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  1. Tim - Doulos says:

    FYI, the e-book link actually points to the same link as “humility…” Thanks for the linkathon!

  2. dswoager says:

    I thought of an 11th thing that period ought to know about Southern Baptists. They apparently know about the many negative perceptions they engender, and seem dedicated to putting a positive spin on them.

  3. Rob Murphy says:

    but I like the Pacific Northwest . . .
    New Yorker, selling some fear. Yikes, though.

  4. Michael says:

    Link fixed… 🙂

  5. dswoager says:

    I appreciate the missing verses link. I was actually having this talk with my wife the other day. It is something that I wish that someone had been a little more upfront with me about when I became a Christian. I will say that I have a slight, but significant, difference in the way that I view scripture today than when I first read it. I could definitely see that being a stumbling block for someone if they weren’t prepared for it.

  6. Tim - Doulos says:


  7. Rob says:

    About those Christians falling for those fake news stories….Stetzer refers to Charisma Mag, as if a story is true, it will be in Charisma. Dear, dear, dear. Charisma has to be one of the least reliable sources on the web for Christians. Lots of pseudo-health science they copy from other unreliable blogs, tabloid style headlines that often totally misconstrue any news event, and hyped up political stories by Todd Starnes. Seriously, if I read anything on Charisma that seems interesting, I don’t believe it until I can confirm it with outside reliable sources.

    Christians are not only gullible (well, people in general are gullible) but lots of people and companies and blogs are making a living by promoting hyped, sensationalized, twisted, outlandish, unbelievable, and downright false information. (Charisma is shameless in this regard.)

  8. Em says:

    PNW and earthquakes is the Hatchet’s food for thought? hmmm, Lake Washington will be the new shore of the Pacific Ocean and Sacramento will be on a salt marsh? except for the fact that most of the brains behind our computer dependent world will be underwater, i’d guess that 6 months after “the big one” as we call it up here, the rest of the world will go back to business as usual…

  9. Paige says:

    Busy today…only have a sec….. but re: the selling of aborted baby body parts….. Most people are unaware that many vaccines are manufactured using fetal tissues…..
    So much sick sick sickness in this life.

  10. Em says:

    Paige, the KJV calls that “expediency” … in a different context, but from the same cold, calculating heart: John 11:47-50 in their blind, self centered arrogance, it’s all for the greater good

  11. A Friend says:

    Sucks for those on that coast

    But always a silver lining…it means we’ll be closer to the beach here 🙂

  12. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Em, most of what I’ve written is about a sociological survey of Driscoll’s take on manhood. It seems useful to note that it was not as front and center in his early years as subsequent coverage can make it seem like it was. I also analyzed excerpts of the rambling Brian Houston interview with the Driscolls ot observe how Mark continues changing the story of his resignation from last October’s resignation after consulting an ad hoc committee to this year’s “God told me a trap had been set and from that I decided to quit after I agreed to submit to the restoration plan my board set up for me.”

    As for the really big one, it’ll happen at some point. It might put a dent in the age of Microsoft Windows … .

    I’ve got a lot of stuff incubating about musical forms and ideology but that’s not very easy to just set up. 🙂

  13. Em says:

    “the big one” – waay back when, growing up in So. Calif. it was often spoken of and i think that there were actually people selling desert property as a chance to invest in future beach front land

    as for Boise being safely inland – Idaho shakes pretty good now and then … perhaps a new rift will open that flushes Pend Orielle and Lake Coeur d’Alene south washing Boise all the way down to Las Vegas – it could happen any day now – Lake Mead will rise again

    just sayin 🙂

  14. Em says:

    Wenatchee Hatchet, while i’m only marginally interested in the Driscoll saga, i know that setting the record straight on that situation has been your focus
    i didn’t think you were a dooms day prophet 🙂

  15. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Thanks Em. 🙂

    If the top dogs would just actually lay low for a few years it’d be great to shift back to blogging about music, musicology, animation, biblical literature and other topics. 🙂

    That a big quake could wipe us all out up here is a reminder that no matter what legacies we may try to work for here on earth, God could providentially wipe all of that literally off of the map in a single day.

