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  1. Steve says:

    There is no recourse inside many of these churches for victims so the shame of the public court is all that’s left…
    I agree there is NO recourse and the shame part may convince some to change but my opinion is changing on this subject. I’m not sure it’s possible for some CC pastor’s that have manifested abuse to be shamed and more importantly repent after being shamed. I’ve given up on the leaders of this cult. Only God can convict these men of their evil especially when they have themselves convinced they have the mantle of Chuck who had the mantle of Moses.

  2. Just one of His lambs says:

    “I promise you this, CC pastor…if you book the Rozells, I will you “feature” you prominently on this site…daily…”

    Yes ! Name and shame them!

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael, I’m with you on all but #9. Avocados are delicious, versatile and healthy. Don’t hate me.

  4. Michael says:

    No hate….I’m a food ecumenist as long as I don’t have to share in the food…avocados disgust me!

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    I have a hard time believing that any pastor would allows the Rozells within a mile of his church. Don’t even come near my people, you cultish scum!

  6. Michael says:

    I have reports that many CC guys think the PFM scandal was no big deal and the creation of one rabid blogger…all I can say is that I won’t let go until justice is done…

  7. Em says:

    #4 – i recall a high priest declaring that it was better that one should die than the whole nation… Is it better to kill the Faith of some than to cause the church to lose butts in the pews?
    Is the bottom line (no pun intended) the contents of the collection plate?
    Food for thought when Michael thinks…. again. ?

  8. Steve says:

    Nothing worse than a bad avocado but when they are good, they are the best. Avocados are my favorite food but it’s hard to find a consistent supplier that are of good quality. Many times I’ve had to throw out ones I just bought.

  9. Em says:

    Can’t make a really good taco without mashed avocado – that said, i have two daughters who’d agree with Michael completely. It is a genetic abnormality… ?

  10. Jean says:


    Try Aldi. The private German-owned grocery store chain consistently sells quality avocados at very good prices. In fact they are very competitive in several food categories.

  11. Steve says:

    Hi Jean,. I’ll give it a try. I have a Lidl that’s similar to Aldi that close as well. So far I’ve had decent luck at BJ’s. Believe it or not Trader Joe’s has been the worst. Wal-Mart is decent The avocados imported from Mexico seem to be good.

  12. Kevin H says:

    Steve would probably go to Acme to get his avocados so that he can then talk to his butcher with the MDiv. 😉

  13. Kevin H says:

    Old inside joke for those who have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂

  14. Kevin H says:

    But speaking of avocados, I must agree with Michael on this one. Especially when they are used to make snot….. I mean guacamole.

  15. Xenia says:

    I love avocado toast.

    We always shop at the local Grocery Outlet where they sell really good avocados for 3 for a dollar.

    I had a friend who was proud of her ability to speak Spanish. She had gone to the local Mexican grocery store and couldn’t understand why the clerk didn’t understand her when she requested a case of avocados (“aguacates”). That’s because she told him she wanted a case of lawyers (“abogados”).

  16. Eric says:

    A prominent Australian thinker wrote that the young people at the next table in the cafe were eating “smashed avocado” (never heard of that before) and complaining that they could afford to buy a house. Since then, In Australian discourse, avocados stand for young people wasting their money. Though I have seen the same in foreign sources too, so unsure if it originated here. When I read #9, I was unsure if you were complaining about linguistic usage or the actual food.

  17. Steve says:

    Kevin,. Ever since the ACME went Purpose Driven and missional I don’t go as much. However, I did hear that Aldi and Lidl do have some of the better German Lutheran theologians on staff.?

  18. Not an Attorney says:

    The SBC Lawsuit is certainly one to watch since a ruling in the plaintiffs favor could have a ripple effect in many states especially in California.

    This SBC lawsuit combined with California’s new Statute of limitations for sexual assault law could create some major liability for many churches who claim autonomy but have affiliation with a larger organization.

    Perhaps its time to reevaluate whether affiliation to a certain brand makes sense.

  19. Jim says:

    Avocados are a super-food, akin to creamy advil.

    Heartily agree re Packer and the Joker.

  20. CCSanJose, led by Mike Maclure, removed PFM from their website. I hope not to see them return. Nothing was communicated to the laity, no surprise. That’s sad, as it could be a good witness. A few sermons and transparency about that whole debacle would be great, and edifying. As a parent, whom do I trust with my lambs? I’m not sure.

  21. Michael says:


    I only allowed T to be where those in charge understood their legal obligation to protect him.
    Thus, he has only gone to church with me…

  22. Shorty Poe Lockins says:

    Scripture will also pull your joints out of socket, so to speak.

    Trying to avoid the hype, but I am keenly interested in the joker movie. After that I’m going to watch Young Einstein. They’re only electrons, Mary.

    Perhaps, like the Curse of refined of sugar in American diets, the American church has become so used to having saccharine dumped in our ears – or at least having our cultural tribalism played to – we can no longer really adjudicate the fruit of any so-called trees.

  23. Em says:

    spinning off of #5 a bit…
    heard a wonderful sermon Sunday from a black pastor in Houston… entitlement vs. grace… wonderful because i hadn’t realized that some of the things i regret were actually me feeling “entitled.” had a little talk with God apologizing – willfully blind? likely
    p.s. after age 65 or so, if you are a Believer a wonderful way to fall asleep is to start at the beginning of your life and go year by year thanking God for blessings… it is surprising what you will remember – things that at the time you just took for granted… especially some dear, patient Believers that God brought into your life, perhaps…… 🙂

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