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  1. Captain Kevin says:

    Hi Friends, I’m really struggling with pain, fatigue, and vertigo right now. I have to be back to work officially in 12 days, and have so much to do to get ready for the new school year, but it’s difficult to focus on those tasks. Maybe God could send me a secretary/massage therapist/physical therapist/chiropractor.

  2. Michael says:

    Praying for you, CK.

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    Thank you, Michael. I pray for you as well, my dear friend.

  4. Em says:

    Captain, you stay in my prayers as I check faithful dusty’s list here – praying for a turn around in your health – God give you strength for the day

  5. Jean says:

    Captain Kevin,

    Paying for you.

  6. JD says:

    We’re praying for you here CK.

  7. Duane Arnold says:

    If Newman wrote only this single prayer, he would be worthy of remembrance…

  8. Michael says:

    On my way to the hospital…family nurse thinks it’s a gall bladder.

  9. em... again says:

    praying, Michael… not too bad, if caught in time, but very life threatening if not caught – it was the worst pain in my entire life (including child birth) – i told them, “get that thing out of me!” suggest you do the same 🙂 …they’ll make a little tiny incision and remove it orthoscopically (sp?) … God keep

  10. Michael says:

    It’s my gall bladder. There isn’t room on the surgical docket to take it out today so they put me on narcotics until they can.

    Em, I’ve been through a lot…and I’ve never been in this kind of pain.

  11. Dan from Georgia says:


    Will pray for you. Had mine removed after years of attacks (and years of misdiagnoses, but that’s another story). Praying you’ll feel better real soon.

  12. em... again says:

    Michael, got some granny thots that i’ll feel better if i unload them… via email

  13. Duane Arnold says:

    Heard from Michael and he is being attended to this evening. Ask for your thoughts and prayers for our brother tonight.

  14. JoelG says:

    I’m so sorry Michael. Thoughts and prayers for you.

  15. JoelG says:

    Prayers for Captain Kevin

  16. Michael says:

    So…here’s the update.

    My gall bladder finally went silent about 5:00 AM…so I got a couple hours of sleep.

    My appointment with the surgeon is Thursday.
    Then he’ll set an appointment for surgery.
    Pray that it stays silent until I get it out…this has been less fun than I’ve had in a long time…

  17. Dan from Georgia says:

    Continued prayers Michael for you brother! I’ve been there.

  18. em... again says:

    Michael, mine did the same and it was a couple weeks until surgery
    don’t want to sound smarter than i am here, but… don’t let them put you off in getting it removed – your overall health should dictate its removal – mine was removed with a tiny incision in my abdomen and they went up and got it arthroscopically (think that’s the right term) thus it was not much of an impact on me physically

    i think i’ve just given my first organ recital 🙂 may it be my last !

  19. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dan.

    Em, trust me…this thing is coming out one way or the other…the pain is pushing up my BP to places it can’t go.

  20. London says:


    Had mine out years ago. Have 4 or 5 little scars to prove it.
    Hopefully they can get you in soon because it is no fun!

    Praying it goes well for you Michael

  21. em... again says:

    That isn’t good, Michael – hope all who come here are seriously praying
    i lived in my late husband’s big comfy recliner during that time period, wish i could send it to you… way better than a bed when enduring something like this

  22. em... again says:

    London, yes! that’s the word… could not think of it – probably because i have an aversion to things medical – i get angry for some reason, but i try to be polite to the staff who must endure me at such times

  23. Michael says:

    Thank you, London.

    This has certainly disavowed me of thinking I was tough… 🙂

  24. JD says:

    Continuing to pray for you all. I remember when LBJ caused quite a stir by showing his scar on TV in the 60s, and required a week long recovery in the hospital. Treatment has come a long way since then.;)

  25. dusty says:

    oh my! Praying for Captain Kevin and for Michael….have mercy Lord.

  26. dusty says:

    remember in prayer

    Michael – needs gull bladder surgery

    Captain Kevin – Hi Friends, I’m really struggling with pain, fatigue, and vertigo right now. I have to be back to work officially in 12 days, and have so much to do to get ready for the new school year, but it’s difficult to focus on those tasks. Maybe God could send me a secretary/massage therapist/physical therapist/chiropractor.

    Captain Kevin -I seem to be in a season of great difficulty with my fibromyalgia and arthritis. In addition to the normal achiness, I’m having frequent moments of excruciating pain, especially in my neck and left shoulder. I recently had some injections, which normally work really well, but this time not so much.
    Also, when pain kicks in like this, it triggers depression

    Michael – Calvary Chapel pastor Mike Neglia of Cork, Ireland was struck by a car while running this morning in Orange County. Keep him in your prayers and his family as well…

    Michael- my old friend had indeed been the person that had allegedly shot and killed her husband, and may have an alcohol problem.

    JoelG – If you could pray for the guys at The Home in downtown Portland. That they know they are loved by our Lord beyond comprehension.

