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  1. Jean says:

    It always fascinates me that, except for once or twice, Jesus’ opponents are never recorded as disbelieving the fact of his healings, but typically their objection is regarding the source of his power and/or dishonoring the Sabbath when performing the healing.

    I’m always left wondering if there’s something that is not coming through either in the translation or as a matter of historical context.

  2. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Jean – I think it is one of two things and I lean almost entirely on #2.

    1.) They thought he was just another ‘miracle’ worker – shaman of sorts who perhaps had the backing of the devil.
    2.) The just didn’t want to believe – it wasn’t a mind issue of they could not figure out what just happened – they just refused it as it would be too tough on their religious system or they knew the consequences would lead to having to bend the knee (and not as we see today during the national anthem 😉 )

    Remember, all along Jesus is forgiving sin through these healings – making claims to making even creation right.

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