A Warning About Potters Field Ministries

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22 Responses

  1. JM says:

    Because of the CCA’s abysmal history, it was not unreasonable to question their decision making “prowess”. However, the truth is the truth and you are right to declare it in order to warn others before they fall into this snare. Thank you for doing this, Michael.

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks, JM…this could get ugly…

  3. JM says:

    I really hope it won’t be “ugly” for you. If you recall, I expressed deep misgivings about many of the ODM’S with which I formerly had to do. I learned here how they amplified stories about situations that made them seem worse than they were, etc., etc.. However, it doesn’t mean that everything they publish is wrong or a deliberate lie. It just means that my level of trust toward them changed drastically. It makes it hard to discern sometimes. It appears that God has led you to do what is right and that is a good thing. 🙂

  4. Kevin H says:

    You’ve got such a fun life calling getting to dig into these delightful events. 🙂

    Glad to know that the CCA apparently did the right thing. Just wish they could give more than PFM is “not compatible with the Calvary Chapel form of ministry taught to us by Pastor Chuck.” For all we know, that could mean they once skipped teaching verse by verse through a chapter of Leviticus or they once spoke at a church that doesn’t believe in a pre-trib Rapture.

  5. Michael says:


    It will get ugly for me,but I’m prepared.
    We just don’t want to see anyone harmed in the name of Jesus…

  6. Michael says:


    I will write about the CCA statement…it needed to be very clear.
    As it stands, they could have simply had a beer and voted for Hilary…

  7. JM says:

    We, here, are in passionate agreement, Michael. We have suffered much in our warnings to others of certain aberrant groups of which many have shown up here (Gospel for Asia, YWAM, etc.). It is sad to hear that you, a fellow believer, is being treated so badly. At the risk of “beating a dead horse”, I wish CCA’s credibility was not so terribly marred. That alone might make people throw out the warning and follow into this oppressive group. These “credibility gaps” are serious matters. It goes to the saying, “Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” Because of my background, I have always been bothered by aberrations that could enslave people spiritually. As I alluded to earlier, I had a loose relationship with some discernment ministries. I even rebuked a few for their “blindspots” thinking they would listen. They did not. I had to distance myself when so many who were outraged at other false teacher’s immoralities were completely silent about Chuck Smith’s perversive morality, cover up and corruption of an entire movement. Some came to the information late–but they all know now. Way too many ministries still offer up rationalizations of their actions by invoking that Chuck would have (or not) done something a certain way. I maintain that they are happy with their idolatry. They think it will save them. I think many allow themselves the luxury of denial because they don’t like the way you part your hair. 🙂 If they can pick you apart, it means they don’t have to believe what you say. You would think these “leaders” and “scholars” would have gotten over that kind of stupid in the third grade. We wish you well, indeed!

  8. Michael says:


    Thank you, my friend.
    I’ve spent many, many, hours over the last few days listening to stories that people in the church shouldn’t have to tell…we pray that we do our best for them.

  9. JM says:

    You will. 🙂

  10. Steve says:

    CCA might be right about Potters Field but the issue is CCA never let anyone know what the issue is other than maybe anonymous source reporting. Maybe they knew about whatever it is for over 10 years and did nothing. Maybe they were even complicit in whatever it is and maybe its the fruit of their own Moses vision casting practices that gave birth to what ever this is and we still don’t know what it is. So in my opinion the only reason this is probably coming out now is because CCA probably has more to cover up with their own skeleton closet and hide than Pottersfield. I have no doubt of that. Pottersfield may have explosive stuff on them and CCA is just getting infront of this scandal for their own survival. Just my guess. It definitely seems to be a pattern. From Coy to GFA and many many in between the common denominator for most of them is CCA in one way or another being involved.

    When your pastor model is “celebrity pastor” which it is in CCA and the celebrity falls like they are doing like dominoes, you need to question the MODEL and flat out reject it, speak out against it and re-organize. Hope you are listening Don McClure and Focht. But you probably are not so I suspect this blog will be active for a long long time doing a lot of the dirty work in exposing all of this.

  11. JM says:

    Wow, Steve—astute & completely warranted!

  12. Michael says:

    Just to be fair…
    Thus far virtually everyone I’ve talked to…and I’ve talked to a bunch of people…say that Don and his wife Jean have been very helpful and supportive since this mess broke.
    I do not believe at this point that McClure was aware of the abuse as Rozell was skilled at presenting himself in the best light around outsiders.
    Old line CC guys do not have any idea how to be transparent in matters like this.
    I’ll have much more next week…

  13. Steve says:

    McClure not aware? McClure an outsider? Really? I’ll believe that when the tooth fairy comes.

    Regarding transparency. The old line CC guys are terrible with this because Its all about their own image which ironically seems to be the same case with Rozell. This is what Moses celebrity pastors do best.