    JoelG- can no longer do outreach in a certain area because it caused him to infect his home with bedbugs….pray he finds a solution that does not harm his family.

    Michael – Please pray for a young man I just took to the ER from the skatepark,
    20 years old, homeless, drunk, and injured.
    He’s a mess, but he matters.

    Jean – For the survivors (and their families) of violence in Manchester, Egypt, and Syria, for the readers here, and for all people according to their needs:

    JTK – banned from local collage , review is pending

    Michael- recovering from colonoscopy. waiting results

    Scooter Jones- son is suicidal , not doing well

    Lurkie Loo -I have a dear friend who was just diagnosed on Valentine’s day with inoperable Stage 4 glioblastoma (brain cancer). She is 44.

    Captain Kevin – a childhood friend who unfriended me on FB for my conservative views. This was after referring to me and some of my friends as scum of the earth along with other names I wouldn’t repeat here. I appealed on the basis of an almost lifelong friendship and that I not only respected him for holding well-reasoned views but that we had much more in common than not. He would have none of it. I grieve over a lost friendship as well as my part in the destruction.

    Captain Kevin – Strep, sinus infection, inflamed ear canal, and the pain that comes when the fibromyalgia flares up in response.

    surfer51 (david) “stage four” prostate cancer.

    John 20:29 – cousin Jerry has prostate cancer

    Erunner- mom has blocked arteries and COPD

    Michael- upcoming surgery, tumor on his thyroid and spot on his lung, very ill,

    Lennea- sister salvation and cancer My sister has asked me to not contact her anymore as I brought her information about a pending lawsuit against her (from the school district she teaches in). I pray that she would draw near to the Lord and confess her own sins.

    filbertz – nephew’s 16-year-old son who evidently accidentally shot himself new year’s eve, still in pain over drew’s death.

    JD – young step nephew shot himself in the head the day after Christmas 2016.

    Linnea – Dannie is out of her back brace and is starting to move normally. I know as she ages, all these broken bones could cause her trouble. Thank you for your prayers for her recovery. Would you pray that the Lord would minimize the lifelong affects of this skiing accident to her 16 year old body?

    Erunner- wife RA

    Paige- 4 boys to be pleasing to God

    Captain kevin – new direction for he and his wife, work load, health

    Dan -new direction for he and wife, looking for a new church

    E munro- sadness,concern and confusion over major changes at cccm and seemingly lack of concern on pastors part

    UnCCed- still hurting over treatment from her church

    Luisa- hurt by church

    the least of these-hurt by church

    Disillusioned-hurt by church

    Bart- hurt by church
    need a safe place to worship, dealing with pain and PTSD
    Dan from Georgia
    Randall slack
    One of the little ones

  27. mk says:

    Joining in prayer for Michael and Captain today. Kevin, vertigo is no fun. Had it years ago for three weeks…just awful. Meds (for me) made it worse. I’ve since read that sleep is key – allowing the brain to rest and begin healing.

    Michael – praying for your gall bladder to go silent until your surgical date.

  28. bob1 says:

    Let’s all hold Senator John McCain and his family up in prayer.

  29. Michael says:

    Last night my silent gall bladder got very, very, loud.
    I’m scheduled to see the surgeon to set a date for it’s removal at 11 this morning.
    Pray (if you will) that I get there safely and he decides to remove it immediately.
    Pray also that the pain stays subsided or manageable…this has me in a bad way.

  30. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Praying for medical success.

  31. Xenia says:

    Lord, have mercy.

  32. Michael says:

    Thank you my friends…going to try and navigate that way now.

  33. em... again says:

    don’t like to hear that the pain is back – joining the prayers for today – Lord, turn the surgeon’s heart and mind to an urgency to bless Michael with skill and understanding

    i was told once that, if you want to get action, call an ambulance… Michael may need a ‘go fund me’ account

  34. Kevin H says:

    Praying, Michael.

  35. em... again says:

    praying also for the Captain today… it isn’t much easier for him right now, is it?

  36. Duane Arnold says:

    In our thoughts and prayers, Michael…

  37. Jean says:


    Praying for you and your healthcare providers.

  38. dusty says:

    Praying again today for the Captain and for Michael……Remember Your mercy Lord! please!

  39. Michael says:

    Thanks to all for the prayers.

    The surgeon agreed that the gallbladder needs to come out…but we have to wait for up to two weeks for insurance to be approved.

    We persevere… 🙂

  40. Jean says:

    Michael, if anyone can, you can. You crusty, tough, and merciful SOB. I love you brother!

  41. Em says:

    Michael, I too had to wait until my nurse daughter could be freed up to cart me to and from the hospital (in at noon and out a few hours later)… But I didn’t have your other health issues… I know your family will keep an eye on you, if you let them
    Please lay low and enjoy the excuse to do so…
    Our insurance system is a tangled mess, let’s all be praying for some Divine intervention here

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