Free Saeed

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  1. Steve Wright says:

    I received this update from Naghmeh. Prayer is needed:
    Dear Friends and Family in Jesus,

    This is a very hard update for me to give.

    Saeed’s mom has been under constant threat and intimidation by the Iranian government as she has been following up on Saeed’s case (clemency, hospital….) and now she is forced to flee Iran because of direct threats against her.The government (magistrate) has now said that clemency is no longer and option and they will not allow Saeed to be treated at the hospital.

    I am not shaken by this news. I know that God is in control and only Jesus (no government) will get all of the Glory for Saeed’s release.

    Her flight leaves to Turkey this Friday, October 31 (if they will let her leave the country). She will visit her daughter and son (Saeed’s siblings) who have become refugees in Turkey for about a month and then fly to the Lynchburg, Virginia where Saeed’s other sister is studying at Liberty University and where Saeed’s dad is also at currently. Then they will all (Saeed’s mom, dad and sister) will fly to Boise to see the kids and I for Christmas. Then Mid January Saeed’s dad flies back to Iran again in the hopes of being able to visit him in prison .

    She had a very emotional goodbye with Saeed today and wept and wailed the entire time. Because of all of the stress she has been hospitalized again. This is the fourth time she has been hospitalized.

    PRAISE REPORT: Saeed’s grandmother is doing better with her health which has made it easier for Saeed’s mom to leave. Saeed’s grandmother has heard the Gospel, please pray that it will penetrate her heart and she will accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

    1- Please pray for Saeed’s mom and her health and her emotions as she had to part with Saeed. Please pray that she can safely leave Iran and please pray for her safety.

    2- Please pray for me as it is difficult being cut off from Saeed and updates about him until January when Saeed’s dad will hopefully get to visit him (only immediate family are allowed to visit and with his parents gone, that leaves no one left in Iran to visit Saeed).

    3- Please pray for Saeed during this difficult time of no visitation and for his miraculous release.

    Saeed wanted you all to know that he can feel all of the prayers and it continues to give him great strength and encouragement as he stands for his faith in Jesus in prison.

    Thank you all for your prayers.

    God Bless you all


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