    They need to keep the influx of idolatry going to keep the nickles flowing and the noses in the seats. There is a long proven track record of this.

  14. Michael says:


    When I report a story I have to report as factually as I can no matter what my personal feelings about the players are.

    I’ve spent hour upon hour interviewing people from all over the country on this particular case…and I will report in my article that McClure (and others) were not aware of the issues here until recently.
    I will report it because I believe it to be true.

  15. Kevin H says:

    Michael is being made to defend Don McClure, heh heh, heh heh. 😆

  16. Michael says:


    It’s made my carpal tunnel much worse… 🙂

  17. Steve says:

    Well I will wait for your story to come out to spare you the carpal. Like you said it can be anything from having a beer and voting for Hilary. However, with the suspense and my cynical nature, I’m more inclined to think its much more serious. Michael you mentioned abuse so my ears perked up. With Jeff Epstein in the secular news everyday now, the average pew sitter has difficult time putting the term “abuse” into context. It could mean anything.

  18. Michael says:


    I’m going to break down the types of abuse so that it will be clear to all. At this point, there is no sexual abuse in view.

  19. CM says:

    To those who seem incredulous that CCA might be actually be right about something, think this:

    Stopped Clock, right twice a day.

    Looks like this may one of these time.

  20. Michael says:

    This is hard to write, but true.
    Don McClure is the good guy in this story…more this week…

  21. Tony says:

    Hmmmm …I have known about all of this for quite some time and have chosen not to speak until now! I was part of Pottersfield from 2011-12, and since that time I have stayed very close with the ministry! You may have done interviews, but with whom were those interviews done??? Baby Christians or seasoned saints!!! Pottersfield is a para church that God uses to transform lives for the Kingdom!!! Those who don’t like change and are challenged hate it.. those who really want to know Jesus love it.. change and growth are painful! But very necessary! Just like revival in the believers heart!!! I sat in Pastor’s office once with 2 other pastors present while he rebuked and exhorted me! During that time there was a moment when anger came over me, the Lord spoke in that moment and told me to sit there and take it! I did and I am a better man for it!!! I answer to God not man.. I follow God not man . I was taught that from day one when I got saved. (Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale) …. Christianity is very very serious! CHRIST HAD TO DIE FOR IT!!!! I will always be blessed by my time at Pottersfield!!! I met some amazing people who I now call family! And even more importantly I met and spent time with God in a way that most won’t ever get to, that has transformed me forever!!!? I met my wife through that ministry!!! Knowing what the accusations are I don’t believe them! I had someone leave there who told me he saw Pastor throw another pastor against the wall only to backtrack and say it was his wife who saw it… I just happened to be very close with that pastor and talked to him about it! NEVER HAPPENED! That person just lost all credibility! How can a man who was part of a ministry for 15+ years not know what was going on.. hmmm maybe because nothing wrong is going on.. unless you call biblical discipleship wrong!! When you compare New Testament discipleship to the church today it is completely laughable!!! Die to self has become a joke!!!! Challenge rebuke and exhortation have been replaced with suggestion, encouragement and it’s ok JESUS understands!!! Pottersfield challenges young adults in ways the “church” today is to afraid to for fear of offending!!!! Again laughable!!! When a man can control churches and basically tell them what to do, what does that tell you about how weak those leaders are! The fear of man is a snare but he who trust in the Lord shall be safe! Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength.. blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and who’s hope is the Lord….. Passion for God …. compassion for people!!! Doing things in love can and most times will be painful!! It’s called sin and it is NO JOKE!!!!

  22. Kendra says:

    Please call me. My husband and I left Pottersfield last month after 4 years on staff. I was mikes personal assistant. I worked in his office almost my entire time then. These accusations are not false. This man is abusive and manipulative. I too met my husband through this ministry and have had two Beautiful babies during my time there. The Lord will always make good of these horrible and hard situations. Mike and Pam Rozell can and will not thwart Gods plans for anyone lives and he will still use a broken man but there is still consequences for mikes behavior. There are so many hurting people confused people. I myself now one of them questioning what is true grace and true freedom. Because for so long I was told twisted truths of the Bible and believed that my desires were selfish and true Christianity was to sacrifice those desires and work my life away for Mudman. You may have known a different version of mike then, I believe Mudman was where greed and pride began to consume him. It was never enough, we could barley staff the stores we had my husband was working 80 hours barley seeing us. Then we are told we are opening another store, this happened twice and now they are doing it again in Washington. Mike needs help. Tony, I also have personal testament of very uncomfortable sexual conversation alone and with another girl with mike.. this is not the behavior of a Shepard. Mike is a control and power hungry man who needs therapy. Please email me. My email is kendrarenae129@gmail.com

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