First Public Update On Bob Coy

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  1. Jean says:

    I watched until he got to the “Coy Family Care Plan”. Then I got sick to my stomach and quit.

    What do some (most?) evangelical churches have against the cross?

  2. I hate prayers that are sermons or that sound like announcements to God. I really hate hearing someone address the congregation through prayer. Just annoying.

  3. David says:

    Not surprised

  4. Gina Wheelock says:

    Four months? I really doubt that a fog that thick could begin to clear in four months. I’m nine years out and still having fresh revelations about who I really was when God rescued me

  5. Mostly sounds healthy to me in terms of the update. Though it is not much information it is mostly PR talk. But the conversation about God is cheesy and chummy. He discovers that God has a sense of humor and realizes some cool things about God’s sovereignty and muses over God’s weirdness. The process sounds pretty good. The dude is kookie.

    He’s getting a better shake than they gave to Haggard. 10-15% drop means the church is doing better too.

  6. Michael says:

    I don’t know why I bothered to watch it…I can write that script from a sound sleep.
    Same stuff, different day.

  7. jmarino516 says:

    Michael with all due respect, are you so jaded that you cannot rejoice even a little in news that there is hope for restoration? God is at work in the life of Bob and his family and in the church. This particular story has been very painful for people who have known and loved these people. Instead of holding up scores as to how we think they are doing handling this, shouldn’t we be praying and rejoicing in what God is doing in this? SSDD? I cannot say that about anything that God is doing.

  8. jmarino516 says:

    Jean, we don’t have anything against it. We just don’t nail people to it for failing. Jesus took that on for us.

  9. PP Vet says:

    Very nice. Thanks very much for posting this, Michael.

  10. brian says:

    barf I wish they would stop saying that it ticks me off no end be honest the speaker before the Pastor said it again and it just makes me want to through the computer right through the window. He said “Its your church”. not its not and never has been I am barely a guest. So stop it. Sorry I just had to get that off my chest thank you.

  11. Michael says:


    There sounded like act 1 of pulpit restoration to me.
    Give the update, then preach a bit on grace and restoration.
    Do we update the church when the plumber and his wife are working through infidelity?
    Do we pay them to get counseling?
    Do we support them and applaud them for doing what most people have to do on their own out of their own pockets?
    When most folks get fired, the former employers don’t update everyone on how they’re doing…cause they got fired for a reason.

    I’m glad they have hope…but no more happy than for anyone else who is trying to rebuild their lives.

  12. Michael says:


    To be honest…yes, I’m that jaded.
    I don’t give a rats rear end how Bob Coy is doing.
    His family…yes.

  13. Michael, I am curious as to what you wanted them to say.I thought Stephan explained well how fallen souls fight through difficulties – how we first try to fix it ourselves until we give up and as the saying goes “let God.”

    Would it have been better had they brought Coy out in chains?

    You need to put the best construction on things.As id often the complaint here that churches don’t care about the people – you come along and whack them for helping a church family.

    I know I hold the minority view and many will come out of the woodwork to whack me – but hey, Coy is gone and the church is open.

  14. Michael says:


    If they would do the same for any of the members of the church I’m ok with it.

  15. “Do we update the church when the plumber and his wife are working through infidelity?”

    I am sure that in the Bible times, that people were going through the infidelity of David who were not given Bible time – didn’t have their story told, didn’t have God publicly restore them etc.

    Are you saying God plays favorites like you say of CCFL?

  16. jmarino516 says:

    Michael, of all that I have read here, reading that you do not care about a brother because of how he fell is probably the most disheartening. He is still a brother, beloved of God. I will respond further off the list, but I want you to really consider a few things. The plumber you mentioned has the luxury of anonymity. Bob doesn’t get to have that. Most people don’t get fired for what Bob got fired, suspended, removed, or whatever you want to call it for. The plumber does not lose his job.

    Over the last several months I have spent time just about every day with people working at letting God clean up their sin. It is an amazing process and one that every pastor should have to witness before he has to experience it himself. We truly need to be careful when we think we stand. If Jesus were here right now and we were all holding the stones, and He said let the one of you without sin cast the first one, who here could throw one? Yes, we have to discuss this because it is part of what is discussed here, and we have to learn from it, but what we should not be doing is condemning Bob or comparing his situation to the plumber, lawyer, or computer programmer up the street.

  17. Gina Wheelock says:

    I refuse to believe that anyone with the carrot of “ministry” dangling in front of them will achieve the sense of utter helplessness that is required for such a “surgery” . To hear this well meaning friend speak of Bob 2.0 so soon tells me he probably has no idea what is needed here. I pray for healing through and through and truth in the inner most parts, but this update had some very worrisome vernacular within it. I hope for a better result for the Coys than a quick fix.

  18. Michael says:


    I don’t care about Bob because I don’t know Bob personally, but I do know the back story to this mess.
    The idea that Coy is somehow entitled to special dispensations because he managed to get famous makes me vomit.
    I don’t condemn Coy…but he is no more special than the people who have to gut out the ramifications of their sin privately without a staff or salary.

  19. Michael says:


    What I’m saying is that I don’t buy that the pastor is any more important than anyone else in the church.
    He has more responsibility, but that is especially true when he falls.

  20. So, if no money changed hands, you would be OK with everything?

    I will rejoice in his repentance and healing and will choose not to hold it against him just because he was famous.

  21. Jim says:

    Just wow. This guy has manipulative speech down pat, and the sheep laugh and applaud.

    I guess I’m not as jaded as I thought I was, because I’m honestly surprised.

  22. Michael says:


    I’m as jaded as you thought you were. 🙂
    As soon as he was a few minutes in, I knew the whole script that was coming.

  23. Jim, I don’t understand your comment about manipulation. Bob Coy is a zero balance asset to CCFL – he is in fact 100% liability.
    It seems to me, if they were trying to manipulate the crowd it would be to convince they why they have shunned Bob Coy and why they want nothing to do with him.

    What is the upside to what they are doing? Nothing – that’s why I think they are genuine.

  24. Michael says:


    If he was a 100% liability, they wouldn’t say anything at all.
    If he was a 100% liability they wouldn’t be intentionally and specifically leaving the door open for his return.

  25. Xenia says:

    Seriously, if this guy is truly repentant we should all be rejoicing.

    And since none of us have any personal contact with him, it wouldn’t kill us to believe the best.

    -Xenia, who has had to repent of quite a few sins in her life and is glad the quality of her repentance was not held up for review on a stranger’s blog.

  26. Michael, the difference between you and me in these matters is that i judge what I see and hear – you judge the heart … and you have judged the heart of CCFL’s leadership tonight.

  27. Michael says:

    I’m judging what I see and hear…with a great deal more knowledge of the situation than you have and that I care to print.
    If Coy is repentant, then good for Coy.
    However, I don’t celebrate his repentance any more than any other persons.

  28. Xenia says:

    However, I don’t celebrate his repentance any more than any other persons.<<<

    Yet the Lord said:

    I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

    So I will rejoice with the angels.

  29. “with a great deal more knowledge of the situation than you have and that I care to print.”

    Actually you have more gossip than I do.

    But hey, aside from that, what you have been saying is that you know (from your inside sources) that Stephan Tchividjian spent the hour purposely deceiving the congregation. That he knows something absolutely different than his words.

    That is a serious charge.

  30. Michael says:


    That’s not what I said.
    That is a major twisting of what I said.
    If I wanted to say that, I would say that.
    This one may have put us over the top…I’m sick of this .

  31. Michael, it is simple – did Stephan Tchividjian properly represent the CCFL and Bob Coy situation or not. You were critical of his talk and you said that you know more about the real situation than I do.

    So show me the error of my way – truth or as Jim said manipulation (which is the same as lying)

    Help me.

  32. Michael says:


    Had I gone to bed as I planned, your lie would have been there overnight and into the morning.
    I don’t appreciate that and I’m tired of this pattern of misrepresentation.
    Yes, I’m critical of this…I don’t believe that all the cards are on the table and this is a prelude to Coy’s restoration to the pulpit at some point.
    Knowing the back story, I don’t believe that such a position is in any way appropriate after four months.
    Now, you’re free to disagree with me…but you’re not free to twist my words ever again.
    Last warning…I have neither the time or energy to deal with someone doing this.

  33. victorious says:

    I am all for the executive leadership team offering the acute and private counsel and care for his family . Bravo for them in recognizing that Bob’s wife, daughter and son did not choose this. Does anyone realize that in addition to despising his wife Bob chose to despise his obligation and mentor to his children? Does anyone realize that Bob chose to defraud at least several sisters according to IThessalonians 4 ?

    Bob’s restoration team should consist of a group of everyday men and women, some who had their spouses be the violators amd some who were once the violators/ deceivers in their marriage but who are now proven as broken repentant people who have lived out real repentance maybe even having to live with consequences they can not reverse in this lifetime.

    You see it is these people who bear the image of God and posess the Spirit and who can testify to the grace of God being lavished in an environment of the fear of The Lord ; who can evaluate if Bob manifests the realities of baseline discipleship and wants to live for the glory of God without sharing any of it himself.

  34. Since I hurt you, I apologize – that is not my intent. You mocked his talk since comment #6. I don’t think I twisted your words at all. When you brought up the idea that you have the ‘back story’ knowledge that I lack, it was like saying “if you knew what I know, you wouldn’t believe these guys either.”

    Go back and read some of your comments. I find it hard to believe that you would think it was better if they said nothing – but then they get spanked either way.

    Now, the only thing I would have done different is i would have had a session of corporate confession, everyone on their knees, in “we are all Bob Coys in our own way”, and a good round of absolution and I would have ended the service with the bread and the wine unto the forgiveness of sin. Let people walk out under that power.

  35. Pastor Brian David Laurie says:

    I have never been a fan of Bob Coy. I believe that it should be years, if ever, that Bob climbs into a senior pastorate again. But he’ll probably start another church in a few years and be recognized for his “success”.

    Bob should thank God every day for the opportunity of restoration without having to worry about getting up and going to work each day. Most people don’t have that luxury. I did, and am truly grateful for the opportunity to put my life on hold for almost two months and deal with my alcoholism. I can’t begrudge Bob getting the same treatment. I hope he is a good steward of this time.

    If I could give Bob any advise, i would tell him not to ever try to convince anyone that he is getting better, but to personalize the fact the he (as all of us are) has the righteousness equal to filthy rags and yet we have the righteousness of Christ. The minute you try to convince people you are getting spiritual is the minute you have short circuited all your progress. However, he was good at playing the false humility role, and he needs to sweep that away from his repertoire.

    That “service” was nothing more than PR. But I think that church has gone through a lot and that they needed some type of affirmation.

  36. Pastor Brian David Laurie says:

    absolutely brilliant.

  37. Bob Sweat says:

    For Coy to get through this and finish well would be great. Personally, I feel the process should take years rather than months, but that’s me.

    The speaker told the church that the board will be transparent. However, that transparency does not include revealing to the church how much money will be spent helping the Coys. I find that to be pretty typical. It certainly isn’t transparency. Using the excuse by telling the people that their financial affairs are private, so revealing the financials about helping the Coys should remain private is bull spit! The people of the church should know how every penny is spent. Again, my opinion.

  38. Oh No says:

    ‘I don’t believe that all the cards are on the table and this is a prelude to Coy’s restoration to the pulpit at some point.”


