Free Saeed

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6 Responses

  1. Nonnie says:

    That picture of Saeed and his mother is heartbreaking. God help him. Continuing to pray.

  2. Em says:

    “I would ask that those speaking today and for the rest of the conference would embrace the cause of the brother who cannot attend this year”

    it is inconceivable to me that a gathering of pastors would not make a place in their agendas (particularly the publicly disseminated ones) for a stand and a condemnation of this – not in general “pray-for-the-oppressed” terms, but stand up like men of God and names names, as did Samuel – as did John the Baptist… as did Stephen

  3. randallslack says:

    Three responses? Really? We can debate on a plethora of other subjects, but pass when it comes to a brother in Christ? Really? Heartbreaking.

  4. randallslack says:

    Pastors around the world should be challenging their congregations to besiege their congressmen and representatives to demand the freedom of this American. Instead they are promoting their book or enriching themselves or seeking temporal “success” while a brother in Christ, is arrested and convicted for starting an orphanage.

    Where are those who genuinely serve Christ? Who are committed to sharing the Gospel and setting the captives free? Where are they? They are bitching about blogs who point out their sins while a man of God sits in a hell hole. Shame.

    Guess I should tell you how I really feel?

    P.S. I know that there are genuine men of God faithfully serving Christ. God bless them. They are far and few in number.

  5. Em says:

    Do our churches do the Lord’s business? Do they know what that means? dunno
    I may be wrong, but from where I sit, I don’t think the churches – of every stripe almost – are aware of how insidiously the “corporate model” has become their model.xxxxxxxxxx (just x’d out my elaboration – unnecessary)
    the one thing I must concede to the plodding historic orthodox: their determination to not change, to stay on task, means that they do not lose sight of the cross and the Savior for one moment – but I don’t know – really – do I?
    where Christ is there is joy – this I do know

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