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  1. Cathy Andrews says:

    You are, as usual thought provoking and at the same time, you are very funny! You say the things that need to be said…no apologies necessary…bless you for reminding us that our identity is IN Christ…keep up the challenges to all of us…keep making us think!!

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    Just one more thing

    People who ‘like’ themselves will just find one more bit of identity to fortify their soul. People who struggle might get something to help gain self-understanding. People who see hierarchies everywhere will see another here. I was slow to engage, and easy on the adoption. As per those who think it to be the devil’s trick? Meh! The evil one has better weapons. I think whatever it is it’s probably Trumps fault, inspired by the Russians, lied about by the deep state and should be added to the impeachment charges.

    8WingNut Dread

  3. Duane Arnold says:


    Just as an observation… I’ve worked with a few younger clergy. Some of them make use of Enneagram in their teaching and churches. I’ve noticed, however, that this is mainly done by those who “fast tracked” their ordination process, that is, they did not go through the lengthy psychological evaluations normally expected. I have an instinct they believe that somehow enneagram makes up for this lack of evaluation. I could be wrong, but it is something I’ve observed…

  4. bob1 says:

    Does anyone know: is it true that the ennegram has its origins with the
    Jesuits in some long-ago century? That’s what I’ve heard.

    To me, it’s like Myers-Briggs — a tool to help see how you relate to others
    and the world around you. Nothing more, nothing less.

    But I do get Michael’s skepticism, at the same time…

  5. Steve says:

    The Enegram and Myers Briggs personality indicators and similar tests can be fun ice breaking conversation starters and party games but I wouldn’t use it for hiring anyone. Personally I think the Clifton strength based assessment may be more dangerous since the bottom line is if your perceived strengths don’t match up well with the corporate or Christian ministry you are working for, you probably be out of job. There no such thing as improving or getting better where you are weak in this system. It’s all about excelling where you are strong. Not a very biblical idea in my opinion. Some may disagree.

  6. Xenia says:

    Back when I wanted to be an important person at my old CC, I took that goofy temperament test, which was very popular at that time. As I was in an ambitious stage of life, the results always came out for choleric, which basically meant, BOSSY. <— Which is what I was in those days and which lead to my downfall and ultimate rescue by God, but at the time I believed it gave me permission to be a jerk, which I took full advantage of.

    When I take similar tests now (for fun), the results are always along the line of "You are a person who should stay in your study all day and night with your cat and dog, a cup of tea, and a book about mysterious medieval events." So since that's "who I am," I can indulge myself guilt-free. (Not!)

    So these tests are probably of the devil, is my conclusion. You can use them to justify your worst qualities.

  7. Paige says:

    I find it so interesting that many say “I’ve heard that it came from xyz”, when the actual origins of the Enneagram are easily found with even a minimal google search. https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/the-traditional-enneagram and (while Wikipedia is dubious, this is an accurate report) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enneagram_of_Personality

    MrFixit will eventually post today further information on the subject. He has done extensive ‘background checks’ on the subject and it’s gurus.

    Yes Michael. our identity is found in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Bible.

    We have given thesubject of the Enneagram a good deal of review as we have seen friends in large church leadership positions promote the Enneagram, even using substantial sums of tithe and offering funds to ‘train’ staff and family of staff in the Enneagram. We have watched numerous friends divert the focus of their discipleship from the Scriptures to it.

    Zondervan and Lifeway are making BANK on the self-focused naivete of those who should know better. I am hoping it’s just another foolish fad, though a good deal of participants’ time and money will have been wasted.

    Marcia Montenegro, a former professional astrologist and now seminary trained apologist has several articles on her webpage http://www.christiananswersforthenewage.org/ and her Facebook pages.

  8. At our local rescue/recovery mission, we use a tool called LIFE LANGUAGES. We find it very helpful in helping clients unravel some of the reasons they do what they do. Another tool, though not connected to personality type is something called GENESIS PROCESS (www.genesisprocess.org). So good at dealing with deep wounds, trauma, shame, and harmful attitudes, reflexes and habits of which we are often unaware.

  9. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    When I was hired by a CC church a few years ago, I instituted what is classically considered the definitive HR tool for evaluating candidates for hire. I used it extensively in my business as well. Far better than the Enneagram. Here it is:


  10. MM says:


    What I like about this thread is it proves one can learn something new every day.

    First time in all my years I have ever even heard of an Enneagram.

    Must have been sheltered.
    I guess I’ll have to google it now to learn more.

  11. The pattern in reminiscent of the sefirot (Kabbalah), a bridge, perhaps, between that and MBTI which is also pseudo-occultic in nature? Whatever Jung, influenced by the occult, came up with isn’t clinical psychology which is science-based. It took decades after Freud and Jung for clinical, science based psychology to gain ground. Yet silliness like this remains. Easy answers tickle the brain. These are non answers.

    -speaking as an IN… Whatever… I can’t remember what pigeon hole into which I was classified. Yet in my 20s, it was certainly validating! A better estimation of who you are is likely better gleaned over wine or a six pack with your BFFs and brutal honesty.

  12. Shortypoe lockins says:

    I just came across an old thread I left on another sight…

    God sent me a candy gram for Mongo. I have been much happier sense!

  13. Shorty says:

    Enemas, Labrynths, Promise Keepers


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