  39. Bob Sweat says:

    “If I could give Bob any advise, i would tell him not to ever try to convince anyone that he is getting better, but to personalize the fact the he (as all of us are) has the righteousness equal to filthy rags and yet we have the righteousness of Christ. The minute you try to convince people you are getting spiritual is the minute you have short circuited all your progress. However, he was good at playing the false humility role, and he needs to sweep that away from his repertoire.”

    “That “service” was nothing more than PR. But I think that church has gone through a lot and that they needed some type of affirmation.”

    Well Spoken

  40. Dodger Dog says:

    Bob Coy should never be allowed to be the pastor of CCFTL ever again. If he IS eventually reinstated, then may CCA remove the church’s affiliation. Knowing what I know, his actions have disqualified him permanently. No exception. No entitlements. He should have counted the cost and damage caused before he made the awful choice to sin. God requires holiness in the inward parts. God have mercy on all of us. Sin is serious and so is being involved in the ministry. We are held to a stricter judgment and standard.

  41. Learner says:

    Three thoughts –

    1. Tullian’s brother looks like Franklin Graham

    2. The show must go on…

    3. I’m tempted to judge Bob and the whole situation and then I’m reminded of my own sin and the enormity of God’s grace.

  42. Pastor Brian David Laurie says:

    I think that would be outside of CCA’s jurisdiction and until they are first willing to clean their own house, they have no right to attempt to clean someone else’s. But then again, they have already set a precedent that they will do what they please, isn’t that right?

  43. Dodger Dog says:

    PBDL – I disagree with you. It would be completely in CCA’s jurisdiction. Does not mean they would, it’s only my opinion.

  44. Pastor Brian David Laurie says:

    Come on dodger, you and I both know that the regional pastors are supposed to have autonomy within their own regions. How that works in your region, is beyond me. In the case of Coy in Florida, the decision would fall on Malcolm Wild.

  45. Dodger Dog says:

    I believe Malcolm would agree with me.

  46. Pastor Brian David Laurie says:

    @39 thanks

    @45 I’ll take your word for it, don’t know Malcolm. That is the way the system is currently set up.

  47. SJ says:

    I do not believe there should be any care fund except a group of loving people to support the kids and wife. The annual dollar figure for coy was 500k floating around the interwebs. Coy can kick down a 100k or more while the family is broken up out of his own pocket. Take that care fund money of the people which is Jesus’ and plant a church or three. Donate to Haiti, Hungary, Ukraine etc…

  48. London says:

    I vote for Ukraine!

  49. valeribarnes says:

    Absolutely awesome! God is so good and so faithful.

  50. CrucifiED says:

    What is wrong with some of you people? Could you misunderstand and twist Michael’s points and words any more?

    A person’s thoughts and feelings about restoring someone to a ministry where they abused the power of their position and hurt many people very deeply is not the same as how one feels (especially a fellow Christian) about that man’s relationship with Christ and his family.

    I’ve seen or been around similar situations in both big and small churches and it was the same thing. People who commit acts that disqualify them from their position want to deal with their shame by rushing back into ministry so things can get back to normal.

    Those who try to think it through more carefully and use wisdom so that the pastor, his family and all the people he ministered to will find true healing and restoration before going back are accused of not caring about the man and his restoration. That is a horrible lie to tell and horrible way to characterized a person such as some of you are doing to Michael right now.

    As Michael speaks to this issue, he has been communicating his concern for the women involved, the members of the church who have lost their pastor and most importantly the family; Bob himself and his wife and children. It is a valid concern he is sharing now as we are probably seeing the same pattern in CCFL as we’ve heard happened in others for quick restoration.

    So how does Michael’s concern for true and wise restoration for all those hurt by the situation turn into being a man whose heart is so jaded he doesn’t care about Coy’s restoration? Only because some of you are choosing to characterize Michael that way even though YOU KNOW from all he has shared with us throughout the years that he is nothing like the kind of person you are accusing him of being right now.

  51. papiaslogia says:

    There is a double standard if the church funds counseling for its leaders but not the laity.

    BC should not be in a pulpit again. Teachers and elders are held to higher standards than those in the pews. And because nowhere in the NT is restoration to ministry platform ever mentioned should cause those of us who aspire to such a role a level of caution.

    But I feel that should BC ever come back to CCFTL, he would be welcomed back – and the church would be willing to take the 5-10% hit to attendance his return would cause.

    Most CC folks don’t seem to care about this issue. They want to be aligned or known for attending “Insert famous name’s Church”.

  52. CrucifiED,
    When Michael accuses me of twisting his words, I always tell him to go back and read his posts
    You ask – ” … turn into being a man whose heart is so jaded he doesn’t care about Coy’s restoration?

    Perhaps it comes from when he wrote —– see #12

    “To be honest…yes, I’m that jaded.
    I don’t give a rats rear end how Bob Coy is doing.
    His family…yes.

    I respect Michael enough to take him at his word.

  53. PP Vet says:

    One can use a person’s words to misrepresent his intent. People do that with God all the time.

  54. Now I must be 1005 clear here – I don’t care one iota about Bob Coy – restoration to God is 100% in his hands … not God’s. God has already made clear his intent – should Bob choose not to respond, that is his choice. Personally I don’t waste prayers on folks that have it all in their hands.

  55. Jean says:

    When I hear about the “Coy Family Care Plan”, this is what comes into my simple mind: “I built this, now I’m entitled to an annuity.” Maybe that is skepticism, but whatever happened to “this is God’s money, to build His kingdom”? Or does the Coy Family Care Plan qualify as alms?

    This is just how large corporations behave.

  56. Jim says:


    You might want to read your own posts on the earlier BC thread.

    CrucifiED-well said.

    I’ll applaud BC when he stops taking money from the church, gets a job, and sits in the pew with the other repentant, redeemed sinners.

    “Yay, our adulterous pastor got caught, is taking a paid vacation, and is learning that adultery is wrong, but don’t you worry, he’ll be back soon because God… (insert David reference here)” doesn’t work for me.

    “God told me, ‘welcome to my world'”. Um, yeah…. God said that to his BFF Stephan.

  57. Chico says:

    I’ve attended my Calvary Chapel church for over 30 years now and I’ve met many of the original players as well as Bob Coy…When I was told about Bob the night before it was announced to CCFL, I wept. I still get weepy when I think about the pain it has caused everyone involved. And honestly it’s maddening to see how Christians respond to these sorts of failures. As many of you know, I come from a homosexual background and have always had a love/hate relationship with the church. I tend to have more compassion for the unsaved then I do Christians; yet at the same time I realize that all of human kind bare the image of God and he loves us and that we are all desperately in need of his forgiveness. I once told my pastor that I struggle with loving Christians because of how they treat homosexual and tend to beat each other up. His response was “Chico, God loves the church and I’m working on it”. There go I but by the grace of God!!!

  58. Gosh, I am just so grateful to be a zillion miles away from the CC style of ‘church’, ‘ministry’, etc. The whole system of celebrity ‘pastors’, attempts at ‘restoration’ are so disconnected from reality. IMO, there is no chance of true mental, emotional or spiritual health and well being within a huge church. We humans are not meant to ever be famous or ‘powerful’ performers in front of adoring crowds.

    Rock star style church makes me nauseous.

    I feel sad, very sad and sick in my heart and soul for Diane, the children, extended family and friends, whose lives have been decimated by the repeated choices Bob made. Outsiders will NEVER comprehend the impact. There is no going back. A popped balloon cannot be inflated. A giant gash can heal, but the scar remains. IMO, there is an element of ‘severe mercy’ for Diane, but the journey to a new life will be a long, long one. A painful one. Some questions will never be answered in this life.

    From my small perspective, I honestly do not think there is such a thing as ‘restoration’ after devastation. Think of Mt St Helens….. the mountain is still there, but the top is long gone.

  59. I agree with Paige.

    I also wonder why there was a need for an update. (I didn’t, and won’t, watch the video)

    “Hey guys, I know you are all wondering about Pastor Bob. He’s doing well. Making lots of progress. We put him in a room with naked ladies and he ALMOST resisted.”

    “Breaking NEWS on Pastor Bob! He says he thinks he will be able to stop fornicating in the next few months!”

    The guy is an adulterer, not a chemo patient.

  60. London says:


  61. Xenia says:

    One can be glad that a sinner has repented but not believe he should return as a pastor.

    Maybe we could set up a rating system here where we can all vote on the quality of a sinner’s attempt to repent.

  62. CrucifiED says:

    That was just back and forth banter that happened after Michael had been incorrectly described as someone who would rather nail a brother in Christ to the wall rather than see Coy’s restoration.

    His point was clearly made that his concern for Bob’s physical and emotional well-being is nothing compared to the concern he has for Bob’s immediate and church family. That is not the same though as not caring about ones spiritual well-being and walk with Christ or the changes Christ can make in that person.

    We all know who have been here for some time, that Michael has no such heart. The truly respectful thing in this case would be to remember that about your brother Michael and support him in communicating his message clearly rather than helping others who don’t know him as well be so quick to mischaracterize him.

    I know that if Bob Coy sought Michael’s help in receiving the good gifts of repentance, healing and restoration from the Lord that Michael’s heart would naturally, through the power of Christ, be drawn to living out the Word of God in his life and help bear the burdens with Coy as Paul asked us to do with one another in Galatians.

  63. Nonnie says:

    Paige, very wise and true words.

  64. Michael says:

    Thank you for your kind words, CrucifiED.

    “The guy is an adulterer, not a chemo patient.”

    That…was awesome.

  65. Jim,
    “MLD, You might want to read your own posts on the earlier BC thread”

    I don’t get it – even if I said something contrary, each thread is its own context in its own time with its own character and does not require similar responses.

    My point is that some people here think that the speaker was just wanking us along as if to pull the wool over our eyes, while all along entertaining a different agenda. I on the other hand thought they made an honest attempt at communicating with the congregation as would happen at a voters assembly in a real church, and then turned the 2nd half into a bible study on grace.

    For my part I did not hear ANY mention of restoration to the ministry and pulpit – only to God and family.

  66. Mark says:

    Michael- if you dont care about Coy one bit- why did you post this video? So you could demonstrate to the world how uncaring your are? And invite the world to echo your uncaring? This is more of the same from you- tear down the body for headlines.

  67. papiaslogia says:

    Because I didn’t watch the video, I have a question: How was Bob addressed?

    Was it “Bob”?

    Was it “Pastor Bob”?

    Was it “the guy who used to be here”?

    Cause if it was “Pastor Bob” – then as they say, “There you have it”.

  68. Jim says:


    You were either never exposed to it, or have been away from manipulative speech for so long that you no longer recognize it. Even the opening “prayer” is a prime example.

  69. Michael says:


    Don’t spill any Kool-Aid on my stuff in your anger.

    I posted this because my readers are interested in it.
    That’s what we do hear…we post things for people to think about and comment on.
    We aren’t afraid of people thinking for themselves and speaking…so we post the video and open up comments for thoughtful people and for you as well.

    If Coy has repented, then that’s a good thing.
    It’s no better thing than the repentance of all the other people in that church who have recently repented of something and probably hurt far fewer people.

    Making big news of someones repentance in this way is doing nothing more than perpetuating the elevated position and celebrity status of the pastor.

    I’m going to correct you on something one more time.
    Much to your chagrin, this blog no longer runs on headlines, nor has it for years.
    This site is very stable, very high ranked by Alexa, and is consistently read no matter the topic.
    Our most read story for two weeks in a row was on church history.
    I write what I please and I write what I think is important and will interest my readers.
    If you don’t like it, you get to comment too.
    If you really don’t like it, you’re free to not read it.