  16. London says:

    This talk is the first one of Brennan’s I ever heard. Years before he became well known
    It made a huge impact on my thinking.
    Glad it’s online now.

  17. London says:

    Shortly after my father died, my church had a silent retreat which Brennan led up at Ghost Ranch.
    His voice always takes me back to those two instances. The first time I heard him, and the intimacy and grief of that retreat.
    Bittersweet memories indeed.
    Thanks for posting him Michael.

  18. Em says:

    London, i hope the memories are more sweet than sorrowful
    your link was an unexpected reminder of many things for me also… amazing number of memories spun off of Fr. Manning’s talk… too much to post, but things to ponder as i turn in tonight

  19. Erik says:

    Here is a link that should be included in the list.

  20. Erik says:

    My bad…I didn’t look close enough but it was in there 🙂

  21. Andrew says:

    I enjoyed the link on Southern Baptists and feel I understand them much better now although I will probably never be one. but at least I feel like I could work with them to some extent.

  22. A Friend says:

    The Planned Parenthood stuff….Founded by Racist Eugenicist Margaret Sanger who Hillary Clinton loves and speaks fondly of as do other Democrat Leaders…talk about “offensive” when you read Sanger’s beliefs about race and eugenics….is pure evil.

    How do you Liberal Democrats who vote for the Pro-Death Democrats live with yourselves voting for this Party?

    You want the Dukes of Hazzard flag removed from everything b/c SLAVERY!!!! etc OK fine…but you have no problem voting for Planned Parenthood and their slaughter and butchering of human babies.

    Talk about tone deaf and the peak of hypocrisy.

  23. Josh The Baptist says:

    Gotta agree with A Friend on that one.

  24. A Friend says:

    “Ban the Dukes of Hazzard flag b/c Slavery!”

    “Gay Marriage! Gay Marriage! Bake us a cake or else!”

    “You must tolerate Islam!”

    “Planned Parenthood! Pro-Abortion! It’s our RIGHT!!!!”….and Margaret Sanger is the founder and pioneer of Planned Parenthood and was a rabid Racist and Eugenicist yet her symbolism is acceptable and her heritage is acceptable and even praised and glorified and lauded.

    When confronted about Sanger: “Well, that was SOOOOO long ago…it doesn’t matter, her Planned Parenthood organization is virtuous and good despite her racist/eugenicist beliefs and practices…and I DON’T hold those beliefs I just spit out the bad and take the good!” ….and that “Good” is slaughtering babies and harvesting their body parts.

    Yet you politically liberal “Christians” on here vote for that stuff and preach at others….

  25. A Friend says:

    Both Groups…Liberal and Conservative…in the “Church” are rank hypocrites. We all are.

    But, I guess if I had to take a side…I’m still with the Conservatives despite their toleration of their Leaderships’ sins and corruption b/c there are some things that are more evil than others…and the Liberal side of the ledger has the Conservatives beat in that regard.

  26. A Friend says:

    “Christians” in the North went to war over Slavery…

    …but can’t find enough wrong with killing babies and harvesting their body parts to get motivated about.

    If “God” was going to judge ‘Merica for its sins…he would start with the Church and if it was the “outsiders” sins…it would be Abortion and harvesting baby’s body parts before it would be the Gays getting married.

    The Gay thing is just the “freak out du jour” of the Conservatives…but they’ll cave just like they always do…and it will be acceptable in a generation.

  27. A Friend says:

    THAT is the troof….and as usual it will piss a lot of folks off…I have that gift.

  28. Michael says:

    Actually, I believe the church in this country has done a good job on the abortion issue.
    It has been the church that is consistently and constantly involved in organized and political opposition to it.

    More importantly, even in a small town like ours there are multiple places providing alternatives to abortion, all funded by local churches.

