Does Frances Chan Have Crazy Love For GFA?

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11 Responses

  1. JTK says:

    Is it possible to still assume positive intent in this situation?

    To think its plausible that the nature of their ministry in China and India warrants their actions?

  2. Michael says:

    I can’t.
    Positive intent would mean answering simple questions openly and honestly.
    At this point I doubt it all.

  3. Jonnyb says:

    They are a black op and can’t talk about it…JK

  4. Ying Yang says:

    That $60 Mill had to go to someone 😉

  5. Ying Yang says:

    $60 Mill would give me crazylove too…

  6. Tim - Doulos says:

    Has there been any update as to what was said? I still haven’t received any feedback on the financial questions. There seems to be some response to the ring-kissing thing (and the response doesn’t hold water, IMO), but as much as the ring-kissing bugs me, it’s the financial improprieties that bother me more. I want to ensure that the money we send to missionaries actually *go* to those missionaries.

  7. Michael says:


    We’re still waiting for anything of substance.
    The last “explanation” I heard was that the money was spent in places where identifying it could lead to harm for the recipients.

  8. Tim - Doulos says:

    Thanks Michael, that’s all I’ve heard too. Unfortunately, that’s a little short on details for my comfort.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    From what I’ve seen so far, GFA will continue their merry ways until there is actually a MAN of GOD who will hold them accountable. IN PUBLIC. The good ol’ boy club in CC is not likely to accomplish that. Is Chan independent enough to do so? I am not holding my breath.

  10. Tim - Doulos says:

    Disillusioned –
    I disagree. It seems that men & women of God ARE speaking up, asking for answers. What we seem to need is a *famous* man of God to publicly speak. That in itself is a sad commentary on the state of American Evangelicalism.

  11. Disillusioned says:

    Tim, I stand corrected. It’s true, no matter how godly the man, unless they have some clout it will get nowhere.

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