  70. Michael says:


    “Pastor Bob”.

  71. Jim,
    Manipulation is lying, so I assume you agree – I thought they were making their best effort to be open and honest, while some others say (but not out loud) they were lying which I say would make them liars.

    So my question still stands, was Stephan Tchividjian lying on the video?

  72. Jim says:

    “The guy is an adulterer, not a chemo patient.” #59

    I nominate Josh for PP hall of fame.

  73. Chico says:

    @Paige.. I don’t think you have to be a pastor of a large church to get cough up in the christian Celebrity complex. I know plenty of pastors of small churches who act the same way. My best friend used to say that pastors today are like the donkey who carried Jesus at the Triumphal Entry. Only they are the donkey who sees the people worshiping with the palm branches; and they say “finally, I’m getting the credit I deserve” so sad but so true!!

  74. CrucifiED says:

    Mark, because he cares about the church even at the expense of being insulted and mischaracterized by people like you.

    I want to see Bob Coy personally restored, but I don’t want to see him restored into that ministry again or most any other for that matter and most of us would see the wisdom in that. If someone disagrees with that, that is fine and most people here would enjoy the conversation but that conversation can’t happen very well if you ignore the content of the matter and insult someones heart and character instead.

  75. Michael says:


    Twisting again.
    One can manipulate people without lying.

  76. Michael says:

    Jim @ #72… I agree.
    Making his plaque as we speak…

  77. Jim says:


    If pretending to talk to God in prayer is lying, then yeah.

  78. Jim says:

    Hey, if I knew there were plaques I would have stepped up my game.

  79. First public update on Josh’s repentance:

    Josh is trying not be prideful about his PhxP Hall of Fame induction, but can’t quite help it.

    More on this breaking story later. 🙂

  80. Michael,
    “One can manipulate people without lying.”

    Give me a break – if someone were manipulating you you wouldn’t feel they were lying to you? I gotta hear more how manipulating people is a neutral behavioral trait.

    Does anyone hear after finding out you have been manipulated do not feel they have been lied to?

  81. Flattery can be completely honest, but used to get a desired result, AKA – manipulation.

  82. Michael says:


    The plaques are small and you were inducted before you retired. 🙂

  83. Jim says:

    I withdraw my nomination, as there was no mention of plaques. I protest the entire process, as Michael has clearly become a effort-rewarding libertarian or republican.

    It’s 2014…everyone get’s a trophy!

  84. Mark says:

    Michael I will correct you on one thing. CCFL was not making big news of anything. CCFL was handling thier own personal business within thier own family. You post things because your readers are interested. The CCFL family is interested in thier former pastors restoration and repentance. So the leadership provided an update to the CCFL family. It was bloggers like you and unnamed others who chose to make it big news by posting it outside the family.

    I’m really surprised that u continue these attacks on the body. Your church history posts have been very valuable and invite fruitful discussion. But these types of posts where you single out individuals for attack, questioning thier repentance and doubt thier sincerity that do nothing more than facilitate gossip and incite Chtistians to judge thier brethren. How does this edifying the Body of Christ?

    Unless i have evidence to the contrary I rejoice in hearing the news that a sinner is seeking restoration and is repentant. The sin is irrelevant to God. Bob Coys sin is no different to God than your sin or my sin. And Gods response to his repentant heart is no different either

  85. Jim says:

    No trophy for Mark, tho….

    I don’t think Michael secretly filmed this ‘family update” and posted it online.

  86. Shaun Sells says:

    The reason for the update is simple. The people of CCFTL have spent an hour or more every week for years growing to love him. Even if they are angry or disappointed by his sin they still care about him. They want to know he is being cared for. Any of us who had a friend we spent time with every week would desire the same.

    The update wasn’t for us.

  87. Michael says:


    “So the leadership provided an update to the CCFL family. It was bloggers like you and unnamed others who chose to make it big news by posting it outside the family.”

    Bull spit.
    Big pile of bull spit.

    The leadership posted the video on Vimeo, Tweeted, and Facebooked the fact that they did and it’s my fault for posting it here?

    Are you really that dense?

    They could have…
    Simply put a note in the bulletin to update the people.
    Posted this on their website only.
    Posted this with an inability to share it on other sites.
    Not posted it at all.

    They chose to do it this way…they posted it far and wide “outside the family”.

  88. Mark says:

    To others. I never said anything about Bob Coy returning to the pastorate. I personally believe he is disqualified for life. I also did not moscharacterize anything Michael said. Michael says he doesn’t care one bit about Bob Coy. I repeated that. No one ever said Bob Coys repentance or restoration was more important than anyone else’s except Michael. He was making that judgment. On our CC the pastor talks often about restoration of sinners in our body but protects thier privacy. Bob Coys sin is public and do is his restoration.

  89. Shaun, to me that makes sense, but kinda highlights the problem. They have a “friend” they are concerned about, but have no way of finding out about him except through public announcement.

  90. Mark says:

    And by the way your blog host had no problem contrasting me with thoughtful people, declaring that I was angry and that I drink the kool aid. So who is attacking who here?

  91. Mark says:

    And ” dense” too

  92. Michael says:


    Answer the #87…you can’t.
    You can’t engage with anything that is outside your very narrow perspective of your CC.
    That’s ok…but I’m not going to allow any misrepresentation or ongoing strife.

  93. Jim says:


    I sinned this morning and repented. Do you honestly care?

  94. Kevin H says:

    I interrupt the arguing to make Josh’s induction official.

  95. erunner says:

    The speaker did mention the news of Bob was international so I have no problem with them streaming this so that those folks could view and listen.

    As an outsider I do hope Bob comes to a healthy place in his life and if doable his marriage survives. Maybe one year he can return to office.

  96. Michael says:

    Kevin H,

    That made my day!
    Well done!

  97. Mark says:

    Again with the anger and attacks Michael. I don’t have the post #s on my phone but if u r talking about Facebook and twitter posting those are closed social media outlets that individuals subscribe to. It’s like posting the video to a mailing list that people have signed up for. It was not put in the public realm. It’s on CCFL media sites. How about u answering my question. How do threads like thus one edify the body of Christ. Numerous folks here ( like Xenia for one) have disagreed with you on this but u only chose to attack me. That’s fine I can take it.

  98. Mark says:

    By the way who’s being dense? U think CCFL didn’t know that the blogosphere would pick this up and go on the attack again ? Of course they did. But they care more about the CCFL family than what the world thinks.

  99. Mark, if you follow that link, you will see it is posted by CCFL and it IS public (i.e. you will be able to view it)

    Also see their description of the video:
    “08/06/2014 | Stephan Tchividjian | John 21
    In this message, Pastor Stephan Tchividjian gives the first public update about the Coy family since Bob Coy’s resignation as the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Pastor Stephan addresses questions that many have raised about the health of church and the future of the Coy family.”

    gives the first “public” update.

    The video is made public and distributed by CCFL. That argument will not work.

  100. papiaslogia says:

    Personally, I think this Stephan Tchividjian looks more like Don McClure….tell me I’m wrong. 🙂

  101. Chico says:

    Papiaslongia I totally think he looks like Don McClure..

  102. Neo says:

    I thought it was Don Mclure! Lol

  103. Michelle says:

    As a woman whose marriage was destroyed by infidelity, I listened to this message with a heavy heart. My ex husband “repented”, and I praised God that my marriage was restored.

    A few years later, I discovered my ex was cheating again.

    I am very skeptical of this desire for a quick fix. I was disturbed by the statements that everyone in the Coy family was “healing”. This is a long difficult situation and many marriages do not survive the betrayal and trust issues.

    I also caught the references to “Pastor Bob”, and I fear that the goal of a return to ministry will usurp the goal of true reconciliation and repair of the damage that Bob has caused his family and others.

    Only fidelity over an extended period of time will show true “repentance”.

  104. Jessica says:

    Bob Coy was a public figure, pastor preaching christian values through the Bible. He needs to make a public apology to the 20,000+ who have been part of this church. Man up, Bob Coy. Every week after your message, people walk the walk to the alter to confess their sins and accept Jesus in public. Called up by Bob Coy and now he needs privacy? Nope, don’t buy it. Every week the church watches video streams of lives turned around, people confessing their sins and dedication to a new life in Christ, but Bob needs his privacy? Walk the walk man. Be accountable, he was not a private person, he was a public person. I can not believe he finds no accountability to his church, to speak at all. No accountability to his children to apologizes and show he is remorseful. He caused so much damage to his wife and kids and he needs the pastors to give updates? A Pastor who ran a church by telling people their stories were a life calling, to go and preach how Jesus saves them and His Grace is a gift. Yet, he does not practice what he preaches. I pray for Bob’s family, for the Pastors and staff who are stuck cleaning up his mess and I pray that Bob learns what accountability is. Again he is not a private person, his preaching messages of walking a christian life while all along committing moral failure with a staff member? Not just once, or a week or a month but 2 whole years. Oh yes, lets through a care package together for him, ice water to wake him up. Man up, Pastor Bob the same nerve that got you to the moral failing, should now find the spine to walk into the church of believers that followed your messages and apologizes. I may sound mean, but I have had to see the stress on the pastors, the confusion and sadness on the members and the question the younger generation have.

  105. Amen, Jessica. I agree with your #105 comment.

  106. victorious says:

    As my friend says and as I have shockingly found out first hand myself, “Adulterers lie. They just do.” They will lie just to stay recognized and admired within Christian social culture.

  107. Nonnie says:

    I don’t understand why they would continue to refer to Mr. Coy as “Pastor Bob.”
    That is insulting to the office of pastor.

  108. Jessica says:

    I am referring to him in my last post as PB bc he was a pastor at the time of the failing. That the only reason.

  109. Nonnie says:

    I was referring to the church video, not your post Jessica. I was tracking with you completely.

  110. Babylon's Dread says:

    I never trot people before the church to confess their sins and thereby broaden the realm of their shame. I ask them to confess within the circle of the offense. If someone spontaneously confesses their sin and shame that is a different matter and it is a testimony to their brokenness and humility (usually). However, the pastor should speak to the people. He really should say something.

    Just a simple humble statement that he is sorry that he has wounded so many people and humiliated his family will suffice. Speaking to people is better than hiding away. However, if his mental state is fragile it might be another matter. One thing sure this sanitized ‘update’ is pure PR. It comes off as feigning openness to get credit for it while covering. Go to the people says something direct clear and succinct. He kinda did it but then the length and chumminess of the whole thing lessened the impact.

    On the other hand. I am glad it is their problem and not mine. But voices like Jessica’s need to be heard. Step out there pastor. Speak to one service let them record and play it to the others and go get your work done and get restored to your family.

  111. Steve Wright says:

    My thoughts are with the new pastor. In most CCs the Senior Pastor is also the President of the Corp. and Chairman of the Board. I am pretty sure Bob Coy was. I assume that was the case here with the transition, and I know the outward discussion to the public was about the new pastor being the man God has called to lead the church forward in the years to come.

    If the winds are blowing that now some of the other leaders (and some of the church) see him as only a placeholder, then he better begin to deal with that now, One thing for sure, if the new pastor is convinced God has called him to help this church in a time of great trial, then he better be willing to do what is needed to fight for God’s will against those who want their celebrity back. Or this will just be an ABQ redux.

