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  1. Nonnie says:

    While I was cautiously impressed with Chandler’s apology, I was disappointed that he didn’t publicly apologize to Karen. I thought he said he was going to in his earlier statement. I think if they sent out the 5 or 6K emails about Karen’s discipline, they owe her the specific apology to the 5 or 6K. He could have done that in the message. It was the elephant in the room that he didn’t mention her by name, since he did in the emails. I thought he should have, but still appreciate his attitude. I liked that he admitted he was embarrassed over it and I appreciated the 5 points.

    I do believe Churches should involve women in formal leadership who can speak to issues from a perspective that men cannot see. I believe the conversations we saw on another thread on this blog prove that men and women who passionately love Christ and honor His word, can see an issue from a completely different perspective. I think the input the women had truly shocked some of the men here, as well as opened their eyes to this issue from a perspective they had not considered.

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