Free Saeed

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  1. Ricky Bobby says:

    “It’s utterly unbelievable to me that the website for Calvary Chapel makes no mention this morning of his plight.”

    Not really. Calvary Chapel as a whole had no problem ignoring child torture in their own ranks…so I guess it’s being consistent to not make a big deal of Saeed’s torture and beatings.

  2. paigemom2013 says:

    On going prayers and grief in my heart…..though many wonderings about the mysterious will of God….and the spreading of the Gospel…..

  3. Paige says:

    Just looked a the news and saw that those youths arrested & jailed for doing the “Happy” video in Iran were freed already after one night. WTH. Lord have mercy.

  4. Paige says:

    Watching this….. at about minute 21, he comments about giving our lives for Jesus

  5. Dusty says:

    joining you Paige in your prayers for Saeed

  6. Muff Potter says:

    I am not known for my prayer life, Jeffersonian infidel that I am. But Saeed’s plight brings me to my knees in petition to the Almighty, that Providence might do her work in his favor.

  7. This case is a travesty. The current US administration talks al lot about helping Americans; however, if you are a Christian or a US Solder in a Mexican jail, you can expect nothing.

    We are praying every day for Saeed and his family.

  8. Hi All,

    Writing letters to Saeed in prison is a great way to let the Iranian government know that there are many who are concerned about him and it helps keep him alive and treated better at the prison. Here is the address to Rajaei Shahr prison. Please join me in writing letters to him. It should cost $1.10 for postage. You can share scripture and about Jesus as long as you are not attacking Islam or the Iranian government.

    Saeed Abedini
    Zendane Rajaee Shahr
    Bulvare Moazen
    Karaj, Iran

    God Bless

    Naghmeh Abedini

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