    I think such an update as this one should have been given by the new pastor…let him call him Pastor Bob (out of past respect) if he chooses.

  112. Nonnie says:

    Steve, respectfully, just who is Bob Coy pastoring? They have removed his teaching from the website, he is supposedly in some sort of rehab, and the church has a “new” pastor….or rather, is the newby just an interim pastor? To me, in referring to Bob Coy as “Pastor Bob,” they are planning a come back.

    As a Christian, my hope for Bob Coy is that he and his wife and kids can heal their lives and have a new beginning. I wish them the very best. However, to refer to him as “Pastor “(only 4 months after the event), and even look to him being back in that position, makes a mockery of it all.

    I’m sure I’m sensitive about this. I saw what my mother went through,married to a serial adulterer and I lived through the pain of of seeing my mother’s heart broken. I experienced being the child/teenager of a broken trust. It’s devastating. Bob Coy should spend his life ministering and living out the healing truths of God’s word to his family and not to a mega church congregation.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  113. Babylon's Dread says:

    I lived what Nonnie is saying as well.

  114. The office of “pastor” is not a lifetime role one gets to claim.
    It’s all in the doing, not the affinity.

  115. Teacher, that’s ok, but pastor? Nope. And there isn’t a thing called “pastor-teacher”. That’s a false construct. One can be an excellent teacher and be an a-hole, able to communicate truth while not living up to the truth being communicated. A pastor, by contrast, acts & does what is pastoral because that is what he/she is, a nurturer, one who cares, is committed to the lifelong development of the ones entrusted to their lives. A pastor cannot help him/herself but to pastor those around them.

  116. Steve Wright says:

    Nonnie, your take on the situation supports my comment above – and that if such an update is warranted, then it should come from the new senior pastor so there is no confusion…….

  117. Andrew says:

    Steve, your comment @ 112 is precisely what leads to the celebrity pastor mentality. I am convinced of it. All you are doing is replacing a legacy celebrity with a brand new celebrity to be. This makes no sense at all!!!!!

  118. Steve Wright says:

    That’s ridiculous, Andrew. The guy giving the update is the closest thing to ‘celebrity’ at that church now thanks to lineage. You really object to the idea that the new Sr. Pastor should be giving updates?

    Read WHY I said what I said….please. Many here know why I feel strongly in that direction..

  119. Andrew says:

    I don’t care who gives the updates! Maybe the new pastor didn’t want to give the update and with his humility doesn’t want a fight. So far sounds like a healthy direction away from Moses Model dictatorship.

  120. Steve Wright says:

    Andrew, my comment was in the groove of the comments that started with Michelle and Jessica @104,105……once more, my hope would be you read it again in that light but in any case I am not going to get into some “dictatorship’ argument with you…

    Needless to say, if a “bring back Pastor Bob” push comes in the next year or so, and the current pastor caves into the cries of the crowd and ducks away (or worse, stays on as an assistant), I can think of some words to describe the action but “humility” would not be one of them.

  121. Andrew says:

    First, I seriously doubt “Pastor Bob” is coming back. That is pure speculation at best. You are making it sound like the new pastor is getting bullied into submission and is weak and not able to fight against the “bring back Pastor Bob” contingency. I say let this church makes its own decisions as the independent body they are. I think the bigger concern would be if Bob is brought back in CCFL, whether CCA would bring him back into their elite fold. It has been sold that Bob was hand picked by Chuck to be on this board and they might just have to bring him back. That my friend I think is the real problem and if you stay on board as an affiliate pastor in this corrupt system than I would say you are exactly what you are accusing this new pastor of if he stayed on board as an assistant pastor. But like I said, I doubt any of this is going to happen.

  122. Nonnie says:

    Steve, think you are on the right track about the new pastor being temporary. It sounded like a big name damage control talk that was needed because giving is probably down, and people are asking questions amongst each other, probably rumors running around about Bob coming back, or people asking questions about how and where money being spent, etc, etc.

    It sounded to me like a come back is in the plans. Perhaps that is why the current pastor didn’t give the talk.

    I’m hoping for a comeback for Bob, but with his wife and children. May their marriage heal and may they can have a new beginning, out of the limelight and without the celebrity pressure. I pray that God will complete that good work in his life and in the family.

  123. Steve Wright says:

    First, I seriously doubt “Pastor Bob” is coming back. That is pure speculation at best. You are making it sound like……..
    Once more…just commenting into the thread and the 100+ posts here, Andrew. The speculation was from most of the other commentators, starting with the host.

  124. Andrew says:

    Steve, my concern is if “Pastor Bob” is coming back to CCA. I say let the folks in CCFL make the decision if he is coming back there or not. If the people want him back that’s their choice if they stick around. But its your choice to remain a CC affiliate if he is brought back to CCA.

  125. Jessica says:

    Bob Coy coming back or not is premature and speculative. Who knows how long DS will stay on as Senior Pastor is also something no one knows, even in the best and normal circumstances. I think the main issue is finding closure with BC moral failing and making sure no one else on staff knew and turned a blind eye. In order for CC to stay strong and healthy and truly Spirit filled, there must not be any loose strings. I really feel common sense, someone knew and someone let it go. I also think in order to turn a new leaf, the “powers to be” that helped promote BC image should be asked to retire. I know there is some PR or Media people that have had to play a roll in the celebrity image placed in the past couple years. I strongly think that regime needs to go. Do you really think BC dreamed up this whole situation with no guidance? My goodness, the Dec extravaganza, the lights, smoke etc at the Hockey Stadium, it is like the SuperBowl. That takes a team. And if some church goers in the seats saw a change in Bob’s preaching, appearance etc. Just image what his PR Dept saw. It has been thought that the he was having relations with a or his own makeup artist? So, Oh hey no one saw that chemistry brewing, no one wondered how she got a job with the Active Word? Whoever is involved with this should be axed. Bc whether they knew or if they did not see it at all, that means they have no discernment and should step down anyways. Once that is done than I think it is easier to assess where the future of CC is going.

  126. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    I want Bob Coy in a Tar and Feather match. Winner take all, maybe I win and then all the Blog Hounds will be happy. Either way, Bobby C. is getting the treatment baby!

  127. weedorwildflower says:

    It’s disappointing that Bob Coy’s first public comment to the church since the scandal broke was to reassure them of his spiritual health. I was hoping for something more along the lines of, “I’m so terribly sorry. Please forgive me for misusing my power and position. I know my sin hurt you. I acknowledge the ripple effect my sinful actions had. My heart is broken over what I’ve done, and I’m sick about it. With God’s help, I will make restitution to my family, to the women I wronged, and to the sheep God entrusted to me.”

    But maybe that was too hopeful on my part…

  128. Nonnie says:

    Weedorwildflower……I’m guessing there are many who think the same thing. Wouldn’t that have been something?

  129. Andrew says:

    weedorwildflower said “It’s disappointing that Bob Coy’s first public comment to the church since the scandal broke was to reassure them of his spiritual health”

    Hold on a second. Can you point me to where Bob Coy made any public comment since his fall? Any alleged comment he did make was through proxy and not himself. If Bob is continuing to get counsel from the CCA leadership and not seeking broader counsel from the body of Christ completely outside of the CC bubble, then I can only assume his spiritual health is in serious jeopardy.

  130. Michael says:


    Coy is not getting counseling from the “CCA leadership”.
    It is outside counseling.
    The “CCA leadership” can’t agree on what time it is, let alone do anything with this issue.

  131. Andrew says:

    Michael, I thought for certain Bob Coy was getting a tremendous amount of counsel from Don McClure, who in my opinion is the poster boy for the CCA.

  132. Michael says:


    Don and Bob have been personal friends for years.
    I know you desperately want to believe that there is a powerful, cohesive, voice behind Calvary Chapel…but those of us who know the reality think that is hysterical.

  133. Andrew says:

    Michael, I believe you when you say there is a lot of disagreement within Calvary. I also am not saying there is a powerful cohesive voice other than the common legacy of Chuck.

    My concern for Bob is that he get completely outside his known circle of powerful friends from CC that I believe has enabled this narcissism for probably years. I believe a mega church environment is about the worst possible place for Bob to get healthy. The fact that he is in a non disclosed location is probably a good thing but the fact that the powerful CC friends are probably still influencing him is the concern. A pastor with a ten person church is just as capable of giving Bob counsel as a pastor with a 10,000 person church.

  134. Michael says:


    It’s about relationship…Coy has relationships with these guys, so it’s natural that you will get people who care about you to help and support you.
    It’s a non story in my book.

  135. Andrew says:

    You are absolutely right about the relationships! However, there is a fine line between getting support from friends you had for years and being held back by these same friends because they are influencing you negatively. Sometimes to mature in Christ, we need to develop new friendships and leave the old behind. I have heard this many times from the CC pulpit. If all your friends are getting drunk every weekend and smoking weed and they want you to go along with them, I have heard time and time again that you can still love your old friends but you may need to develop a new circle of friends. To me whether its smoking weed or practicing narcissism from the pulpit makes no difference. Sometimes you need a new circle of friends because Christ is marching you forward.

  136. puzzletop says:

    How is Jimmy Swaggart these days?

  137. matt says:

    Dear friends,
    I can feel a lot of hurt here. Let us all not forget that God is in charge. If His will is for Bob to return, then he will. Similar to the Pharisee in Acts who said not to try to stop the disciples of Christ. That if Jesus was a fraud then eventually Christianity would fade away like other false leaders. He ended by saying that if it was from God, nothing could stop it and that they would, in fact, be in opposition to God. Let us all trust in Him and pray for His will to be done at Calvary Chapel. God bless you!

  138. matt says:

    Let us also not forget the example that Jesus gave to us. Despite a very corrupt Jewish leadership, Jesus never stopped serving or particpating in the temple. He didn’t walk away but instead stood up and taught the true word of God. Who is the church? Is it one man or all of us?

  139. Jan (Holmes) Early says:

    My deceased husband and I attended Bob’s ministry when he first started in that small
    gymnasium in the 80’s. We were snowbirds from Michigan. Bob and Diane became our
    friends and Bob did a re-dedication for our 25th. anniversary and he came to take me to
    my dying husbands bed when he passed. I am a recovered alcoholic and God forgave me
    for bad behavior just as He, no doubt, has forgiven this dynamite minister of so many years! I, for one,I will continue to love and to pray for the Coy family. sep 24, 1914

  140. Jessica says:

    Jan thank you for sharing your story. Yes Bob and CCftl has blessed so many and he was a dynamite minister. I can say the same for me and my families life. No doubt he helped inspire many to give their lives to Christ. Because of all the good he has done and all the people who followed him, including myself. I just feel there should be a little more accountability towards the body of believers. Our faith and relationship with Christ is a huge part of our existence. So with that, then the pastor we have chosen to follow, to teach, to spend time in Word is a vital part of our lives. Jan, do you feel BC has apologized whole heartly to his attendees of Calvary Chapel FtLaud? Do you think Bob should apologize in public to his wife and children, who has been publicly embarrassed? If we attend a church that makes alter calls every week, where sinners confess their sins publicly, should not our pastor do the same? I am very confused over this and hope you can shed light on it. Thank you.

  141. Jan (Holmes) Early says:

    Dear Phoenix Preacher,
    In answer to your question re: Bob’s apology to his attendees and wife and children publicly. I thin this should be accomplished, yes if it was not already done, but since
    i have been away from LBTS for since 1992 I don’t know exactly how everything
    transpired at that time of his taking leave.
    I do, however feel so bad for Diane and this whole matter is difficult to choke down
    in to my spirit! I hope Bob gets the opportunity to read these comments.

