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20 Responses

  1. Ms. ODM says:

    My response )(under moderation of course)

  2. Michael says:

    Ms. ODM,

    One link doesn’t usually trigger moderation.
    You’re not under moderation.

    We get thousands of spam links every day that the blog automatically moderates.

    As I said before, that’s a feature,not a bug.

  3. Ms. ODM says:

    You had told me any links get moderated

  4. Michael says:

    One link usually gets through but not always.
    Thousands of porn “comments” are automatically moderated by the blog every day…and I am not worried about the small inconvenience that some good comments have to be manually released.

  5. Xenia says:

    Michael, that was a great program, thank you!

    Jackie, your show was not so great, what little I saw of it, but I do thank you for posting all those beautiful photographs of Orthodox clergy.

    The Orthodox Church is a great place to repent of one’s sins. I HH needs to do some serious repenting, he’s come to the right place.

    Christ is risen!

  6. Michael says:

    Thank you, Xenia!

    I hope it was balanced and adds something to Ms. ODM’s program… 🙂

  7. The Rapture Ready Network……..hmmmmmm

  8. Michael says:


    My guess is they don’t think we’re Rapture Ready… 🙂

  9. Phil says:

    This is a new thing?

  10. Xenia says:

    How does one become “Rapture Ready,” anyway?

    Many RR adherents also subscribe to OSAS so how much more ready can they get than they believe they already are?

  11. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    What is the rapture?
    Must be one of those non christian cult things Jackie is always talking about. 😉

  12. TheGhostofBelleStarr says:

    EO venerates Mary (prayers to Mary as well) and they believe in Transubstantiation. The only meaningful difference between Orthodox and the RCC is EO does not follow the RCC Pope. Both are in ERROR.

  13. Xenia says:

    We not worship Mary, we venerate Mary. We show her the respect she deserves. She takes prayer requests.

    We do not believe in Transubstantiation, we believe the wine and bread really and truly become the Blood and Body of Christ. “Transubstantiation” is a Roman Catholic term which does not describe what the Orthodox believe about the Eucharist.

    There are numerous meaningful differences between the EO and the RC. Your post is painfully superficial.

    If you are interested in factual information, let me know and I will direct you to some responsible web sites.

  14. Michael says:


    If it makes you feel better I’m featured on the ODM blogs again as an apostate for becoming an Anglican…

  15. Ms. ODM says:

    Did you become Anglican, Michael? Well, at least you’re historic — your founder Henry VIII – what a guy!!

  16. Ms. ODM says:

    Somehow I just can’t picture you teaching your home fellowship dressed in a long black robe and a white powdered wig. 😀

  17. Steve says:

    Ok, I listened to the first 25 minutes of ODM’s link and then the Catholic bashing began and I turned it off. I am so thankful for the reformation. I never was RCC and never will be but this kind of rhetoric is pathetic.

  18. Xenia says:

    Oh, the things I could say.

    But it’s Pascha!

    Christ is risen!

    Truly He has risen!

  19. Michael says:

    Ms. ODM,

    Your grasp of church history never fails to amuse me.
    The history of the church in England long preceded Henry…and the theological basis of Anglicanism was written by Thomas Cranmer…who was quite a guy.

    Probably had better chops than C.I. Scofield…

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