CCSPC 14 Day 2 Review

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19 Responses

  1. Learner says:

    More great insight Michael…you’re so right about the speakers being unrelatable when they talk about big budgets and staggering numbers…”I miss my budget” was one of my favorite quotes from the CCSPC, given by non other than the Skipster after he had humbly given up his mega church in methland (sorry dread) for a slightly smaller church in the land of milk and honey.

    “I miss my budget” most of the listeners yearly offerings were about equal to his clothing allowance.

  2. Papias says:

    Thanks for taking the time and listening to this Michael. I’m not sure I could have the fortitude to do the same without getting ill.

    I find it a little bit disheartening that it sounds like the same group of leaders talking about the same issues as in other SPCs. Why can’t they invite ONE guy who’s not part of the “clique” to address the SPC once every year? Somebody that has 50 people but who’s been faithfully serving the flock for years with little to no recognition?

    But hey…that looks a little bit like God didn’t call you or that you are doing something “wrong”, cause if you’ve been doing this ministry thing for awhile you should have more people coming …. right? Who wants to listen to a “nobody” when you get your hero worship on?

    But these men will continue to serve God and minister to there flocks as CC’s, because lets face it, it beats moving to another movement that has its own bag of issues – I’m looking at you Harvest and Mars Hill/Acts29.

  3. Babylon's Dread says:

    “We played the pipe for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.” Matt 11:17

    I am not sure that anything would create a rejoicing.

    They are acting like a denomination, no surprise.

    For 500 years highly anointed leaders have been followed by well-meaning scholastics, bureaucrats, and wannabe celebrities. These movements fossilize. They put thunder and lightening in a bottle.

    25 years in the SBC and the annual meetings were carefully crafted, preplanned orchestrated meetings. Baptists are thousands of small churches led by pastors who follow the program of the denomination to the degree that the local people demand. These pastors have no relevant connection with the pulpit personalities other than longing for a touch or eye contact. Celebrity pastors got up and preached to these farmers and shepherds. Over a period of 10 years the pulpit characters change by about 1MAYBE 2 new ones per year. They all have success stories. They all are vying for preeminence. I don’t miss it. I am incapable of receiving what they are giving.

    Danceless Dirgeless Dread

  4. I think many may miss the “voices” of the little guys if you are not watching the interviews between sessions. Most interviewed are guys I had not heard of and many of them very young.

    Again, the CCSPC is really a pep rally / retreat for these guys and from what I have seen (I have watched / listened to all of the daytime programing) I think they are hitting on all cylinders.

  5. Pilgrim says:

    Thus far, Damian, Don & Pancho are the only ones who have ministered to me. The rest seems more like a motivational pep talk. Give me the meat from the Word not your opinions of how to operate in the flesh.

  6. Truth Lover says:

    I like the emphasis on forward motion: Meaning CC needs to flex with the times and be current. Yes, there does seem to be more freedom to be creative and not try to duplicate the past. The CC movement now needs to create their own history through a fresh move of the Spirit of God. No Church denomination/movement is perfect by any means! So why should we expect CC to measure up to our differing expectations? God changes things in us a little at a time. I would think that would be the way He will change CC too, where needed. I think we need to guard against a jaded, cynical attitude that doesn’t see the good in anything.

  7. Listened to the panel with Dave Rolph, David Guzik, Brian Broderson and Joe Focht. They had some things to say that I believe could be really healthy for CC’s if people take heed. Some paraphrases I jotted down: Rolph-I don’t want to wake up one day to find that I’ve been faking it. Broderson- I used to argue with everyone. Now days, I don’t mind a friendly argument or persuasive conversation, but fighting over family matters (in house/non essentials) in public is stumbling. Rolph- We need to mature in the way we present ourselves and not end up chasing people away. Focht- there’s a difference between fellowship and affiliation. We don’t have to agree with everyone and they don’t have to agree with us.

  8. Bob says:

    “The CC movement now needs to create their own history through a fresh move of the Spirit of God.”

    This sentence makes absolutely no sense at all.

    “The CC movement now needs to create their own history”

    Let’s see…” make their own history?”

    and then:

    “through a fresh move of the Spirit of God”

    Can’t do both, just can’t happen.

    It is recorded that Jesus said this:

    “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

    I know it’s a different context but the principal remains, CC can’t make anything of God, not one iota, Nada, nothing. They can only respond to God and His Spirit!

    One last comment:

    “Meaning CC needs to flex with the times and be current. ”

    What do you mean by this?

    If you mean CC needs to follow God and His Spirit then yes I agree, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. I think you mean remaining “culturally relevant” and stuff like that. So if that’s the meaning of your statement then CC should be accepting of women pastors, gay and lesbian pastors and ministers, embrace alternative lifestyles, and more in the name of God.

    PS. I didn’t mean to be a troll, but please pay me the bridge crossing tax before your cross or at least explain the flight of a swallow.