  142. InHim says:

    Sexual Immorality Defiles the Church

    It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans, for a man has his father’s wife. And you are arrogant! Ought you not rather to mourn? Let him who has done this be removed from among you.

    For though absent in body, I am present in spirit; and as if present, I have already pronounced judgment on the one who did such a thing. When you are assembled in the name of the Lord Jesus and my spirit is present, with the power of our Lord Jesus, you are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord.

    Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? Cleanse out the old leaven that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened. For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Let us therefore celebrate the festival, not with the old leaven, the leaven of malice and evil, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

    I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people—not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one. For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

    (1 Corinthians 5 ESV)

  143. LHPGERMAN says:

    Not one christian who goes to church there should have to pay for Bob Coy. Has anyone else who was fired from Calvary still get financial help?? I doubt they did and they probably did not get fired for all Bob was doing. How does someone learn from their mistakes if you are making it so easy for them. Really funny how Bob would preach that no one should get in the way of letting God teach someone a lesson or let God work in their life. Guess he was a HUGE HYPOCRITE as well as Calvary Chapel. I saw them shun others for speaking out against the abuses that went on and these people did nothing but stand up for what was right. God will not be mocked.

  144. LJ says:

    Coy is just a coward. Why didn’t he step in front of the church he founded and confessed to what he did? He cowardly left and is now in hiding. He preached so much, but he never believed what he preached. He was spiritually still in Las Vegas.

  145. Larry says:

    Has everybody that has been going to Calvary forgot, who got the whole thing started, who was called to come to Ft Lauderdale and start a great new church. Be careful to judge too harshly, I believe God still has is hand in this whole thing!

  146. Chile says:

    Oh Larry, the man sinned willfully for a very long time while he even called others out for the same thing publicly. We have yet to see him take responsibility, own it, repent publicly and make things right. Instead he’s still living high off the backs of sacrificial givers to the tune of $500K a year.

    1Tim 5:20 “Those who sin should be reprimanded in front of the whole church; this will serve as a strong warning to others.”

    Bob Coy doesn’t get a free pass. God’s hand disciplines those He loves. God allows natural consequences. And we are called to judge those in the household of God first.

  147. Chile says:

    Larry, if this is God’s church then God started it. Bob doesn’t get the credit. God doesn’t like that.

  148. Rosario says:

    146 InHim

    1Corinthians 5:……….”It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you…..”

    Thank you for bringing Godly clarity into this charade……
    CC has not been completely honest! I pray the Lord unveils the complete truth.
    There are so many doubts and questions that need answers.
    It is confusing and poor the explanation given so far.
    CC calls: cheating, lying , deceiving , sexual addiction , pornography, hypocritical behaviour ……….”moral failure”……..
    GOD calls it what it is ” SEXUAL IMMORALITY”.
    Please pastors , let’s call sin what it is…

    God will not be mocked!

    My heart has been broken with the deception, the lack of honesty and silence of Bob Coy.
    The overprotection and cover up by the church is sinful!
    Calvary Chaoel, are you going to tell us that you didnt have any idea of Bob’ s affairs and sexual escapes ?
    There were rumors, that I chose not to believe. .
    The affairs started in 2006 and you didn’t know??
    Really Pastor Fidel??? You are the closest friend.
    You didn’t know?
    Really Billy?? You all didn’t know?
    Do you think we believe you?
    Pastors, how can we trust you again?
    And also, the congregation needs to know about the way you handle the money,
    How much money CC is still paying Bob Coy?
    We need answers! !!
    Maybe the only Pastor with integrity was

  149. Delray Brother says:

    Let me start by saying that over three years ago I was introduced to Calvary Chapel. I was raised Catholic and had drifted. There were two things that initially drew me to Calvary, first was the woman I loved, and second was a man who stood on stage and said, “don’t ever put your faith in me, I am a human and I will fail you”. That person was Bob Coy.

    I don’t know how I so quickly understood that I truly needed to put my faith in the Lord, but I did. What subsequently happened in the church, therefore did not shake my world as it did some.

    Obviously, there is great sadness for the Coy family, and a hope for true repentance and restoration through God.

    What this sad chapter did make clear is that Calvary Chapel, which has done so much good in the community and the world, needs to rethink the corporate structure that does not allow the elders (whom we hope were elected elders through their dedication to the Lord and their ability to make decisions that are Godly and help the whole church) to override the senior pastor, in any and all final decisions.

    Additionally, I don’t believe any of the congregation has an issue in providing their senior pastor with support after a fall, to help his family and he through this crisis. I believe that there needs to be complete transparency as to exactly how he and his family are being helped. Many in the congregation have questions about how their funds are being allocated and certainly and understandably wonder if their funds are being used appropriately to help missions or other assumed good works, or are they being used to provide a very cushy lifestyle for a fallen pastor. This is a valid question.

    The other questions that come to mind are how have the women who were part of this been helped? Have they been surrounded by strong women in the church, or have they been shunned? We would hope they have been given the same care and respect as our pastor and his family are receiving.

    It is hard for me to believe that the behavior that led to this, was not noticed or questioned by the inner circle in the church. I have questions about many things and understand that our senior pastor was the center point (after God) of Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale, however it is very disconcerting that those closest to Bob did not notice anything at all, or did notice it and felt it was in the best interest for the health of the church to not question it. It hurts me greatly to think that condoning this kind of behavior could have taken place in a church that so clearly speaks to not allowing those things in our own lives.

    Where was the accountability, where was the public apology and asking for forgiveness? My understanding is that Bob made his brother publicly address the congregation after some event that forced him out of the church. Does this not hold for Bob?

    I can ask these questions because I have also fallen terribly myself through sexual immorality. I did this while still attending church, men’s ministry, and all the while trying to get closer to God. I grieved God, I hurt the woman I love, as well as others. I broke trust, I compromised my own integrity, I lied, I deceived. I announced my sin to my pastor and to others. I have asked God for forgiveness. I have asked God to restore that which was broken. I am today still trying to rebuild the trust I have broken. It was embarrassing, shameful and wrong. I will forever regret what I did. and hope that God see’s fit to allow restoration of that which was damaged.

    I do not know what the elders of Calvary Chapel have decided, but I would like to think they did things for the benefit of the church and God, in deciding how this best needed to be handled, but I think it is clear that there are many unanswered questions that should they be addressed, could quell any thoughts of a lack of transparency or cover up.

    I have personally witnessed the lack of forgiveness from many Christians. There are many who continue to grade on a curve regarding sin. The bible says any wrong doing is sin. And yes, there are sins that have bigger repercussions than others, however, all of our sins have been forgiven by the blood of Jesus. I choose to believe that, yet also understand that true repentance is accompanied by a change in behavior. That I am doing in my own life and believe today I am no longer grieving the Holy Spirit in the things that I do.

    My hope is that Calvary Chapel sees fit to address these questions and believe that God will reweave all of this chapter into good.

    There are three components of this correspondence that I believe are important:

    1. Calvary Chapel needs to be more transparent in addressing the issues that prompted these questions, for the good of the church as a whole, and for the good of other churches, which may run into similar situations which need to be addressed, to allow for the congregations to continue to believe their church is doing everything it can to be right with God.

    2. For us to remember that we are all sinners, but if we do not forgive men their sins, our Father will not forgive our sins.

    3. A sin is a sin is a sin. Omission and or lack of clarity are also considered sin.

    I can only speak personally to those who question whether the Pastor is truly repentant or not. In my case, only God and myself, have any idea how deep the pain is for someone to realize moment by moment, how badly they have hurt God, and the person that they love so much. I would do anything to turn back time, to take away the pain I caused to my love, and the ancillary pain it caused others. I can only imagine in Bob’s case, that the publicity and public fall, make it exponentially more painful.

    Today, I choose to believe that God is handling things the way he wants them to be handled. I will not let my faith be situational. Godly, when it’s something I want, and not from God when it’s something I don’t want. I pray that God continues to give me wisdom and understanding and allows me to see things from a spiritual perspective instead of a worldly view.

    In conclusion, do the faithful Christians of Calvary and elsewhere, truly believe God is in control and knew exactly what He was doing from the beginning? I hope so.

    We are all broken vessels doing our best. I will continue to look to the cross for my hope and inspiration and my forgiveness.

    “‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment. The second, like it, is this: ‘You must love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments the whole Law hangs, and the Prophets.” (Matt. 22:35-40,)

  150. He asked many times to the church THAT HE NEED PRAYERS . DID YOU PRAY FOR HIM.?

  151. Michael says:

    I pray God give him the strength to keep his fly up and return all the severance he’s getting like a normal person would have to.

  152. Jan says:

    I have been praying for Bob, Diane and kids that they get back together. After my Rob died
    Bob offered to do the funeral, but I said negative to this as he was scheduled to preach out
    of town. He offered to cancel. I am in NC now and would give anything to talk to him and
    tell him my experience with my last marriage and the Wailing Wall in Israel and how The
    Lord made a stong marriage after my note I stuck in the wall re: our troubled marriage
    and prior to his demise we both adored one another. I will continue to pray for the Coy’s
    whom I knew personally. Jan (Holmes) Early

  153. jesse says:

    I am stunned with this website. What is this the religious tmz. I do not say Christian, because there is nothing Christian about this website. Gossip is evil. The nature of this whole monster is for sinful humans to watch other sinful humans for what? Judging, entertainment? The national enquirer is godly compared to you. Start walking with Jesus instead of keeping score on the sins of others. If our job as Christians is to be Christ like and we are suppose to reflect Jesus. Is this what Jesus is like?

  154. Jan says:

    I am going to be most thoughtful regarding your question and dilemma over this.
    You could have knocked me over with a feather when my step-daughter called me that
    Bob had stepped down. I knew he and Diane so well in early years and all that I can
    do for them now is pray. There are so many instances that Bob came over to help me
    on in LBTS at that time and I am so heart-broken over all of this. David keeps coming
    to my mind. Jan

  155. Jesse says:

    Aye caramba.

  156. Jessica says:

    Jesse, I do not agree with your opinion of this being like TMZ. A great deal of people are hurt, confused and looking for answers so they can have closure. I think 99% of the bloggers do have sympathy for the Coy family and understand Bob is like everyone else, we are all sinner. But, Bob Coy was a very well know pastor who led thousands. I did believe a pastor should have some accountability to his church members to apologize, a matter of fact if Bob would have done so, I personally would have probably believed him. But, the fact is he did not apologize to the members, including the youth. Also, hoping we all have made peace with the fact Bob Coy is not (in the near future) going to do so. But, the church itself should tend to the members and help to heal. Here is where the problem for me comes in. I can saw the church has been open about Bob’s sin, open about updates on the family and has never ever address the damage, hurt, questions, confusion that the church members have. I think people who are writing in are looking for a way to have closure. Closure can only happen if light is shined on the truth and their is transparency. Transparency seemed to be fine in Bob speaking about his past for years up on the pulpit (and that did not seem to be like a TMZ story did it?) Then why are we not being transparent about this?

  157. Frederick says:

    I’m truly blessed to see the Love and grace of God being displayed through this message. Thank you and may the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bring restoration and healing to the body of Christ at Fort Lauderdale..

