same prayers they will be praying tonight.”

    Who are the they? I thought this was a nationwide thing? Am I wrong – is it just one group.

    I am really culturally unaware and I like it that way – other than tossing up a couple of FB memes once in a while, I live a healthier life not knowing. Today I haven’t even clicked on a news sight or FB.

  36. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I get all my news from the PP. Otherwise I would not know who Saeed whats his name was or anything about the girl striking football player.

  37. Michael says:

    In Medford it’s the Day of Praying Right Wing Prayers. I’ll pass.

  38. CostcoCal says:

    Re: #37

    …for fifty five years and older.

  39. It slightly irks me that everything seems to create a divide between right and left, as well as adding another brick in the generation vs. generation wall (apologies to Pink Floyd). So now the NDP creates another dimension in the us-vs.-them culture? How much more divided can we become? We seemingly wrangle over everything.

    At our prayer gathering some of our older saints prayed prayers more typical of that generation. People in their 20’s prayed prayers that mirror the concerns of their age group. I’m just glad we prayed together!

    One God. One Father. One Son. One Spirit. One baptism. One church. One faith.

  40. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    This is why Lutherans don’t pray with mixed groups.

  41. CostcoCal says:

    You mix it all together and what do you have?

    Right Wingers praying with the Left.

    Gen X praying with Baby Boomers.

    I am sure, that is how it is supposed to be.

  42. MLD,

    Can you put a little more meat on the bones of #40?

  43. CostcoCal says:

    Just saw Facebook video….Greg Laure, Franklin Graham, and Ralph Reid.

    You cannot get any more diversified than that!

  44. Jean says:


    I am probably the least knowledgeable about evangelical leaders, but the 3 you mentioned in #43 seem to me to be not diversified at all. How are they diverse? Sincere question.

  45. CostcoCal says:


    Greg cheers for the Angels, Franklin roots for the Padres,

    …And Ralph loves the Senators!

    Other than that, I’m not sure they are diverse.

  46. Jean says:

    Oh, you were kidding in #43. My bad; I thought you were serious. 🙂

  47. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I guess I hadn’t even checked my personal email today – found this from this morning

    Today is National Day of Prayer.
    Please join us in the church anytime from 8am to 4pm. There are prayers you may use from a list that has been compiled.
    We also have specific prayer requests that our congregation is praying for.
    There are also cards available that you may leave a prayer request that you would like us to pray for on your behalf.
    Stop by and stay as long as you like.
    Just a note, the school children will be in the church from 8:25am until about 8:45am.
    You are still welcome to come at that time if you wish.

    “O Lord, listen! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, hear and act! For your sake, O my God, do not delay, because your city and your people bear your Name.” Daniel 9:19

    So I guess I am asking, isn’t everyone doing this?

  48. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I should have said of my #47 – it was an email from my church.

  49. parker says:

    Well said Michael
    Keep on keepin’ on.

    I am an Ex-Calvaryite and an Unfundamentalist.

    I very much appreciate your outspokenness and your honest thoughts and beliefs.
    I also like the fact that you let all-kinds post on here.

    Thank You

  50. Descended says:

    “I’ll be praying for the special ed kids that the “pro life” folks just cut the funding for.”

    Michael, could you elaborate on that, perhaps link? In all seriousness I had no idea, figured this bill was another big boondoggle, but that is specific for me and my family.

  51. Michael says:


    Thank you!

  52. Descended says:

    Thank you, Michael

  53. Wondering says:

    Michael, honest question: are you for completely open borders, no restrictions ever?

  54. Michael says:


    I’ve answered this question innumerable times.
    I’ve never even hinted at such.
    What I have advocated for is the pursuit of justice, righteousness, and truth when dealing with border issues and migrants.

    All three have been and are in short supply.

    This country helped create the the migration from Central America and Mexico…we helped make it necessary that people flee their homelands to try to survive here.

    I think we should own that.

    Virtually every public “fact” about border issues is a damnable lie…spouted by one side of our political divide to create fear and hate and put money in their owners pockets.

    I wish folks could come here the legal way…but it’s not really practical to wait 8-20 years for your lottery number to come up when your kids are hungry and your life in danger.

    This isn’t a “political’ issue to me, it’s a biblical one…that will require political action for biblical justice and righteousness to be manifest.

  55. em ... again says:

    it’s funny how man is unable to social engineer his way out of the Fall…
    in my youth field workers from Mexico came north in buses to work the crops and then go home to their families where an American dollar was worth far more than what they’d get at home for their labors – it worked out for everybody… then along came the “protesters” saying that it wasn’t fair to the American worker to bring in foreign labor and those seasonal workers became illegal, but they didn’t stop coming… and drugs? well, try and pass a law to stop that and all the crime that hangs off of it, eh?

    as a Christian i’ve come to the conclusion that our best efforts are evangelism, not social engineering

  56. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I give a hearty amen to em’s last post.

  57. Michael says:

    “as a Christian i’ve come to the conclusion that our best efforts are evangelism, not social engineering”

    I will venture that is true…but the social engineers often claim to be Christian and we do have responsibilities to our neighbor once saved…

  58. Descended says:

    it’s funny how man is unable to social engineer his way out of the Fall…

    as a Christian i’ve come to the conclusion that our best efforts are evangelism, not social engineering



    Let the Holy Spirit have His way, without trying to be the Vicar ourselves.

  59. em ... again says:

    social engineering and Christian responsibility to others are not interchangeable terms… IMV
    Yet, it’s good to be reminded that we Christians have responsibility to our fellow man – civic duties are another question and i’m not sure what pleases God in that respect… perhaps, it is circumstance dependent? dunno

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