  9. If I am reading Ms Alnor’s Lighthouse Trails article correctly, they are pointing out that assuming 1,200 Calvary Chapels, that 1199 churches decided to remain Calvary Chapel.

    Did I read that correctly? šŸ˜‰

  10. Michael says:


    That was supposed to be a theology panel…they forgot to talk about theology.
    Rolphs story was the best moment in the entire conference…

  11. Michael, agreed, they didn’t talk about theology so much as the willingness to fellowship and work alongside those of different theological persuasions, which I’m pretty sure is what Dave meant by not peeing on the other guys in the tent. šŸ™‚

  12. Truth Lover says:

    Bob, wow, why can’t you understand the clear meaning of my statement? Did you listen at all to the conference? If not, that is why you don’t understand the context. I won’t comment on my first two statements you chose to pick apart because I think you are being petty and contentious. Flexing with the times and being current , NOT doctrinally but in how things are packaged. Never flex on content. See you assumed way too much. I’m not even part of Calvary Chapel either but they were my roots years back.

  13. Bob says:

    Truth lover?

    If you really love truth and follow any blog or conversation anywhere you have to notice words count, in context and out.

    Your words were, to me at least, just more Chritianeze, meaningless.

    So let me ask you this, how does one “package” the content in a more relevant and culturally current way? Could your words actually mean you are against the traditions and practices of the church today? Do you desire more rock style bands, disco ball, dancing lights and theatre smoke as the congregation sings ‘Rock of Ages?’ Or do you think there is some new cultural packaging that hasn’t been exploited yet?

    No your comments have no clear meaning and you fail to describe what your desires are.

    BTW did you understand the whole inability to “create” or make a new move of God’s Spirit comment?

    Toll please! African swallow’s speed is?

  14. Truth Lover says:

    you’re tone is contentious and proud. I wish you’d stick to your own comments about the subject of the thread and stop attacking someone else’s comment ABOUT THE CONFERENCE. If you don’t agree, go kick your dog or something. Obviously, this is a hot button with you. Is this how you are with others you disagree with? If so, you need to learn to be a little more biblically tolerant and gentle because we’re not talking “essentials” here.

    I’m actually very conservative in my own personal approach to ministry. I embrace some tradition that I learned to appreciate while a Missionary in Europe, I love the hymns, I hate the current pop rock worship concerts with smoke, light etc. (heck I’ve never even seen a church that goes that far! ) I like simple and basic. I believe we should try to use the current tools of our day ie. social media to get the Gospel out anyway we can. To reach out to the lost youth with “packaging” that will attract them ie rock music, rap an outreach but not during the church service; where the service is designed for the Saints not sinners. And I do NOT believe we can manufacture a move of the Spirit, just comply with scripture and follow Him. I do not know where you came up with that idea in your head! You obviously have a bone to chew.

    Calvary Chapel should not follow a man. Be it Pastor Chuck or whoever. They should follow the Lord as He and His ways are revealed in scripture. They should not try to stay the way they’ve always been because they need to change some things big time. They shouldn’t be so rigid about non essentials either. They do need to be better teachers of the Word, get their theology sorted out about “the baptism of the Spirit” and care more about doctrine. Beyond that, I do not need to justify myself to you. You assumed again, way too much about where you thought I was coming from. You are thinking in the extreme, I am not. I’m a solid Bible Christian and I let that dictate my opinions not trends that blow in and out of the Church today. I do not want to converse with you anymore on this not because I can not hold my own but because your attitude is not worth it. I know who I am.

  15. Pastor Brian Gregory Coy says:

    Great observation, and one that fits the Calvary Chapel denomination quite well.

  16. Bob says:

    Truth Lover

    Contentious yes, proud no.

    I don’t hide my dislike for everything CC and the Moses model they cling to. However, my comments were directed at yours and are very specific and have nothing to do with CC.

    Take it the way you want, but remember this is a world of words and written text and my comments were pointed at yours. I assumed nothing more than to respond to what you wrote so if you don’t like it don’t cross the bridge.

    May your walk be blessed and save the piety and explanations for another time.

    Oh BTW, you did not respond to the questions of packaging and creating, but yet chose to scold me for not being biblically gentle and tolerant. The only hot button with me are those whose syntax and Christianeze make no sense.

    Good night!

  17. Bob says:

    Truth l

    I went back and re-read your 15 post many times over and over and I will apologize. While I didn’t get your second paragraph initially and explanation I have after some thought see you did respond to my critiques about packaging and creating. Thank you for it and I was wrong. I ask for forgiveness.

    Now good night

  18. Truth Lover says:

    Good to know you have a conscience Bob. You’re forgiven. Please be aware of how you come off in your tone and “words”. People would be more apt to converse with you IF you were much more kind in your approach. I’m all for healthy discussion and thinking things through, but an attacking and contentious attitude is not healthy. Peace~

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