  158. RIch says:

    Your releasing people but yet helping ( financially) the person who made the most money and who put you ultimately in this position…..Makes no sense to me! Really, letting go of people who had nothing to do with Bob’s selfish actions and decisions yet helping Bob and his family? Ridiculous!

  159. Chris says:

    I agree with Jesse. We all need to look in the mirror (John 8:7) and reflect on our own temptation and brokenness. Questioning whether or not Bob has been held accountable – give me a break. He was stripped of his authority and the details of his indiscretion(s) were made available for public consumption (amongst thousands – think about how you would respond if 1,000’s knew about your private failures, temptations, and or sin?). How many of you have stumbled? Just because you may or may not be in a leadership position does not mean you have the right to judge and not carry a heart of forgiveness. Move on folks. Let us pray Bob is restored and brings more people to Christ. Pray for all pastors as Satan is at work and loves to celebrate the fall of man..

  160. Cody Hice says:

    I love Pastor Bob and his family. After 15 years of his Bible studies, I am grateful for all the sermons and all the times I felt his Bible teachings. I forgive him in a heartbeat and miss him!
    He who is without sin, throw the first stone!
    God test us daily. I messed up, made many mistakes, God is a forgiving God, God of second chances.
    I know the devil loves all your critical comments. I miss Pastor Bob. Where is your forgiveness?

  161. LH says:

    I find it totally bewildering that no one has mentioned what Christ said about Hypocrites in the Bible and their affect on fellowship.

  162. Mike says:

    I love Bob Coy. I am not bitter or mad, he is just a man like King David who also fell in such like manner. I think when satan digs his heals into your life and exposes it to all that you will want and expect the love and grace that Christ gave to us all. Peace

  163. Nonnie says:

    So Mike, You don’t have any problem with how Bob’s adultery shattered his family. Do you know what a woman feels when her husband diddles with other women? Do you know what a child feels when his mother and their family is betrayed by their father?

    I too am hopeful that Bob Coy repents and finds peace with God. I pray that their marriage can be healed and his children can learn to trust their father once again. Yes, may God lavish him with grace and peace.

    All of that has nothing to do with the fact that he should not be back in the pulpit at CCFL. Do you really believe he should STILL be receiving $500,000 salary from the church?

  164. Michael says:

    All those who make this ridiculous comparison to David forget that the consequences of his sin followed him to the grave…

  165. Em says:

    amen to #170… furthermore, King David was a soldier, a lover of God, but NOT a spiritual leader – neither a prophet or a priest… (confess, tho, per another thread this week, that i’m still having trouble defining ‘prophet’)

  166. Alex says:

    “Mike says:
    April 26, 2015 at 9:34 am
    I love Bob Coy. I am not bitter or mad, he is just a man like King David who also fell in such like manner. I think when satan digs his heals into your life and exposes it to all that you will want and expect the love and grace that Christ gave to us all. Peace”

    So oversimplifying the issue. It’s really not about Bob Coy having sex with all sorts of women who aren’t Diane…and it’s really not that he got caught and was forced to resign.

    The reason for strongly critiquing Coy is not b/c he’s human like the rest of us and like to f women…heck the OT is full of “men of God” who had sex slaves and multiple wives. It was cool with Jesus back then and not now for some reason….

    The Key Issue is the Calvary Chapel (and larger evangelical construct) of nitpick the sins of outsiders like the homos who have been made a Taboo and beneath “King David!” grace….while claiming a CC pastor is “Specially Anointed by God! A true Prophet!” etc and putting them on a pedestal and making them rich and famous and supporting a Culture of Corruption and Abuse in a church System that lies to the public about it having Accountability from within its Organization.

    Church leaders in CC knew for years about Coy’s ongoing “problem”…they did nothing until they couldn’t cover it up any longer and it went public.

    Yet, the same leaders in Calvary Chapel who cover up for Child Abusers, Fornicators, Divorcees, Liars, Gluttons, Prideful, Greedy pastors and leaders in their Church Group….extend zero grace to other sinners who disagree with them inside their church power construct or outsiders like homosexuals and others.

    1 Corinthians 5:12. Read it. Embrace it. Love it. But you won’t b/c you pick and choose what you want from the bible…ignoring most of it while embracing about 25% of it that fits your own carefully constructed narrative.

  167. Alex says:

    “Mike” is the typical evangelical idiot sheep who knows nothing of the bible and only knows the carefully constructed narrative that’s been spoon fed to him for years…as long as he keeps putting his butt in that seat and opening his wallet.

    I do agree with Michael on this point…people deserve the leaders they choose.

  168. JAN EARLY says:


  169. Alex says:

    Actually, Jan, I think you and his former followers owe Bob Coy and the public an apology.

    You actively participated in the Calvary Chapel Culture of Corruption and you made him a rock star and very wealthy celebrity…and you didn’t care, until he was caught publicly.

    You continue to endorse the CC Brand of church that lies and says it has Accountability when it does not. Right now the CC Org is protecting Child Abusers, Fornicators, Gluttons, Liars, Prideful etc men in its leadership while you rail at outsiders like homosexuals for getting married.

    Hypocrites and liars are what you are.

  170. … or they could just be good folks trying to make it through life and do what’s right – oblivious to all the things you bring up.

    But hey, perhaps they look up to you – see you still engaged in CC and listen how you cover for your CC pastor (a celebrity CC pastor at that) – how you say YOUR CC is good. Perhaps they think theirs is the same.

    Look how Alex still engages in CC culture – how the CC pastor is one of the “old” guys – a Chuck guy – yet Alex still sucks up to him. Alex, you are a hypocrite and are probably putting your family in harm’s way – if not for abuse, but CC brainwashing. Have you thought of that? Even you can’t get off CC high.

  171. ? says:

    Is Alex calling those attending CC’s hypocrites and liars, or just calling Jan that?
    Either way, that is abusive.

  172. JAN EARLY says:


  173. Eric says:

    What Bob did destroyed the little faith I had left in the bibles God, and for that I’m now grateful. See a pastor is on the front lines; they go to funerals, they are praying and laying hands on the sick, they have to read and study the bible 24/7 just to come up w sermons. Bob himself would go to Israel and be in Jesus’s holy land. They’re supposed to be hearing Gods whispers and closest to miracles. To hear he was having an on going affair just speaks volumes for how he must believe, and to be in his position and not believe makes it more clear its all a sham.

    I had been attending CC for 13 years, bible studies, volunteering, you name it. Bobs messaging resonated with me but I could never be or feel holy enough. The commandments id break on a daily basis were small in scope but left me feeling wretched. But I kept going thinking God could make me whole.

    Nope. Constant guilt over my sins. And yet they were tiny compared to Bobs on going adultery in his position.

    To be honest I’m not mad at Bob. I’m actually happy. Free of the guilt of my supposed sins I was commitinf. It’s been years since I stopped really believing and I haven’t fallen into depravity or a moral death. I’m not out doing drugs or banging hookers.

    I’ve always believed in God and still do. Just now it isn’t the bibles God but an unknowable creator that gifted us this life billions of years ago and set the universe in motion for our little existence. It sucks not to be sure of heaven or an afterlife but better to doubt then to be constantly afraid you won’t get to heaven cause your not spiritual enough.

    So thank you pastor Bob. Your last message to me was the best yet. I hope you don’t try to come back, better yet acknowledge your unbelief and set more people free of the bibles chains.

  174. Eric,
    That is where teachers like Bob Coy (and they are all over the TV, radio and in the pulpits) do the most damage to the Christian faith – and it is not in their adultery or thievery, but their teaching.

    He taught that you had to deal with your sin.
    Jesus taught that he dealt with your sin.

    So you were taught to lead a life of struggle against your sin and to bear guilt over that impossibility.
    Jesus taught that you should live in confession and repentance and his absolution of your sin – as a continual act.

    Give the Jesus of the Bible another read and see if I’m not right.

  175. eric says:

    I appreciate your input but I’ve studied calvanism vs arminianism in depth over the years and the bible makes a case for both and then neither in my opinion. It’s another point of contradiction and confusion for the faithful. Once you start seeing all the contradictions, the impossibility of accounting for Genesis and an old earth, Pastors who don’t believe their own preachings, and all the other contradictions in the bible and there’s nothing left for the Christian faith to stand on.

    To even have a chance at reputing all the contradictions in the Bible you have to say so much of the bible is pure allegory or symbolism it makes it impossible to know what is actually true. So how do you have a rock solid faith in a book full of holes?

    The evidence for God and Jesus are clear because it’s not just the bible that points to them. However where the bible claims to be the written and true word of God, I do not believe it. To assume the Creator of the universe is loving and fair yet for millennia only cared for the Jewish and now requires a faith in Jesus is contradictory itself. What of all the millions of Muslims that never get a chance to hear the word of God and accept Jesus? They’re all doomed to hell by the same so called loving creator. No thanks, I don’t want a part of that kind of faith.

  176. Em says:

    “What of all the millions of Muslims that never get a chance to hear the word of God and accept Jesus?”
    who might they be? 🙂

  177. eric,
    “I appreciate your input but I’ve studied calvanism vs arminianism” – that is funny that you see both taught in the Bible – I don’t see either taught in the Bible and in fact I find them both to be false teaching.

    You are not an honest person in your assessments – you state “yet for millennia only cared for the Jewish and now requires a faith in Jesus is contradictory itself. ” There has never been a time in history that God cared ONLY for the Jews.

    The Bible has not caused your unbelief – your unregenerate soul holds tightly to it’s own unbelief. You use Bob Coy as your public declaration for lostness when it has nothing to do with him – but it is safer to point at him rather than yourself.

  178. Xenia says:

    Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery: Go and sin no more.

    He said to the sick man by the Pool of Siloam, after he healed him: (paraphrase) If you keep on sinning worse will come upon you.

    What is missing in CC, and why it is so demoralizing to so many, is they provide no way to deal with one’s sins.

  179. Em says:

    Jesus paid for our sins – period – we have the opportunity to accept or reject that payment

    but, as Xenia’s 184 says (and i understand MLD’s point, i believe) our personal conduct still needs to be personally managed – only when it gets out of hand does it also become the Church’s business also…

  180. eric says:

    Em you want names? Sorry, I don’t have a tally of all the Muslims around the world but the current figures has them as almost as many people on earth as Christians and quickly overcoming. They don’t exactly have Christians walking around sharing the bible with them in all parts of the Islamic world.

    “Martin” I don’t even know what to say to your comments. That’s about the lamest and most vague rebuke i’ve ever seen. You see neither? Yah so do tell me what your revelations are that are so different then the majority of protestant views. You’re own Martin Luther pretty much agreed on Calvinism’s five tenants before they came about. If you’re gonna put me down you can at least be specific but you’re no different, claim the moral high ground and insult other Christians in addition to unbelievers. My souls is plenty regenerate, it’s just been oppressed by people like you.

    And I haven’t declared “lostness”, freedom is what I’ve found, Bob was only a tipping point on a path abundantly clear for anyone who really digs into the bible with a logical mind.

    Being lost is following a religion that is obviously self contradictory, corrupted, and oppressive – churning out people like Pastor bob or better then’s like mr Martin. Get real involved in the Christian faith, join bible studies and find people nit picking your every sin and walk a life of constant imperfection and shame or be like Martin and believe your absolved of any and all wrong doing because of your belief while the rest burn for their lack of it.