    The church has dropped the ball on lots of stuff but it is at the spearpoint of this issue.

  29. A Friend says:

    “The church has dropped the ball on lots of stuff but it is at the spearpoint of this issue.”

    It is a Democrat issue.

    How many in the “church” vote Democrat year after year?

    Do the math. If so-called “Christians” voted that issue…if so-called 70% of the US as “Christians” said NO to Abortion…there would be no Abortion in the US.

  30. A Friend says:

    There is a hierarchy of Evil.

    Abortion and harvesting Baby’s body parts is the top of that Evil Pyramid.

    I’ve seen Liberal Christians freak the you-know-what out about protecting Gay Marriage….

    …hardly a freak-out about Abortion in their own Party that protects and perpetuates that evil.

  31. A Friend says:

    Let’s tell the truth here…

    What is the most Evil act being perpetuated and tolerated in the US today if you are truly a “Christian”?

    Find me something more evil than killing babies and then harvesting their body parts…all supported and funded and protected by ‘our’ government…and a Party that is heavily supported and protected by Black conservative Christians b/c Slavery…and by White liberal Christians b/c Gay Marriage.

  32. A Friend says:

    No wonder God flooded the world and wanted to slaughter all the Amalekites.

  33. A Friend says:

    When I’m done kicking BG’s ass and holding him accountable, I think I’ll get more involved in pushing for a National Divorce or Secession Movement.

    There are some fundamental differences between the Groups and I side with the less-evil Group even though some of them have major problems.

    Interesting what David Lane and Rob McCoy are doing politically.

    I know folks in our State are having open discussions about eventually being more independent as the Liberal over-reach and Liberal fascism continues.

  34. Em says:

    we need someone to write a pseudo sanger version of “To Kill a Mocking Bird” … maybe titled “To Kill at Will” …?… pray for a skilled writer to weave a best seller about social engineering … lots of good fodder out there to draw on

    i don’t know about a “hierarchy of evil,” but there is a reason that our Lord directed us to pray to be delivered from it… our minds are no match for the devil’s … IMHO indeed, Lord, deliver us from evil

  35. SJ says:

    Good pick up on the Planned Parenthood story.
    The AP is having to circle the wagons and use the terms “fetal remains” because using fetal body parts/tissue makes you think of what is really happening.

  36. Muff Potter says:

    @ # 33,

    “I know folks in our State are having open discussions about eventually being more independent as the Liberal over-reach and Liberal fascism continues.”

    Why do I get the feeling that your “Libertarian Paradise” would be just as crushing as anything rule over by Joseph Stalin?

  37. London says:

    And for the record that post has NOTHING to do with AF.
    Didn’t even look at the thread until after I posted it and since I am a Democrat, and therefore clearly not “Christian enough”, I’ll move along for the day.

  38. Michael says:

    This is Londons link…

  39. Babylon's Dread says:

    When your article about 10 things… begins with a disclaimer of Westboro Baptist your effort is already impossible

  40. A Friend says:

    I’ve tried to walk a mile in liberal moccasins…heck I took a second lap just to make sure.

    Our Culture is eroding so quickly…I can’t sign on to Liberalism…theologically and especially politically.

    Our Nation honors a tranny as a “hero” at one of its prestigious sporting awards shows, we have the POTUS aiding and abetting an enemy of the US and Israel, we have a POTUS actively encouraging an Anti-Cop Anti-White Movement that is targeting and executing cops, we have Democrat Darling Planned Parenthood harvesting body parts of the Babies it murders, we have Liberals telling us we’re bigots if we oppose Islam and we have the Gaystapo forcing people to bake cakes and agree with their moral opinion about homosexuality “or else!”

    F that b.s.

    Give me a bible and an AR…I’m going in!!! 🙂

  41. Nonnie says:

    A Friend….I believe a lot of Americans are as frustrated as you are over these issues.

    (Of course, I know some are not.)

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