Daily Interlake Story on Mudman Reopening

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7 Responses

  1. Bride of Christ says:

    So that’s what has become of the Calvary Chapel sponsored Potter ‘s Field? It is has essentially always been a McDonald’s for-profit profit greasy burger joint? Just a way to make money?? I attended Calvary Chapel for over 40 years ( no longer). I left because I felt used and abused. As goes Potters Field Ministries, goes Calvary Chapel. It’s a pyramid scheme, folks, and you’re at the bottom, just like those poor Potters’ Field interns. The comments at the end of this newspaper article inspired me – ordinary Whitefish residents want to steer clear of this burger joint built on the backs of poor, unsuspecting and idealistic young people. Shame, shame to the unrepentant Rozells – they deserve to be run out of Montana.

  2. Like: “Wow! Thank you Mudman for donating 50 cents from every 13 DOLLAR BURGER YOU SELL!”

    Had it once. It was above average, but not outstanding. I got a coupon flyer for Weinerschniztel this week. I’ll try their much cheaper chili burger and report back.

    Seriously, though, where is the capital for restarting this coming from? Food service is notoriously low margin as well. If they were smarter, they would start a restaurant under a new name, or buy a subway franchise. But it looks like they are committed to resurrecting their ministry. Shameless!

  3. Meatball says:

    WARNING! They are unrepentant people! Bad leadership! Bad program! Bad employers! Bad going forward!

    No change, no justice, no truth.
    No hope for them. Unless…

    Praying for those who escaped!
    For change, for justice, for truth, for hope, for peace!

  4. Meatball says:

    If omission of the truth is a lie… they are liars… ?

    Why would anyone work for them or give them money!

    They hurt my friends and did nothing to make amends.

    Let everyone know the full TRUTH!

  5. Meatball says:

    I could talk about the good times with my friends. Those are real. Just as real as the bad times that where experienced!

    But they have been ignored by this organization. The bad has been ignored. There has been no investigation by this organization into the behavior of its leaders.


    Because all that is left in the organization is corrupt having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly. By showing no interest in the truth. By not presenting the whole truth.

    To discover the truth please read my friends posts.

    Do not support these people or this organization. They are inaccurate about what the state.

    If you want to feed children contact the churches in the Pottersfield locations directly and support them.

    It is the 2020 do we really need a middle man taking a fee. Maybe 15%, 25%, 40%, 50% ???

    Can you trust them???

    If like me you have been quieter about the bad because of the good. Please consider your omission of the bad. The truth will set you free.

    The whole truth about what has happened has not fully been revealed…

    Please read what is on this web-site to statements my friends have made.

  6. JD says:

    Their philosophy of ministry is best articulated by a quote from the leader of the bad guys in the movie The Magnificent Seven: “If God didn’t want them cheated, He wouldn’t have made them sheep.”

  7. Genesis50:20 says:

    These are very bad people guised as so called “Christians” The started well, but ended bad. They need to repent and get the hell out of Montana and start a new life somewhere else. I have seen them first hand manipulate young people and young couples to come and work for them, promise them the world and come up sadly short handed and controlling. My family was pulled hundreds of miles away from me and our whole lives were contaminated by them. It changed my lifestyle, then destroyed my marriage. Stay far away.

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