    My opinion; God is real but he’s the God of 100 billion galaxies, with 300 billion stars in each Galaxy. He’s not a part of your daily lives, he doesn’t care if your child dies a slow and miserable death from cancer or you solve world peace. He made you and gave you life. Isn’t that enough to be happy and praise him for. Why complicate things with this religion of BS and hypocrisy.

  181. eric,
    At least comment on things you know – “You’re own Martin Luther pretty much agreed on Calvinism’s five tenants before they came about.”

    A Lutheran at best holds to 1.5 of the 5 points – but we don’t even talk in those terms. We would say we agree with the concept of total depravity but would not call it such. We speak of the bound will.
    We will take the first half of unconditional election but decline the second half – there you have 1.5

    We would reject limited atonement of any kind, irresistible grace (you prove that one) and we reject perseverance.

    However, we look at the arminian view as even more wrong. (remember one thing, the Calvinism / Arminiam things is a intra Reform debate and does not involve Lutherans at all.)

    Question for you – how did God make me if he has been absent since creation? Sounds like your view is full of inconsistencies

  182. Alex says:

    Eric, I hear you and understand all of that.

    I’ve gone through similar due to disillusionment and reality of Chuck Smith’s “non-prophet for-profit” status when it came to dealing with what I was told my whole in Calvary Chapel was the right way to do things. When push came to shove, it wasn’t about Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel doing the right thing…it was about Chuck covering his ass-ets.

    Like you, I’m glad it happened. The Sermon he preached to me in that entire situation showed me Calvary Chapel and Chuck Smith’s TRUE Belief System and True Doctrine. Great. I’d rather have the Truth about what they really believe.

    As such, it caused me to re-examine my entire Belief System.

    I have come to some very similar conclusions that you express above.

    Oh, and as a side note, MLD will do pretty much what he just did to you for like, well forever. He’s like a broken record. Well maybe you’re too young for that reference LOL. MLD is like a broken iPod Touch that shuffles the songs at random but does it consistently…and your Apple Warranty has expired…and there’s no fixing it 🙂

  183. Em says:

    so many folk over my lifetime have been inspired by a charismatic leader… inspired to the point of allegiance to what the leader is selling… Christianity and other things
    if one sees Christ as their Leader, their Redeemer, a bad leader may hurt, but will not destroy one’s faith

    as to those ignorant of the Faith due to not hearing the Gospel being judged, there are doctrines that deal with this… what is certain in my belief system is that they are not part of the Church on the earth today

    if one’s goal is to find a religion, it won’t bring you to God… if your heart is to find God, you will

  184. Larry says:

    I agree with Alex’s post. CC are all a bunch of hypocrites who at a snap of the fingers would take Bob Coy back with open arms. The lying and deceit has to stop sometime preferably soon rather than later. Stop idolizing Bob Coy and see him for what he is. Despite the christian trait for sin forgiveness Bob Coy needs to be accountable and never be allowed back regardless of how much crying for forgiveness he will ask for in the future. Believe me, he is sitting nicely now allowing for more time to pass and sooner than later – he will be back just like all the other sinning preachers asking for forgiveness and condemn the ones that will not take him back. It’s just a matter of time before he will be back. Stand your ground as a true christian and tell him to crawl back into his cave forever.

  185. Em says:

    Larry – FWIW – mostly i agree with your #190, except that part about crawling into his cave… these fellows have forfeited their claim to the ministry, but.

    if they’ll sit down, humbly shut up, can’t they join in with the rest of us who are following Christ?

  186. Lisa bowers says:

    When are we going to hear updates again about pastor bob it’s been a year

  187. Eric says:

    martin Luther, you guys are close enough – you believe in predestination. “If you’re chosen you can do no wrong and still go to heaven.” In your Lutheran views even hitler might be playing chess up in the clouds with Jesus while a little kid is burning in hell cause he wasn’t destined by God. Your Lutheran beliefs are even more wacky then even Calvary’s.

    How did God make you? He made the oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus that your body consists of. Then your mom and dad did the dirty and out you came. This may have taken some time in between the first and the latter.

  188. Eric,
    If you are not going to read what I write, I cannot help you. If you want to just assert your position go ahead. So let me copy / paste my previous response and see if this time you get it.

    “A Lutheran at best holds to 1.5 of the 5 points – but we don’t even talk in those terms. We would say we agree with the concept of total depravity but would not call it such. We speak of the bound will.
    We will take the first half of unconditional election but decline the second half – there you have 1.5”

    NOTE that I say “We will take the first half of unconditional election (what you call predestination – the elect chosen for salvation) but decline the second half” – Lutherans do not believe that scripture teaches that God elects anyone to go to hell.

    So, in summary, you are wrong.

  189. And as I said on the other thread – yes you caught me. My position is that only sinful scoundrels go to heaven. Sorry, it’s my blind spot to just look at the Bible to get this information.

  190. Alex says:

    See Eric? What’d I tell ya 🙂

    MLD, stop being so “abusive” to Eric! LOL

  191. Alex – so now it is abusive to correct someone’s incorrect statements?
    Where I come from, it’s abusive to allow someone to continue in blatant ignorance. 😉

    Anyway, for clarity, the Lutheran position on predestination is not the same as the Reformed.

  192. Alex says:

    MLD, I agree and was just making fun of what others on this blog call “abuse”…you and I agree solidly on First Amendment and that arguing on a blog…even vigorously…is not “abuse”

  193. Steve Gray says:

    I hear many comments regarding Bob’s “recovery” – I hear many comments praying for Bob and his family. Even in the video above it sickens me to hear over and over the counseling and prayers etc that Bob is getting – you know why it sickens me?

    What about the woman he cheated with? how about their families? Bob being head pastor some shepherd….he defrauded these woman and their families. who is praying for these women? Are they receiving free counseling? are they being sheltered and sent around the country to be “loved on” prayed for and receiving free counseling? Are they receiving $$$ to live a life while getting their lives and faith back together again?

    Has the world gone mad. So concerned about bob and his families well being – what about the lives and faiths he destroyed? Who cares for them?

    Do they get free counseling? do they get 500k a year? Where are the prayers for these women?

    you don’t see or hear Stefan or other CC pastors mention them….nor do I hear about them anywhere…..

    How about some prayers and well wishes for the lives Bob damaged. Their families?

    Bob used to preach about the guy who went around life dropping hand-grenades saying he was sorry and oblivious to all the damage left behind. So Bob now dropping bombs and everyone praying for the sinner yet the ones blown up meh who cares…

    Hey calvary how about a public apology and prayers for the women and families your pastor blew up? How about a simple mention? I guess their lives and faith are not as important as your Pastor Bob.

  194. Alex says:

    Steve Gray, just like with the pre-Bob scandal…it’s “All About Bob”….

  195. Alex says:

    “Bob” is a celebrity and an Idol…and that’s all that matters. The other folks in the scandal/drama are not important to the “church”…just “Bob”

    …that’s the way it is in Calvary Chapel semi-cult land.

  196. Steve Gray says:

    It’s just amazing to me Alex that no one talks about the victims. Nothing. Zero. A pastor a wolf among sheep deceiving n defrauding women. Something bob actually talked about – how it was the mans role/duty/faith to say no to stop etc…

    Calvary preachers never even mention these women. Very seldom even mentioned by posters. You are so right it is all about Bob. Still, how dare anyone say anything about Bob. Even after he defrauded these women his church and his family – you actually have folks saying how dare we judge him lol…the perfect model/forum to enable – can do no wrong and if so forgive and forget and shame on u for bringing it up…rinse,wash, repeat…

    Actually angry how Calvary can never mention these they don’t exist….it’s the old the devil made me do it…oops…,sorry…let’s all pray…forgive…and ask for God’s guidance….

    Huh….how about u the “church” apologize pray and love the women Bob damaged under Calvary’s roof.

    Oh poor Bob ….. Like anyone cares his son is in college…everyone is being counseled and loved, Bob is doing fine with millions in the bank and the severance….what about those he damaged!! How about poor them….pray for the victims not the predators…

    Complete and utter Kool aid drinkers….

  197. Laodicea: Yet I hold this against you: you have such an exaggerated opinion of your importance and effectiveness, that it has become misleading. You are not even close to being the church that you think you are. 

    CCFL, it is time to repent. Without repentance, the church would cease to be a church.

  198. john vellucci says:

    after many of the thoughts, I can safely say most Calvary are not this way I know one that states and I quote the momvent they sin that stole from the church which very sad I know be true because I work at that one for 20 years . I knew bob and think as don as a older brother the one thing don will not do is milk this down I sure there many hard bob had hear from don and pastors who he now under this no game we are dealing with real people and lives not sure if bob. Can come back I do believed it’s better for him and church to be a assailant pastor as peter we head for rest of his life the rooster crow so I know gramma is bad but my heart knows from once being elder and once falling and no told on me I confess 10 minutes after it happen but at the time my pastor was young and thought he did right thing call chuck and then all the guys I love and do well Gaye , roby duke , bill gallin. And many more I was so broken I ended in a nuthouse for over 2 years with a very sick son with heart problems I do say after damage was done the church help but what was said behind my back but my sons and my wife went Thur I now working away the church making twice about money all the lord one night walk faith not by sight since not once did family want for nothing I work 2 jobs , Iost my son Joey is heart gave out and my pastor you my son name after stood by my side as Jeff black as he bleed out so in or out we all made mistakes and Christ sits on throne and closing as steve said you understand. The future

  199. Em says:

    john, God keep your honest heart – your comment was good for me to read today

  200. ActLikeMen says:

    The word “I” was used 5406 times in this post 😉 it’s not about us, it’s about God!

  201. JOE says:


  202. Vicki Duval says:

    I live in Texas and began listening to podcasts by pastor bob. It was at the very beginning of my journey w God. He was so encouraging and inspiring. I Can only imagine the number of people, regular people that he led to Christ. We are all sinners. I cannot even think of throwing stones at him. He let satan attack. But with God, he will persevere. I pray for him and his family. I thank him for the passion he showed for our lord & savior.

  203. Melanie says:

    Well, I guess it sounds like the same ol same ol because thats all it ever is. We all fail/mess up to one degree or another. We often harm others when we mess up. Yeah he was a pastor and in the public eye, but the process is the same.

    But by the grace of God go I.

  204. Melanie says:

    One other thing: if Bob Coy was your “god” or your “idol” then you will have suffered far more harm than if your God was the true and living God, Jesus Christ.

    Its a blow-up big deal if a man that you were idolizing fails. Its not a matter of diminishing or being dismissive of sin in general… I was shocked (kinda) when I heard about what happened but he never became a God on earth, and neither are any of you.

  205. randall slack says:

    No one is afforded the luxury that Bod has been given. Most that fail, have to get a job and lose their family and loved ones as well as friends. Not that it is necessary to lose your family and friends.

    Perhaps I am jaded, but I cannot help but wonder if this treatment was part of his agreeing to step down. Get support, rest up for a few months, then slowly come back. It is not beyond reason to wonder if it is so.

    A few years ago a CC associate pastor came down with dingy fever and within a few months he was fired without any support. I wonder why it is different for Bob?

