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19 Responses

  1. Lutheran says:

    I never have liked this guy. Now I like him even less.

    What a judgmental ass.

  2. “Giglio’s move was either a cultural victory because of his secret “hatred” of LGBT people; or it marks a definitive end to evangelicalism as we know it. But are these the only two ways to think about this? I don’t think so.”

    those of us who were serious about the Faith in the early 1960s were wringing our hands as the catchy “God is dead” declaration was popularized (& believed) – and seminaries were concerned about their academic integrity in saying that He wasn’t – we were wrong, so were they – keep praying … and standing … God keep our blessed, strong pastors who love God’s Truth and defend it

    now i’m gone … with a post script that has no relevance, but coincidence: Friedrich Nietzsche’s “The Gay Science” is credited with first promoting the death of God … according to a Wikipedia search

    i am willful ignoring all your tempting excerpts tonight, BrianD 🙂

  3. Darn, I feel so left out.I know that I will go to church on Sunday and my pastor will have nothing to say about Obama’s inauguration.

  4. “Is the Internet Killing Religion?”

    We hope so don’t we? Isn’t the evangelical mantra “we don’t have religion, we have a relationship!”?

    Enough levity 🙂 for each person who goes on the internet to find a cool science video, I am sure that just as many people go on the web to find spiritual information.

    Hand wringers all over the place

  5. Mark Driscoll,

    Good words fail me and naughty words overwhelm me at your overwhelmingly not good Tweet.


  6. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    No problem with Driscolls tweet, Obama is clearly pushing the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage especially. This contradicts what the bible teaches

  7. brian says:

    good links Brian, many things to consider.

  8. Fly on a Wall says:

    BrianD: are you criticizing Driscoll or are you criticizing this blog (or many commentators on this blog who love to deconstruct what certain Evangelical pastors do or say)?

    Dunno much about Driscoll, but it sounds like the same Evangelical political-babble bullshhhhhoot that they have been preaching on the podium. To an Evangelical, Christian = voting Romney. Why? I do not know. It’s not just Driscoll, it’s everywhere, including our favorite Evenjellyfilled, Calvary Chapel. It’s incredibly offensive and another example of how they use the pulpit to brainwash their congregation. Talk about abuse of power.

    But I thought PP distanced themselves from Driscoll and/or huge mega churches such as Mars Hill? Just curious, wondering why you care what Driscoll would tweet about?

    BTW: great links. I could write paragraphs writing about the other links, but I’ll spare everyone.

  9. Theo S. says:

    Wow. That guy really knows how to “engage culture”!
    Start out by alienating more than half of the population of your city and your own congregation. Then, when you notice all the bad reviews of your latest book, offer a cheap bribe to get people to post positive reviews of your book on Amazon. No joke.


    Why wait to see if people are offended by the gospel? Preemptively strike by offending them with your lack of tact, vulgarity, and sleazy marketing ploys. What a circus!

  10. So the twit tweeted his twist on POTUS. It is good when these guys consider themselves too tantalized by their cleverness to withhold it from us. It reveals. The scripture might say anachronistically “Out of the heart the fingers tweet”

  11. Isn’t Gigllio a Calvinist? God spared him it is as simple as that. Think about praying at an inauguration. What is it? Well it is preaching with heads bowed. It is attempting to look good being religious while millions of people parse your intentions. It is pretending to be powerful for a day by asking for what you will shrouded in another form.

    Public prayer is hard enough without doing it on a world stage. I mean there is so much about saying prayers in public that has nothing at all to do with praying. Giglio caught a break on this one. Prayer is stressful enough for Calvinists without having the glare of public scrutiny to manage.

    Plus you get off the hook of whether or not to actually mouth the name of Jesus. No, nothing is lost in the Giglio matter a great deal was avoided.

  12. BrianD says:

    fly, definitely not criticizing the blog nor its posters. Nor am I criticizing Driscoll, at least in regards to the screen captures of the Driscoll tweet and Hayward cartoon you see above.

    I presented the tweets and cartoons (with links), as is, so readers like yourself can see them and respond as you wish.

    In essence: whatever goes up on Linkathon is there to inform and provoke discussion.

  13. BrianD says:

    Theo, sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. It got caught by the spam filter, not specifically moderated in case you were wondering.

  14. Candace says:

    Anyone else look at the Christian Nightmares link, where the Driscoll tweet was sourced from?

    Ummm, disturbing.

  15. Fly on a Wall says:

    Hahahaha… did anyone take a look at this link Theo posted?


    Porn Again? Who do you think you are? (the titles to his books)

    Oh! And the ipad mini comes pre-loaded with Driscoll’s books! Oh yay!

    Evenjellyfilled marketing at its worst.

    Seriously, I read this stuff and see his megachurch packed every weekend. That makes me worry about American society more than Obama’s inauguration.

  16. Here is a good article written by a Lutheran on the Reformed website The Gospel Coalition in answer to the questioned asked there “What’s up with Lutherans.” Good read – good comments.

  17. filbertz says:

    perhaps Driscoll needed his ego stroked and only knows one method. I disagree entirely with his sentiments as they are patently unbiblical.

  18. Ixtlan says:

    Nice job naked pastor. You’ve shown us that you are just like Mark Driscoll.

  19. Erik says:

    I dont Mark D. is too far off by what he wrote on his tweet. He just vocalized what many of us think and believe about Obama in our hearts and minds.

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