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41 Responses

  1. Oh my…Praying right now.

  2. n o m a n s says:

    Father, that you would heal. Breath health into Michael right now. Your breath is life, and in it lies healing and creation. Newness of cells. Newness of tissue. We are calling upon your willingness, born of Your great love, to touch and heal our brother…
    Now Lord.

  3. nancy says:


  4. erunner says:


  5. catherine fuerst says:

    Lord have mercy…

  6. Xenia says:

    Lord, have mercy

  7. Bob Sweat says:


  8. PP Veteran 2006-2011 says:

    Strength to you, Michael

  9. Kevin H says:


  10. Sarah says:


  11. Ixtlan says:

    Praying for Michael……

  12. Em says:

    praying that our faithful, loving Lord intends this for good

  13. jlo says:


  14. Lutheran says:

    Lord, hear our cries for Michael

  15. Tim says:


  16. steve v says:

    Praying right now

  17. Michael says:

    I’m stable…medically, at least. Will be in hospital for few days. Thank you and God bless you all for caring.

  18. Nonnie says:

    Amen, to Noman’s prayer above. The cry of our hearts for our friend. Bless him with rest and recovery, we pray.

  19. Mike Aware says:

    Praying for you bro. You’re not done yet. We still need you…I love you Micheal.

  20. covered says:

    God bless you Michael.

  21. Michael Sewell says:


  22. nene says:

    praying michael!!!

  23. mk says:

    joining in prayer!

  24. Shaun Sells says:

    Praying in Cheyenne.

  25. Chile says:


  26. Oh Michael, you don’t need this. Praying that God not only restores your health in this issues, but returns you to a full robust life.

  27. Ixtlan says:

    Michael contacted me via text and he is having surgery tomorrow. I don’t know anything else beyond that. Let’s keep him in prayer.

  28. Michael says:

    I’m having surgery on the lung in the morning and they put a chest tube in today. I’m in considerable discomfort but have had great peace through the day. Thank you for caring and praying.

  29. Paige says:

    Just now read this update. So sorry for this trial Michael…but our Sovereign God is in control, even in this, even in this. Prayers for you, for God’s blessings and best, recovery, rest and renewal…. Rest well. God bless you.

  30. Em says:

    praying for a successful repair and Lord, continue to give peace, ease the pain – You are faithful; provide what You know is needed for your child’s recovery – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Thank You

  31. DavidH says:

    Praying for Michael.

  32. Joining everyone here in praying. Michael, you are loved!

  33. Mark says:

    Praying this morning that Michael’s surgery is successful- the the Lord guides the surgeon’s hands

  34. Em says:

    praying against the destroyer now – praying for the Kingdom of our Lord to prevail against the gates of hell …

  35. ( |o )====::: says:

    Mr. Michael,
    Speedy recovery!

  36. brian says:

    I have no great prayers Michael, I actually fear asking God for anything, but if you need any tangible needs, please let us know. I dont have much, but will offer what I can.

  37. Em says:

    brian, God looks at the heart, not the words, don’tcha know 🙂 i think many times a simple, desperate cry of, “Oh, God” carries great weight

  38. Apple of His Eye says:

    Wow, just learned of your condition MIchael….Praying for a complete recovery!

  39. Jilian says:

    Heavenly father waiting with a rolling tears on my knee since 3 years if it is Your Will alive my dead marriage. Father convict my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery break his adulterous relationship. Father protect me & my daughter from all evil & mental torture. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

  40. Lutheran says:

    Prayers are ascending.

  41. Tim says:

    I’m also praying for Jilian & her husband.

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