    Restoration? Possible, but only when his repentance is more notorious than his sin…

  206. Cathy & I are from Detroit we go to Calvery
    Ft. Lauderdale when we come to Florida for our winter get away from the cold. We love the love that that church poors out. We also love Bob and truly understand the attack on the church Bob a victim. We both have been there
    and we never underestimate the power of satan when you leave the door open . Did Bob pay a big price for his fall and repent for his actions only Bob and God know that. Now I pray for the leaders of Calvery to have great discernment when you welcome him back with open arms. Cathy & I both love Bob but we love God more. Please be wise. I love Calvery
    I hate to see its name smeared again.
    Sincerely Joseph and Cathy Tringali

  207. Jeff says:

    God’s love is forgiveness and restoration I pray for pastor bob coy. That god. Work in his heart and and his mind and restore him to GODS glory and that GOD give him back his church that he can do the Lord s work and restore to him the glory of God and let healing take place for all things are possible thru the Lord God and his son Jesus and the Holy spirit amen.
    That is my pray …..


  208. Jeff says:

    God’s love is forgiveness and restoration I pray for pastor bob coy. That god. Work in his heart and and his mind and restore him to GODS glory and that GOD give him back his church that he can do the Lord s work and restore to him the glory of God and let healing take place for all things are possible thru the Lord God and his son Jesus and the Holy spirit amen.
    That is my pray ….
    From someone who was there from the beginning one of the original 15 I saw the.glory of God build something wonderful from nothing to what. It is today. It is easy to point a finger but as Christ said let him. Who is without. Sin cast the first stone?

    The enemy is looking to destroy anything he can I have known bob.coy a long time and let me say to you this I have seen the good and bad and truly believe this to be a man who loves the lord .we all Sin and come short of the.glory of God .so i say to you let him who is without sin cast the first stone it’s easy to condemn someone without knowing him ?yes as i said who among you has not gazed upon a beautiful girl and had not had to take control of his emotions and give it to GOD and ask for forgiveness for we all Sin and come short of the glory of God so as I say again let him. Who is without sin cast the first stone! !!!!!from someone who was there from the beginning and who
    Knows that Bob coy is a good man. that
    Truly loves the lord so let’s pray for him not crucify him .love him not let the enemy tear down. but us As Christians lift him up and let us pray for him so god may restore him the word of god.says when you do not know what to do.. stand still and wait on him and pray


  209. David Delgadillo says:

    Psalm 18:25 – With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful;

    Matthew 18:5 – Jesus said, ” Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”

  210. Melanie says:

    Many have never served the body of Christ in the same way that pastor Bob has either. I’m truly baffled at the mentality that someone shouldn’t mess up (putting it mildly lest someone assume I’m trying to diminish his sin) because of the level of position they hold. It somewhat attests to the fact that people do elevate mere man to a god-like status.

    He probably was making a fairly decent income… I cant know this but I wouldnt guess that he’s receiving the same compensation as he did when he was pastoring. His only other job prior to assistant pastor/pastor was what, strip club manager? He still does have a family to support and presumably a transition to make back to being a regular working guy. Why make his family pay even more than they already have by cutting out his income?

    It has been 2 years and I have seen a couple of bible studies from Diane from last year. Praying for all of them and hoping all are well.

  211. Steven Ebert says:

    I can’t wait until he is back preaching teaching the word of God and just listening to him I connected so much to him I miss you Pastor Bob

  212. Melanie says:

    I just heard that pastor Bob (AKA “Bob Coy”…sorry he’s still one of my pastors) owns all of his own sermons, and that if he chooses to make them public again, he can.

    I’m hoping that when (and if) he and his family is ever ready to do this that … they do.

    This stinks. Sin. Stinks.

  213. Gage says:

    What is bobs email. I want to talk to him. Even if he doesn’t respond

  214. Former CCFL attender says:

    Bob and Diane divorced early last year. He left Tennessee and now lives in his condo on the beach in Hillsboro FL. He is with his lover who is said to be from Colombia and much younger than he. Disgusting pair. He is threatening to start a church for those of you who are crazy enough to follow this unrepentant jerk.

  215. Pastor Malia says:

    There should not be a care plan for Bob Coy. The Church needs to wake up and understand that pastors, including all of us, need to be held accountable. If the congregation does not hold him accountable, then there is no reason for true repentance on his part. This has nothing to do with judging and it has nothing to do with unforgiveness. Jesus says, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and don’t do the things that I say?” The Holy Spirit, through Paul, was extremely clear about those who are committing serious sins and the congregation not holding them responsible even to the point of putting that person out of the Church. Trying to look holy by saying, “Oh, we forgive him and we’ll take care of him and be kind and loving,” is not God’s way of turning that person around and bringing them to true repentance. There is always grace and forgiveness but we must understand that the Lord offers forgiveness for those who repent. I would love nothing more than to see Bob Coy in right standing and back with his family where he should be, but he has devastated his wife and his children and the Church and yes he has stained the reputation of Christ in the sight of nonbelievers.

    1Timothy 5:20-21 “But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove before everyone, so that the others may take warning. I charge you, in the sight of God and Christ Jesus and the elect angels, to keep these instructions without partiality, and to do nothing out of favoritism.”

  216. Michael says:

    This story isn’t over…check back next week…

  217. shame on your back stabber believers your no better then the back stabbers` in Jesus Day who put jesus on the cross, and will be judged accordingly by your own words.

  218. The problem with church people is that they expect and demand better moral conduct from Hollywood and politicians than from their own beloved pastors.

  219. It’s disgusting and revulsing to think that that pastor who is kicking people out of the church is an adulterer, a sex and porn addict behind the pulpit. Way back in 2002, BEFORE the explosion of the internet and its vast numbers of pornographic sites, BEFORE EVERYONE with a cellphone, the results of a questionnaire type of survey were that 50% pastors were addicted to pornography. Can you imagine the numbers now?

  220. Asnath Colson says:

    In November 2017, Bob Coy was accused of the molestation of a child. It started when the girl was FOUR all the way to her teenage years. Bob Coy had the TODDLER to touch his PENIS, to perform ORAL SEX on him, BOB COY touched the TODDLER’s GENITALS. He wasn’t charged because the girl, a missionary teenager now, refuses to press charge. She asked the police to destroy the case against Bob Coy. The police said that they couldn’t do that.

  221. Church people are perverting the Godpel when it comes to their little popes
    -uh, pastors. Their pastors can’t do NO wrong. Adultery? Oh, it’s the fault of that loose church lady tempting their men of God. Satan is blamed for attacking the head. Sure, right. Satan made them do it. ZERO personal accountability.

  222. Gospel. When pastors become criminals (people breaking the law, i.e, crime) Romans 13 tells us that the police, MAN’s justice system, AKA, the government, are there to deal with lawbreakers. You are NOT doing God’s will shielding criminals in the churches. Covering criminals under the name of “love covers a multitude of sins, love forgives all” is WRONG.

  223. Pastors are humans. Oh, my, my. What a major discovery!!! The humans that they kicked out of the churches are demons? Church people, your hypocrisy is keeping the UNchurched UNchurched.

  224. The UNchurched know that adultery is WRONG. A pastor having FOUR years-olds to perform ORAL SEX, touching their GENITALS is a CRIME.

  225. Crime should NOT be categorized under “personal demons”. A crime is way, way above “personal failing.” When church people say personal failing is like it’s nobody else’s business. Seriously, “light of the world” people?

  226. When it comes to Christians in the protestant churches covering up the sins of their pastors, the Roman Catholic Church has NOTHING over the protestants.

  227. Michael says:

    Asnath Colson,

    You do realize, I hope, that you’re ranting on the blog of a “church person” who broke the stories about Coy…and many others.
    I don’t recall you being here when the stories broke…

  228. ( |o )====::: says:

    So, Asnath Colson, if I understand you correctly,
    #JesusNeedsNewPR ?

  229. “Don’t follow me, I’m human like y’all. Follow God”. It’s a cop out statement to say that I, the pastor will commit sins Unpunished because I’m human and I just can’t help myself. Adultery is between me and my God and my family. I can’t fall to be like you, little people. My position is important. I’m the called one. I’m above all of you. Too important to fail. What will become with the rest of y’ll if I am not your pastor? You will be sheep without a shepherd. You will be dissipated, lost without me as your pastor. Satan would win”.

  230. ( |o )====::: says:


    Most of us here have left churches where the “pastor” is free to discredit Jesus. We’re also holding ourselves accountable to a standard to be the best representatives of Jesus as we can be based on His teachings and life as shown in the 4 Gospels.

    I hope you find this place welcoming and you consider yourself a fellow traveler who, like us, wants to be the change we see in the world.

  231. Amen, Io. Being gullible doesn’t make any Christian more than another. It’s not about changing the world, I guess “the world” is the UNchurched. It’s about church people themselves having a realistic view of their pastors. Church people, your pastors are NOT above the Bible. That celebrity leadership cult thing needs to stop for the UNchurched to see the change. That’s how you would let your light to shine before man.

  232. Chico , from a previous post, was right.
    The worship of church pastors isn’t limited to the superstars pastors of the mega churches, of the superstars televangelists or christian radios. Crown him pastor with many crowns is VERY REIGNING in the small churches too. Maybe way more since the pastors of the smaller churches directly interact with church members. Pastors are their gods in the flesh. They would give their lives for their pastors. Some gave up husbands, wives, children to follow their pastors.

  233. Michael, I’m not “ranting”. I’m declaring that church people need to hold pastors accountable and stop making excuses for them. I’m glad that you said that you were on this forum from the beginning because I thought that any commentator from 2014 and on who had ANY AFFINITY for Bob Coy should have come back and denounce him after the police report made by the now teenager and her family of Bob Coy sexually abusing her from 4 and all the way to her teen years.

  234. Michael says:

    Asnath Colson,

    I started this forum in 2002.
    As a churchman, I’ve been advocating for pastoral accountability online since the day we started.

  235. The absence of UPDATED change of views AFTER November 2017, AFTER accusations of child molestation, tells me that some of the previous commentators who considered Bob Coy as just an adulterer- like that was just his personal business – harbor a sweet place in their hearts for a CRIMINAL.

  236. Michael says:

    There are worse comments on the Coy molestation thread…

  237. Yea, yea, I know, I know, he has been ACCUSED but not convicted of a crime. Church people’ standards are lower than of the world outside of the churches. The lower standard of church people is what I am denouncing on this forum or wherever.

  238. Michael and others, preservers of this forum, did you read the comments of that ex pastor’s wife? Her fella church people blamed HER for their darling pastor’s adulteriES, addictions to sex and porn. Church people drove her and her kids away. That’s what I’m denouncing here: church people making excuses for their little popes/pastors. People who didn’t seem to have any problem that Bob Coy returned to ministry. He was soooo good at teaching the Gospel, they said.

  239. Guess who wasn’t waiting for the triumphal return of the Great Teacher of the Gospel-adulterer-accused-child-molester Bob Coy? The people from that nightclub that he was working for right after being kicked out of Calvary Chapel.

  240. Or, was he even kicked out? Did he resign on his own? If resigned on his own, was it that Calvary chapel’s members found it UNgodly, UNforgiven to kick their immoral founder out?

  241. Michael says:

    Asnath Colson,

    I’m curious…this is an old story.
    Why all the posts now?

  242. The Kool-Aid of the infaillible pastor-man of God’s CULT needs to stop flowing in the churches.

  243. Em says:

    Asnath has vented courtesy of Michael Newnham ?
    I hope he (?) feels better now …. and understands the mission of the Phoenix Preacher ….. and thanks God for this website,too

  244. Lyn says:

    I followed Bob Coy for quite awhile. I was heart broken to hear of his FLESH/SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES and continue to pray for him and his family.
    Put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD EVERY DAY ?? well wishes and healing prayers coming your way ?☝️ ? 2/10/20

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